ANC to take legal action against RTVE for deliberately misreporting its latest press release

The 24-hour news channel translated "brave actions" as "violent actions"

The Catalan National Assembly (ANC) has announced that it is to take legal action against the state-owned Spanish Radio and Television Corporation (RTVE) after the latter translated "brave" ( valentes) as "violent" ( violentes) in a news report relating to an ANC statement issued last weekend. The pro-independence grassroots organisation made the announcement on its Twitter feed, which was accompanied by video of the news item in question, broadcast on RTVE’s Canal 24h, in which subtitles relating to the statement show the following "we denounce the lack of action and we are planning protests in support of violent actions or to call for them...".

The ANC’s original statement [in Catalan] spoke of "brave actions", leading the ANC to declare that it will undertake the "necessary legal actions to call for a retraction". The Catalan group posted the video, which was broadcast in various news segments without being rectified, in spite of an avalanche of criticisms on social media, pointing out how TVE had twisted the statement [in their Spanish translation].