The seven Spanish police vehicles "razed" outside the Ministry and other doubts arising from the prosecution's cross-examination of Forn

The Prosecutor’s Office incorrectly translated a Catalan police report

The prosecutor chooses revenge over the truth

Spanish public prosecutor has woven a narrative that bears little resemblance with October 2017

There is no transparency on television: it is censorship

The Supreme Court's broadcast does not offer any guarantee of the democratic quality of the trial

Junqueras’ lawyer calls for his release, claims all the rights enshrined in the Constitution have been violated

The trial has begun by looking towards Europe

Witnessing Justice in Catalonia

Once again the problem of justice in Spain is in the balance

European Democratic Lawyers Association calls for immediate release of political prisoners

International observers will travel to Madrid during the trial

The agent of chaos, the end of the world and other details

In Spain, the memory of the Civil War and the ensuing forty years of oppressive regime is fading

The right is using Catalonia to create a rift in Spain

After their pact in Andalusia, PP, Cs and Vox will be staging a joint march this Sunday in Madrid

A mediation with the independence movement that the PP did accept

At the request of the then Spanish president, Arriola mediated to stop the 9-N consultation

The conditions for Catalan political prisoners before the trial

This article is not about football, though it may seem so

Catalan prisoners: cold cells, yellow garments seized, computers and El Jueves confiscated

The Speaker of the Catalan parliament has criticized the State's "sick obsession" with "persecuting a movement"

The chasm with Catalonia grows wider

The drive to seize back devolved regional powers is strongest in Castile, Aragon and the Madrid region

The State on trial

A farcical trial

Spain has a long history of human rights violations

CC dragging their feet on Junqueras’ appeal against pre-trial imprisonment

Convened in a plenary session, the court said it is studying the appeal and pointed out its "complexity and significance"

Spain’s Supreme Court denies any similarity with the Demirtas case

The court that will see the case against the Catalan leaders is trying to pretend that pro-independence views are not being suppressed

No fewer than 13 groups of international observers will follow the trial against the Catalan leaders and they demand a seat in court

They claim to have no ties with Catalonia’s pro-independence movement and complain about the hurdles laid by Spain’s Supreme Court

Observers? They can watch it on telly!

Spain’s Attorney General suggested that the international observers should follow the trial on TV

Between the call and the shouting

The party system is beginning to restructure itself, and this will allow new leaders to emerge and, perhaps, a clearer strategy for a response to Spain following 27-Oct.

ECHR ruled against Spain in 9 out of 10 cases in 2018

Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine are the countries with the most convictions for human rights violations

Spain’s Supreme Court before 1-O trial: "The right to vote in an unlawful consultation does not exist"

Court issues ruling that reduces 9-N sentence for Mas, Ortega and Rigau

False dichotomy

The way in which the October 1 case has proceeded so far inevitably points to a guilty verdict

Eighty years later

A blatantly intimidatory operation

The crackdown aims to elicit a violent response in order to justify further repression

Striking and punching voters: four more officers probed over police baton charges on Oct 1st

According to the Barcelona City Council, this is now the biggest case of police violence, with 33 people being investigated

In Spain holding an unauthorised referendum ceased to be an offence in 2005

PM Zapatero repealed Aznar’s 2003 criminal code amendment aimed at thwarting Ibarretxe’s referendum plans in the Basque Country

The bait

The PSOE and the pro-independence groups want to gain maximum benefit and minimal public erosion

A pact with the far right that will be costly for the PP, Cs, and society

Vox has managed to impose its agenda on the next Andalusian government

Those who have nourished Vox are to blame

After lending the far-right party their support, the PP and Cs are suddenly outraged by its xenophobic political agenda

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