Barcelona, Madrid Bar Associations: Catalan political prisoners should be moved to Catalonia

The presidents of both associations claim that a transfer would afford the Catalan leaders a better chance to defend themselves

The social cost of Catalonia’s fiscal deficit

The lack of public spending in Catalonia, often offset by private investment, increases social costs

The European asylum system

Much is at stake, not only in the field of European rights and values

Landscape after the battle

Catalonia has passed the test of a terrible crisis with flying colors, followed by the most convulsive months of its political crisis with Spain

Judge Llarena: relocating the prisoners is for PM Sánchez to decide

Spain’s Interior Ministry has always maintained that the examining judge has the final say

Urdangarin and the Nóos case, emblem of a dark time

The imprisonment of a member of Spain's royal family will mark a before and after

Torra sends a letter to European leaders declaring his government’s commitment to dialogue and negotiation

The letter makes no mention of the 1 October or the UDI, but does mention the prisoners and those in exile

Junqueras to PM Sánchez: “You can stick your neck out or stick to progressive posturing”

The former Catalan vice president insisted that their Spanish counterpart should sit down for talks

Between the symbols and the future

Torra is an early 20th century intellectual who will have to act as an explorer

Injustice and dignity

We believe its journalistic and informative value is self-evident, justifying its publication

The images of the Estremera injustice

ARA has had access to footage of Junqueras, Romeva, and Forn behind the walls of the Madrid prison

A crack in the wall

The footage breaks the invisibility forced upon political leaders under unfair punishment

Free the political prisoners

The images are both emotionally harsh and politically necessary

Brussels court summons Spain's Supreme Court judge on September 4

Puigdemont files charges against Pablo Llarena, calls for him to be disqualified in Spain

Torra, to Pedro Sánchez: "It's urgent that we sit down for talks"

The President of the Generalitat meets with jailed ministers for the second time

June 1: Splitting up families

The more one uses the word ‘law’, the more outrageous it becomes when one breaks it

Brussels asks Spain to use European Arrest Warrant “in a proper, transparent way”

Spain has made progress but still trails behind its EU partners in terms of the general public’s perception of the country’s judicial independence

François Hollande calls for “recognising Catalonia’s singularity”

The former president of France makes an appeal to resolve the political crisis “by democratic means”

Círculo de Economia calls for a new Catalan Statute and regional funding system

The Barcelona-based lobby demands more “solidarity” from Navarre and the Basque Country, plus a system where Spain’s regions are given a more prominent role

Like a wrecking ball

ERC and PDECat won’t pull their punches in speaking out against the PSOE’s complicity in Article 155, responsible for the political prisoners, but they will have to act with pragmatism

PP, Ana Mato found guilty in Gürtel trial, Bárcenas slush fund proven

The ruling party's former treasurer faces 33 years in prison and fines in excess of €44 million

62% of Spaniards dissatisfied with functioning of democracy in Spain

The fight against terrorism and unemployment are priority issues for Europeans, according to the Eurobarometer

German court snubs rebellion charges against Puigdemont, once again

The Spanish authorities claimed that Puigdemont posed a greater flight risk

May 22: Exterminate?!

President Torra is neither a fascist, nor a racist or a xenophobe 

A government for a people

We cannot add two Catalonias to the two Spains that are increasingly united

The democratic institutions and the 'judgeocracy'

Those of us who are in prison already know that we will be tried separately from those who are in exile

Spanish Supreme Court criticizes Belgium for "lack of commitment" following extradition denial

The Belgian justice system determined that the accused Catalan politicians could not be handed over

President Torra and the viability of the Republic

The Republic will have to be citizen-lead and pluralistic: only then can it continue to garner support

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