Glue and a broom

I’m having a look at the report that Spanish Guardia Civil filed after having carried out their dangerous mission to "confiscate material" in Sant Carles de la Ràpita. On a judge’s orders, "70 large posters were taken with the following content: Vote ‘yes’. Living free means taking part", "30 small posters with ditto content as previous" [sic],"glue, a stick and a broom".

As the report makes clear, the posters (large and small) are prohibited material. I guess the glue is an accessory to the crime. The glue is used to stick posters on walls in the same way as politicians and protestors do in democracies. The broom (which I guess is a run-of-the-mill, household one) must be used to help put up the posters. I remember it well from when I used to stick up posters, years ago, for one of the companies currently under investigation: Marc Martí. The stick must be a spare broom handle.

I can see why the Spanish gendarmes would confiscate the posters, as it’s consistent with their logic. If they take away the posters, it stops them from being put up, (which thus saves them from having to rip them down later, also by order of a judge). But carting off the glue, the broom and the spare broom handle is an unprecedented excess of zeal by the police. They must have thought that leaving behind the very tools one would need to stick up posters was too risky.

According to such tricorne-logic [in reference to the Guardia Civil’s three-cornered hats], did they consider seizing more items from the premises? In the same way that glue can be used to stick a poster on a lamppost, Sellotape can be used to stick it onto a shop window and Blu-Tack to attach it to an office wall. If you think about it, a stapler could be used to stick posters on trees or any convenient wooden surface. These items must have been there as well in that den of iniquity, and they might be being used to commit a crime at this very minute. I’m dying to see the items being displayed on the news, like a drug haul, laid out on a desk with a tablecloth, like a still-life.

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