ANC’s Yes campaign kicks off, independence referendum is "guaranteed"

With the slogan ‘You are the change’, the ANC’s broad-based campaign will start once the Pact for the Referendum finishes its work. While Sànchez admits that the disagreements between ERC and PDECat do not help, he remains convinced that the process will go ahead.

The ANC’s 'yes' campaign got underway this Wednesday in Barcelona. At the end of Barcelona’s Avinguda Maria Cristina, with Puig i Cadafalch’s four columns forming a backdrop, the Catalan National Assembly presented the activities it will carry out to widen majority support in favour of a 'yes' vote for independence. As we reported yesterday, the broad-based campaign will kick off next week, once the National Pact for the Referendum finishes its work. Nevertheless, the ANC has no wish to waste the opportunity presented by St. George's Day to begin campaigning for the 'yes' vote for an independent Catalonia, with a feeling of certainty that the referendum "will go ahead".

The organization’s president, Jordi Sànchez was charged with presenting the slogan ‘You are the change’ to supply the 'yes' vote with "rational" arguments, in addition to the "emotional nature" and "feelings" that have accompanied the process up until now. Beginning today, the ANC will distribute T-shirts and 40,000 banners for balconies and windows —though they expect eventually to distribute 100,000— to make the 'yes' visible in public spaces. A dozen giant 'yes' figures will also travel round the country with the aim of reaching the "most iconic" places in Catalonia’s towns and cities. These elements began to appear in various locations last weekend.

For Saint George’s Day, the ANC will begin its 'yes' campaign on the street. However, the first major event that Sànchez has programmed is the organisation’s annual general meeting on 29 April in Granollers. During the meeting the ANC plans to officially adopt its roadmap, announce this year’s 11 September rally and reaffirm its commitment to the 'yes' vote in the referendum on independence.

Disagreements between ERC and PDECat

Following days filled with doubt among the ranks of those who favour independence and disagreements between the PDECat and ERC —a tension that Sànchez referred to as "noise" and which he admits does little to help the process— the president of the ANC emphasised that the referendum is the Catalan government’s only action plan, stressing that he "knows what he’s talking about". "There is no reason to doubt the government’s commitment, from the President to the very last Minister, to call, organise and hold the referendum”, Sànchez stated with conviction, adding that if the ANC "stands up for" the referendum, it is because it will go ahead.

According to Sànchez, difficult situations present new windows of opportunity for forging "solid agreements" ahead of the vote, adding that at this moment in time the relationship between the political parties and organizations is favourable to bringing the process to completion.

The UDI and Junqueras

Referring to Vice President Oriol Junqueras’ mention yesterday, in a discussion with the economist Xavier Sala i Martín, of a unilateral declaration of independence [UDI] if Spain were to prevent the referendum from being held, Jordi Sànchez recalled that the ANC’s 2017 roadmap —which is due to be ratified at its annual general meeting on 29 April— already provides for such an eventuality. "It makes complete sense", he said, adding that if Spain uses "violence" to stop the referendum, our Parliament is entitled to announce the proclamation of the Catalan state. Although the organization’s roadmap covers such a scenario, for Sànchez it is only a remote possibility, stressing that the ANC is "focused" solely on carrying out the referendum.

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