Racial discrimination in the club scene

We’re not afraid

Barcelona and Catalonia showed the world their most sympathetic, civic, humane face

Rambla attack survivor: “The Spanish ministry have ignored us”

Terror victims demand more government support and complain about the hurdles they face to apply for aid when suffering from PTSD

Visiting Dolors Bassa, the minister with the green felt tip

Bassa explains that she stands accused of having set minimum services that were “too minimal” for the strike of October 3

300 days

Not only do I believe that we can win, but I believe that we are winning already

Two ERC MPs report Spanish policeman for insulting them outside Via Laietana police station

MPs Jové and Díaz stress that CCTV footage should help to identify the officer

Ripoll imam had four “meetings with police” while serving time in Castelló jail for drug conviction

The case of the jihadist attacks in Catalonia last year uncovers possible details about Es-Satty’s work as a Spanish intelligence informer

Forcadell joins challenge against all five judges slated to try independence case

She argues that they cannot guarantee a “fair” trial because they were involved in the pre-trial examination process

A temporary lull

August 3: The complaint

These officers, on active duty during the 1970s, were one of the signing parties to Spain’s Political Transition contract

Antoni Bassas’ analysis: “The far right wants us scared”

Rather than standing up to them, I’d suggest wising up. Let’s not be afraid, but let’s stay wise

Torra to King Felipe: “It’s never too late to apologise, but you are no longer King of the Catalans”

The president will not lift his veto on the Spanish monarch at Generalitat-held events but insists to request a meeting to “explain to him the extremely serious situation in Catalonia”

Another consequence of Madrid’s direct rule: lagging construction work in Catalan schools

The Catalan government should make the most of the official enquiry into the effects of direct rule and highlight the value of self-government


According to Sànchez, some political actors are “emotionally blocked” and he is determined to write, read and help to draft the pro-independence camp’s new strategy

Villarejo claims he met Corinna “on a State mission” to solve “problems” of former King Juan Carlos

The retired police superintendent’s testimony before Madrid’s Audiencia Nacional lasted one hour

Sagrera train station works hit by fresh delay: won’t be completed in 2020

Spanish Infrastructure Ministry vows to spend €500m but claims completion date set by Rajoy’s administration was “unrealistic”

Another lost year for infrastructure in Catalonia

Top employers' group states that Spain’s public spending neglects Catalonia

July 24: The reconquest

The new PP leader wants to use all the reins of power in order to de-catalanise Catalonia

A defeat for Spanish justice

Justice Llarena will not accept Puigdemont’s extradition only for the crime of misusing public funds

They are not exceptions, they are the norm

The battle for Catalan independence cannot ignore the battle for our rights and liberties

Where are the media condemnations of the police aggression against Jordi Borràs?

Answer: not in the Madrid press

Catalan photojournalist Jordi Borràs beaten by Spanish policeman

El País reports that Internal Affairs has launched a probe but the officer involved has not been suspended

Tech firm Oracle to move to Barcelona’s Torre Glòries

The multinational firm’s move will create 250 jobs in the same building that houses Facebook’s office in the Catalan capital

The narrow window

You con't need to support independence to ask yourself where Spain is headed

A wicked court

Judge Llarena has witnessed the collapse of his construction

Spain’s PP retaliates, calls for ending free circulation

PP’s Pablo Casado asks PM Pedro Sánchez to suspend Schengen Agreement in Spain

Supreme Court rules against Spain over failure to meet refugee quota

The court has ruled in favour of Stop Mare Nostrum, which advocates safer ways to welcome refugees

Torra and Sturgeon meet in Edinburgh

The leaders of Catalonia and Scotland have met for the first time in a decade

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