Barcelona mayor calls on Spain to put an end to political violence: "we are witnessing disgraceful scenes"

"I will call on democratic forces to come out in our defence"

Earlier today, Barcelona mayor Ada Colau called on the Spanish government to put an end to "police violence". In a statement to the media outside La Sedeta secondary school in Barcelona city’s Sagrada Família neighbourhood, Colau stated that "If Rajoy’s government doesn’t change its attitude, I will call on democratic forces on all sides to come out in our defence", going on to say that she will approach those institutions "capable of changing the situation".

According to Colau the vote was made possible "thanks to the citizenry", although the Catalan capital "is still in a state of siege, with grave violations of fundamental human rights". The mayor added that "whether the vote is related to independence or not", the public have a legitimate right to protest.

Ada Colau criticised the actions of Spain’s security forces, who have already injured dozens, calling on them to "cease immediately". Colau, the leader of Barcelona en Comú [Catalan for Barcelona in Common] said that she has tried to contact the Spanish government representatie in Catalonia, Enric Millo, but that he has not returned her calls. "We are witnessing disgraceful scenes", she declared.