It’s not the detail, it's the devil

International Trial Watch denounces a "major violation" of rights during the trial of the Catalan leaders

ITW warns of the criminalization of the right to protest and criticizes the Spanish court for ignoring a UN report

Advocate General of the EU: former Catalan VP Oriol Junqueras should have been allowed to take MEP seat

The Advocate General argues that immunity stems from popular vote, not from constitutional oath

The same deadlock, but now with the far right

PM Sánchez’s bid has failed: support for the PP and Catalan independence has grown and Vox has taken Ciudadanos’ spot

Belgian court releases former ministers Comín and Puig without bail while it considers the European Arrest Warrants

Both handed themselves in to the authorities yesterday at noon

UK police brands EAW against Ponsatí “disproportionate”, requests clarification from Spain

Spain’s Supreme Court, Ministry of the Interior point out Scottish court hasn’t reached a decision yet

Madrid plans to shut down websites without a court order

The Catalan government is considering an appeal with the Constitutional Court

It’s easier to reign against "the Catalans"

"The Catalans" have been painstakingly dehumanized as part of a time-honoured narrative

Resisting the slippery slope

Sánchez’s erratic behaviour and cuddling up to the PP has left his voters gobsmacked

The Chinese way

These are actions against dissent, against the freedom of expression, against the separation of powers

The Spanish government threatens to act if Belgium refuses to hand over Puigdemont

VP Carmen Calvo: Spain won’t accept the Belgian court’s decision, if it rules not to hand over the former Catalan president

Roll the dice

High definition tribute to Franco

What we witnessed yesterday was Franco’s second funeral, but this time in colour

Sinking to such depths

Political propaganda is not usually known for its subtlety

Speaking cannot be a problem, Mr Sánchez

The Spanish PM does not wish to speak to the Catalan president but refusing to engage in dialogue is always a mistake

What would have happened?

The PSOE decided to shut out Catalonia’s reality a long time ago and instead hide in a fantasy world

'What's going on in Catalonia?' by Antoni Bassas

"The Spanish Prime Minister needs to put a political solution for Catalonia on the table. If not, Spain, one of the largest members of the European Union, has started a never-ending situation of political instability"

In at the deep end

Antoni Bassas’ analysis: “We mustn’t let them turn a political issue into a law enforcement problem”

“The most serious political consequence of any damage or street fire —or any casualties— is that it presents the issue exactly as those who reject a negotiated solution to the Catalan conflict would like to frame it: not as a political issue, but as a law enforcement problem”

Double sentence

Aside from debasing the independence process, the ruling can’t resist the temptation to send out a warning to its supporters

A verdict that threatens our liberties

They won’t be able to imprison our ideas

The Supreme Court’s verdict is an all-out attack on our liberties and worsens the Catalan problem

Days that will mark the years to come

We are about to begin the week of the court ruling in an atmosphere of uncertainty and impending shock

Catalonia’s public TV network faces censorship alone

No Spanish channel, whether public or private, has come to the defence of the rights of TV3 employees


Europe will never be a stimulating project if it is built according to the Jacobin model

Democracy: neither tried nor convicted

Catalonia’s independence movement has not been defeated and it won’t be

Managing uncertainty

We are heading towards the conflict becoming chronic, which is not the worst scenario

Lawsuit filed in bid to prove Spanish police violence on Catalan referendum day was crime against humanity

The plaintiffs accuse the Spanish authorities of carrying out a premeditated plan in order to intimidate the public

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