Two CC judges slam Supreme Court’s decision to hold MP Jordi Sànchez on remand

Last week Spain’s Constitutional Court upheld the Supreme Court’s decisions taken during the pre-trial phase

Antoni Bassas’ analysis: “A political trial against the Catalan police force”

"On 17 August 2017, when Major Trapero reported to Rajoy, Puigdemont and Soraya, the Vice President was stunned: they’d acted like the police force of an independent country. A Mossos commander remarked: «One day they’ll make us pay for this». That day has come"

Unequals of the world, unite!

We need each other

Simplifying reality leads us to a dualistic view of the world. This or that. Mine and yours

Junqueras motions Spain’s Supreme Court to ask CJEU if he could be lawfully convicted without the European Parliament’s consent

The former vice president of the Catalan government insists that his parliamentary immunity must be asserted and he should be allowed to take up his seat in Strasbourg

The Catalan problem is Europe’s problem, too

The picture of Puigdemont and Comín in the European chamber is a victory for democracy

Sassoli recognizes Puigdemont and Comín as MEPs, but strips Junqueras of his seat on the JEC’s orders

The former Catalan president will "fight" to force Spain to respect his immunity, thus allowing him to return to the country

“A bloody shambles”

Spain’s Supreme Court ignores European justice by refusing to release Junqueras from prison and preventing him from being an MEP

According to Spain’s Supreme Court, the ERC leader is barred from office and has no parliamentary immunity

How far are Sánchez and Iglesias willing to go?

Spain’s coalition government, led by Sánchez and Iglesias with the backing of Catalonia’s separatists, has brought about a historic shift that is full of unknowns

The apocalypse will take a bit longer

A Belgian judge suspends Puigdemont and Comín's arrest warrant due to their parliamentary immunity

 The former president calls on Spain to do the same for Junqueras

The new 20s

25/12: Everyone at home

Today, we also feel a sense of outrage directed at those who are toying with people’s time and freedom

Prosecutor's Office asks Supreme Court not to drop European Arrest Warrants for Puigdemont and Comín and to suspend their immunity

Spain's state prosecutor says the European elections took place after they committed the acts they stand accused of

It's the ballot box, stupid!

A victory for European values

The decision by the CJEU benefits not only Catalan independentists but all European citizens

Junqueras’ political rights

The dissenting votes from three CC judges are proof that the Supreme Court acted in a questionable manner

Letter from London

Jeremy Corbyn had spent years being a terrible opposition leader, since he didn’t oppose Brexit

Parallel realities

Political prisoners and prisoner categories

Level two has mechanisms in place for inmates to be granted leave without waiting for permits

Catalan police: clásico will go ahead

The Mossos d’Esquadra vow that the players and the match officials will be able to reach the stadium

Does Catalonia get the lion’s share in Spain?

Since 2016 we have had an extremely valuable tool to measure actual well-being: the Social Progress Index (SPI)

The day before the Catalan indy vote high-ranking Spanish police selected the polling stations they would target

Another four Spanish police inspectors contradicted the account of Spain’s former junior minister for Security, José Antonio Nieto

Good Grief, Rosalía!

Revellers can’t get enough of the artist from Sant Esteve Sesrovires in the first of her two concerts at Palau Sant Jordi

The Catalan feud as told to a foreigner

Key advocates of Catalan independence have Spanish surnames and grandparents who were born in Spain

The time of the Joker

The Joker was preceded by the Dalí masks of Money Heist and Anonymous

Spanish police commanders on 1 October: “We were ordered to act before the polling stations opened”

Contradicting former Secretary of State for Security José Antonio Nieto, the high-ranking officers point to a police commissioner with the callsign "Marte" as the individual who ordered them to charge voters

The exception

The novelty is that now Europe knows the far right exists. We’d known all along

Protesting in today's globalized world

People still believe in democracy, they just don’t think their democracies are working very well

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