The Basque Country is different

On Sunday the Basque Country will declare itself a distinct society

You prove your willingness to talk by talking

The Spanish government is looking for excuses not to resume talks with its Catalan counterpart

The king is in check

I reckon that the Spanish king is in check at the moment. But not in checkmate

Endurance and corruption

With its handouts, the State will curb our collective liberties


Hong Kong, China and Spain

Catalan political prisoners: prison boards unanimously propose granting them level 3 status

Catalonia’s Justice Ministry still needs to ratify the decision, which the Prosecutor will be opposing

The anniversary of the Statute and bilateral talks

The pro-independence camp may harbour reservations about holding bilateral talks with the Spanish government, but it mustn’t leave the negotiating table

Ten years later

Not a good time for the King of Spain to promote holidaying at home

The latest revelations about Spain’s royals are notoriously absent from the more crown-friendly newspapers

Letting the monarchy fall

Despite the embarrassment, the Spanish monarchy will stay put

60% of Spain’s top civil servants come from Madrid

In the last four years only one Catalan has joined the service’s senior management ranks

“Here we go, here we go”?

Spain’s Constitutional Court unanimously denies sentence suspension request in case of Catalan political prisoners

The leaders of the 2017 independence referendum had asked to be released until the Constitutional Court hands down a decision following their appeal

Spain’s justice system targets the Catalan language

It is absurd for a court of law to pass judgement on matters that pertain to linguistics

A place to go to

President Torra faces Spain’s Supreme Court

Former PM Mariano Rajoy determined the outcome of the last election in Catalonia and the Supreme Court will decide the next one

Say I’m Talkin’ ‘Bout Madrid

Trapero’s case: egg on the Prosecutor’s face

Spain’s Public Prosecutor has dropped all rebellion charges and would now accept a conviction for disobedience


So they did have a “patriotic police”

EU institutions leave about a thousand freelance interpreters out in the cold

Many cannot apply for benefit in their country, so they are asking to be paid a basic income

Spain’s Supreme Court forbids “unofficial flags” on public buildings

A ruling has struck down the Council of Tenerife’s decision to fly the tricolour flag of the Canary Islands used by separatist groups

Operation Save the Crown

A small country or a petty one?

Public Prosecutor files appeal against Joaquim Forn’s work release

The Prosecutor’s Office claims Forn has effectively been granted level 3 status “on the sly” and that the Catalan leader hasn’t learnt to “respect the law”

The Spanish government clashes with the “deep state”

The State powers that targeted Catalonia’s independence movement are now zeroing in on PM Sánchez’s administration

Cobos, Ceña: men of honour

Why has the Spanish government waited until now to take action against De los Cobos?

Spain’s Interior Minister sacks officer who headed police op against 2017 Catalan indy vote

The reason could be a Guardia Civil report that advised against allowing the demonstration for women’s rights staged in Madrid on March 8


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