Half a thousand people are waiting to fly in Madrid's Barajas airport

Madrid - Barcelona high-speed train will also continue to be suspended throughout Sunday

The Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport will maintain the suspension of operations at least until this afternoon, as reported by the Ministry of Transport. The weather situation continues to be a danger to mobility and, in fact, the authorities have already warned that the reopening of activities will be "very gradual". There are currently 600 passengers in terminals 1 and 4 waiting to catch a plane. According to the ministry, they have been offered blankets and hot drinks and spaces have been made available for families and passengers with special needs. "Many of them have received accommodation options from the airlines, but have preferred to wait at the airport", they say.

This midday, at 1 p.m., the ministry will again "evaluate" the situation to determine when the activity can be resumed. Workers removed the snow from two of the four runways and, this morning, the Military Emergency Unit (UME) has collaborated to do the same in the parking spaces of the planes. However, the clean-up work continues, since, the ministry says, it is being carried out "much more strictly" than on a road "for safety".

It will also be necessary for the twenty or so planes that were diverted to other airports yesterday to return to Barajas to be able to operate again from next Monday on. Yesterday 381 flights were cancelled and today 100 of the 283 flights that were planned have already been suspended.

All AVE trains suspended

High-speed and also suburban trains with origin or destination in Madrid continue suspended, as well as the transversal connections with the north and south with Catalonia and communities such as the Valencian Country and the Region of Murcia. "The only operational corridor continues to be the Mediterranean", the ministry says, who reports that the facilities affected by the snow in Atocha and Chamartín have been repaired, as well as the route of the high-speed trains except towards Barcelona, where "it has not stopped snowing" and the line is still affected by the storm, and towards the east, where work continues.

As for the roads, Transport reports that there are 716 tracks affected by the snow and 165 cut off from traffic, including the C-25 in Girona, while chains must be used on all roads in Madrid, two in Zaragoza and one in Teruel, as well as 400 tracks on the secondary network.