Choosing judges

Perhaps it would make more sense to choose those who give the orders rather than those who follow them

If what is happening in Spain wasn't happening in Spain ...

We have come from years of Franco-ism in which the idea of homeland was imposed by the force

“F*** you, scumbag!”: PP senator brags about interrupting jailed former MEP Raül Romeva

PP senator Rafael Hernando called the next name on the list while the former Catalan minister was still pronouncing the oath of allegiance to the Constitution

Catalonia’s jailed MPs collect their credentials in the Spanish parliament and senate

Sànchez, Rull and Turull are “certain” that the board of the chamber will not suspend them

Judge of Catalan referendum case accused of losing “objective impartiality” and favouring the prosecution

Some observers criticised the different treatment given to police officers and members of the public on the witness stand

A noteworthy day

The Spanish Public Prosecutor's Office accepts the far-right party’s version of events

They even accuse the director of Catalan public TV of being a member of a "criminal organization"

Spanish Prosecutor's Office seeks organized crime charges against officials indicted over Catalan referendum

Among them is the director of TV3, the Catalan public television network

Spain’s Electoral Board bans jailed Catalan politician Oriol Junqueras from TV3 election debate

The board argues that the Soto del Real prison authorities are reluctant to allow Juqueras to take part in the debate due to its late start time (10 pm)

Puigdemont will not pursue the presidency of Catalonia if he collects his MEP credential

He feels “suspended and blocked” as a Catalan lawmaker and accuses Madrid of vetoing his reinstatement

Mrs. Lillo

Former Spanish Police officer who voted in Catalan indy referendum blames Spanish police for "failing to seek an alternative solution"

A voter calls the decision to obstruct the police in their efforts to seize ballot boxes "a gesture of collective civil disobedience"

The injustice faced by Jordi Sànchez

It’s all about dehumanizing your enemy

Independence supporters win absolute majority in Chamber of Commerce

Candidates backed by the ANC and the CCN off to a good start, obtaining 32 of the 40 seats up for grabs

A historic opportunity for the Spanish left

A government agreement between the PSOE and Podemos would favor continuity of dialogue with Catalonia

The plea of Africa’s stolen children

Belgian colonialism separated 20,000 infants from their mothers and expatriated them by force

Messages in a ballot box

The trial affects everything, but in the short-term the pro-independence parties must govern well and continue to win elections with an ever-increasing majority

The Catalan referendum on trial: the three questions which remain following the evidence given by 137 police officers

The testimony of 137 police officers fails to clear up doubts surrounding the police charges for which 73 officers are being probed

“We were beaten up”: voters in the 2017 referendum speak of police violence

The Spanish police’s version of events is contradicted by members of the public, who speak of truncheon blows to the head

Spain’s Electoral Board prevents Puigdemont, Ponsatí, and Comín from running in European elections

The decision can be appealed before Spain’s Supreme and Constitutional courts

Don’t vote

The threat represented by the right is very real and the return to the dark days is no exaggeration

The Rosell case, a scandal which tarnishes the image of Spanish justice

It is reasonable to enquire whether Rosell's standing as president of Barça explains this outrage

Taking the political rights of Catalan prisoners seriously

If done properly, a release on bail would pose no flight risk whatsoever

International observers report that some of the police officers giving evidence have "a dark past", involving torture and physical abuse

ITW slams Justice Marchena for allowing lengthy testimonies by Spanish police officers while cutting off the defence lawyers

Renault and the marquess

Lady Casa Fuerte stretches her neck out and admonishes independence supporters

The Catalan business community that advocates a compromise with Spain gives Ciudadanos the cold shoulder

Businesspeople who used to support the orange party are now turning their backs on them, as they find them too radical

Who reaps the political benefits of provocation?

Last weekend —the first in the election campaign— left us some unfortunate, unpleasant scenes

Easter photos

Judge wont’t probe if head of Catalan referendum investigation was Tácito tweeter

The defense teams had made this request based on contradictions by Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Baena

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