The consensus Pedro Sánchez is calling for already exists

78.1% are against detention without bail and 77.5% believe that the charges are unfounded

Does anyone know where we are?

The Supreme Court once again refuses to release Sànchez, Rull and Turull

The court believes there is still a risk they may abscond or reoffend

PSOE 'baron' open to outlawing pro-independence parties

The regional president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, has proposed debating whether parties favorable to independence should be legal under the Constitution

Human rights vs the snake’s egg

Democracy is about to be put on trial in Catalonia, with the far right and the State working as one, once more

On paths and cliffs

Catalonia hasn’t flirted with violence and it is precisely its massive, peaceful nature that affords the pro-independence movement the credibility it enjoys today

Now, what the heck is this?

Andalusia: PP, Ciudadanos to form coalition government backed by Vox

PP leader Pablo Casado expects to become Spain’s next PM “within six to twelve months” with the support of Ciudadanos

A history of freedom

Catalonia and Barcelona must be an open space to contribute to a better Europe and a better world

In support of life and freedom

The decision to go on a hunger strike is a supreme exercise in sovereignty

Former Catalan ministers Forn and Rull join hunger strike

At midnight on Monday they joined the protest which Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Turull had begun on Saturday

The downfall

Once again in history, Spain is split between the forces of reaction and the forces of change

ARA is the Catalan daily with the biggest rise in circulation

EGM survey puts ARA’s readership at 121,000, 5.2% higher than a year ago

"Son of a b****! Filthy dog!": Jusapol sympathizers shouting outside the house of the Republic in Waterloo

Group confronted security staff who guard Carles Puigdemont's home in Belgium

Borrell at a Complutense event: "All the US did was to kill a handful of Indians"

Spain’s foreign minister declares that there is more political integration in the United States because everyone shares "the same language"

Europe increasingly sees Spain as authoritarian in wake of Catalan independence bid

Most Europeans believe the Spanish government has been to harsh on the Catalan independence movement

Sànchez, Turull and Rull file new appeal with Spain’s Constitutional Court after fresh ECHR ruling

Strasbourg’s European Court of Human Rights has urged Turkey to release a Kurdish leader who was jailed two years ago

Barcelona is mighty

More than 120 law professors and lecturers reject the charges of rebellion and sedition against Catalonia’s political prisoners

The signatories denounce the "persistent attempts to equate the Process with the existence of violence”

A Streetcar Named Wickedness

Ciudadanos charter a bus to campaign against a hypothetical pardon for Catalonia’s political prisoners

Justice Marchena

I have been held in prison unjustly for more than 400 days. I will hold out as long as it takes, but they will not silence me.

"We’ll control the second chamber from behind the scenes": Cosidó’s text justifying the PP’s pact with the PSOE on the GCJ

The PP’s spokesperson in the Senate boasts of their control over the court following the changes to the judiciary

Policeman admits a colleague struck voters with truncheon outside Barcelona polling station on 1-O

The police officers declared that they had never seen such a "violent, aggressive and hostile mob" which "insulted" them with shouts such as "we will vote" and "we’re peaceful people"

What is the 'momentum'?

Truncheons, prisons and humanity

A police officer justifies his actions on 1-O: ”there are no guidelines for the use of truncheons"

A Spanish police inspector did not see "excesses" in the 1-O police baton charges in Barcelona

The City Council, which is acting as the people's plaintiff, will request to probe at least an additional 24 officers

The prejudice

There are more universities offering Catalan classes in Germany than in Castilian Spain

When anger is the driving force

Assuming that democracy survives without actively working for it is a mistake

Barcelona Court finds 1-O baton charges "excessive"

It calls the actions disproportional, since the referendum did not have "legal consequences"

Who protects us from the judges?

How is it possible that the Spanish judicial system persecutes political dissidents?

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