Barcelona unblocks the Diagonal tram connection

Construction works will start in autumn 2021 between Girona and Castillejos streets

After years of negotiations and blockages, the Barcelona City Council government and ERC have reached an agreement that will enable construction works to begin in the autumn 2021. In an appearance on Saturday, Mayor Ada Colau congratulated herself on having unblocked a project that she described as "extremely important" for the city, and which had been one of the initiatives in her first term's electoral programme.

The urban development work will begin on the section of the Diagonal avenue between the streets Girona and Castillejos, and this area will allow for a total of more than 8,400 m 2 for pedestrians, about 2,500 m 2 of bike spaces, and almost 5,000 m 2 of green areas. Construction works will also be done in the Canòpia (Glòries) area, where there will be a public transport interchange with a large photovoltaic pergola as a canopy, the new Rambla dels Encants, three biodiversity nodes, and gardens. The Barcelona City Council will invest 56.2 million euros in the two urbanization projects.

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