Let’s think!

In Catalonia it’s time to rethink ourselves collectively. Thinking and speaking calls for free, able individuals to be treated as free, able citizens

Borrell continues witch-hunt against foreign diplomats over Catalan independence bid

Diplomatic sources decry the foreign minister’s intention to maintain the "state of emergency" declared by the PP

Flanders president: revoking Flemish representative’s diplomatic credentials is “hostile”

Belgium’s PM contradicts Spain’s foreign minister Josep Borrell, claims there is no diplomatic spat with Spain

Political prisoners in Spain: when will it end?

By refusing to address the Catalan issue politically, Spain has merely made the problem worse

Amnesty International calls for the "immediate" release of Sànchez and Cuixart

The organization condemns their imprisonment on the eve of the one-year anniversary of their incarceration


Catalan government will report to Brussels Madrid’s massive cash withdrawal from Catalan banks on October 2

The financial warfare waged against Catalonia’s independence bid is the subject of debate in the Catalan parliament

In Brussels: Minister Puigneró denounces "digital repression" ahead of independence vote

Calls on European Union to take a stand on "very serious acts, unacceptable in 21st century Europe"

Standing peacefully, barefaced and with our hands in the air

Catalonia and the revolution of values

Combining politics and ethics is not a naïve dream

The unjust wealth of the Franco family

We ought to ask ourselves how Franco family’s estate has continued to enjoy privileges up until the present day

Supreme Court denies release of Catalan political prisoners: pre-trial detention “doesn’t depend on political climate”

The Spanish court argues that “the distress of their families doesn’t provide sufficient grounds for their release”

Repressed by Morocco, Rifians flee in boats

Persecution, poverty and obligatory military service drive emigration of young people

Where are the 116 migrants expelled from Ceuta by Grande-Marlaska?

Interior Minister to decorate former Spanish government representative to Catalonia

Enric Millo was the highest-ranking official during Madrid’s direct rule and on October 1, the day of the independence referendum marred by police violence

Roger Español: “If the State offered an apology, I wouldn’t accept it”

An interview with the man who lost an eye when Spanish police baton-charged voters outside Barcelona’s Ramon Llull polling station

Spain’s spy chief admits they “could have done a better job” stopping Catalan indy vote

Sanz Roldán claims he saw “many long faces” the day after the referendum

Supreme Court denies Jordi Cuixart’s release once more

The Spanish court rules that the circumstances of the grassroots pro-independence leader have not changed

Spain’s Constitutional Court overturns Catalan law on cannabis clubs

The judges unanimously agreed that the content of the law infringes on the powers of the state

Spanish actor Willy Toledo to stand trial for insulting God and the Virgin Mary

The examining court considers he may be guilty of the crime of offending religious sentiment

"You'll come out the hard way or the easy way": 1-O police footage shows attacks as recorded by riot squads

'Eldiario.es' publishes videos of police action at several polling stations

Unionism sounded out Cambridge Analytica about meddling in 21-D election

Talks were held with the consultancy firm to run a web campaign, but they were unfruitful

“We never encouraged any violence": footage of former Catalan ministers defending themselves in court before being imprisoned

Junqueras, Bassa, Forn and Romeva emphasised their spotless careers, while Santi Vila underscored his efforts to "stop everything from falling apart"

Devoured by ambition

The electoral race for Barcelona is getting interesting just when the city needs it most

Nazis, the judges said

Spain’s state powers have been rotted by authoritarianism

Catalan president urges Spain’s judiciary boss to resign following outrage over anti-independence chat messages

Torra: “Whatever little confidence Spain’s justice system used to inspire, is gone for good now”

Partner of Catalan political prisoner calls for broad mobilization in the event of a conviction

Txell Bonet: "Jordi always tells me: when you see that they add up all the sentences and a three-digit number appears in the newspapers, don't be scared"

UN: Spain should prosecute Franco regime criminals

"There is no impediment to try and convict those responsible"

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