ANC to suggest massive rally in Barcelona’s Meridiana next September 11

Sources within the ANC’s board have confirmed to this newspaper that a massive rally in Barcelona’s outskirts will be announced in next Sunday’s general assembly. The event is to have a huge political impact in the run up to the September 27 electoral campaign

At Sunday’s general assembly the national board of the Assemblea Nacional Catalana (ANC or Catalan National Assembly) will propose another massive rally next September 11 that will crowd Barcelona’s Avinguda Meridiana with people. The event will coincide with the start of the electoral campaign of the plebiscite elections on September 27 this year.

This newspaper has learnt that much from sources at the top of the ANC, who also mentioned that this year’s rally will bring additional political momentum at a decisive time on the road to a separatist victory in September, with a view to preparing the constituent process of an independent Catalonia.

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