Spain’s National Court refuses to probe link between Spanish intelligence and Barcelona attack mastermind

According to El País, the court is of the same opinion as the prosecutor's office and declines to request more information from the CNI or the directors of the prisons where he was held

Spain’s Public Prosecutor: the verdict in the case of the Catalan leaders will be announced before 12 October

During a lecture in Buenos Aires Javier Zaragoza stated that Germany’s justice made “a mistake” when it refused to hand over Carles Puigdemont

Pedro Sánchez’s failure

Spain’s caretaker PM has not held serious talks with anybody to secure his re-election

Borrell thwarts Catalan government plans for 5G Med corridor

Josep Borrell, Spain’s caretaker Foreign Minister, insists the Catalan government must refer to Catalonia as a “region” and claims it lacks the necessary powers

European Commission: Spain couldn’t request extradition of rap singer convicted for song lyrics

The Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the EU will publish the conclusions on the case on November 26

Poker players

600,000 is too few

The pro-independence leaders ought to take what happened during the Diada as a warning

As much as ever

Catalonia’s independence movement has lost neither heft nor diversity

Michael Ignatieff: “The judgement of the Supreme Court will not be the end”

Professor Ignatieff stresses the urgent need for a dialogue based on the Canadian experience

The upcoming phase

After a two-year hiatus, you could be led to believe that the problem has been assimilated

Another four Spanish officers indicted over riot police charges in Barcelona during 2017 independence vote

Up to 55 Spanish police, including eight senior officers, have been prosecuted as a result of their actions in the Catalan capital

Where is the Catalan independence movement headed?

A useful analysis of the situation will only be possible if the independence movement first rejects a certain political paternalism and it acknowledges its serious misjudgement of the Spanish State’s might, the miscalculation of its own strength, the pitfall of undue haste and the price paid owing to internal discrepancies

No, there is no crisis of coexistence in Catalonia

'Crisis', 'division' and 'conflict' give the impression of a society in which violence is an everyday occurrence

ERC: Pedro Sánchez’s proposal for Catalonia is “awful” but Podemos should vote him in

Pedro Sánchez insisted he is not prepared to discuss a referendum with the Catalan authorities

European Parliament to submit observations on Oriol Junqueras’ immunity to CJEU

Sassoli accepts MEPs’ request to forward the opinion of the European chamber’s legal service

The constitutional crisis persists

Catalan nationalism showed that it wasn’t strong enough to prevail, but it could rock the boat

The enemies of the people

Global Spain: a finger-pointing campaign

A report by Global Spain goes as far as to suggest that Germany’s justice erred when they denied Puigdemont’s extradition

Spain and the Spanish

This is the sheer underlying manipulation: confusing the Spanish state with the Spanish people

70.3% of Catalans believe prison and exile are unjust

Catalan government pollster: two thirds of respondents believe rights and liberties have been eroded in Catalonia

Wake up, Europe!

The old continent remains disoriented by the centre of the world shifting to Asia and by Trump 

Cuixart calls to “disobey unjust laws when necessary”

The president of Òmnium Cultural insists he will continue his “struggle for human rights” whatever the verdict

Catalan government to take Spain to court over non-payment, encourages other regional governments to join in

The Catalan administration had denounced the “financial stranglehold” caused by the Spanish government withholding funds

Catalan government slams Madrid over “financial stranglehold”, demands outstanding €1.3bn payment

It hopes to pass the 2020 budget bill with backing from several political groups who “feel comfortable” with it

Open Arms: the egg on Spain’s face

The Spanish government treats NGO Proactiva Open Arms and its boat as if they were a political opponent

Censoring music in Spain: how it works

The case of C. Tangana has brought back into the public eye a problem that artists encounter more often than you would think: having concerts cancelled for political reasons

Catalan president contemplating action against anti-independence Spanish government report

Quim Torra has instructed the Catalan government’s legal service to look into the “criminalisation” of Catalonia’s independence movement

Ayuso is elected president of Madrid region propped by Ciudadanos and far-right Vox

The PP candidate was voted in on the second day of the election debate in the regional assembly

Hong Kong

China doesn’t mind the images of the clampdown getting out: it doesn’t even attempt to conceal them

In Spain the rule of law is morphing into rule by the judges

The verdict in the case of the 2017 Catalan independence bid will be ready in early October

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