Brussels asks Spain for more changes to curb unemployment

The European Commission insists on the need to avoid complacency despite sound economic growth

The Spanish economy is growing again, but the wounds from the financial crash are still easily visible, especially in the labour market. The country has, along with Greece, the highest unemployment rate in the European Union and one of the highest rates of temporary contracts.

Facing this situation, the European Commission called this Monday for the Spanish government to avoid falling into "complacency" and to continue reforming the job market to help reduce the unemployment rate.

"The only message we can give is that they have to continue with their reforms and apply those that have already been passed", said the European Commissioner for Employment, Marianne Thyssen, in reference to Spain. The message is the same that the European Commission gives in all its economic reports when discussing Spain: despite the economic recovery, they cannot lower their guard. More reforms are needed.

The situation is improving

The European commissioner emphasised that the improvements in the economic situation "are due to the reforms" and that Spain was one of the member states that needed the most changes, because it had great structural problems.

The annual report that collects social data about each member state, published by Brussels this Monday, reveals that Spain is still trailing in Europe in terms of poverty and social exclusion, two data points closely linked to the high unemployment rate, which stood at 18.4% by the end of 2016.

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