Chants of "Let ‘em have it" accompany the Guardia Civil leaving Huelva headed for Catalonia

The video has gone viral, becoming a Trending Topic under the hashtag #Aporellos

Last Monday, scores of people gathered at the gates of the Guardia Civil Headquarters in Huelva (Spain) waving Spanish flags as they saw off the Guardia Civil officers who were departing for Catalonia. The protesters clapped as the police vehicles went past, to cries of: "Let ‘em have it!" [A por ellos in Spanish].

Similar scenes were repeated yesterday in Cádiz and Córdoba, where police officers were seen emerging from police stations with Spanish flags draped over their shoulders. The video has been shared on social media, with the #Aporellos hashtag becoming the top Trending Topic in Barcelona, the second in Spain and the third worldwide.

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