Homs: Fernández Díaz “jeopardises” State security when he tries to link Catalan separatism with Jihadism

Catalan government spokesman Francesc Homs described the minister’s conduct as “hardly responsible” and “reckless” for suggesting a link between the Fundació Nous Catalans and islamic terror, a move which --according to Homs-- “goes against the State’s own interests”

“It is extremely reckless of the PP and certain Spanish ministers to use State security for their own partisan purposes”. This was the Catalan government’s warning following the offensive by Spain’s Home Secretary Jorge Fernández Díaz and right-leaning Spanish media, who recently attempted to smear the Catalan independence movement by suggesting that the Fundació Nous Catalans (1) has ties with jihadism.

“We will not add fuel to the fire that the PP and some ministers have started in an attempt to obtain a political advantage while jeopardising public security. Their conduct is extremely reckless”, Homs complained. He went on to accuse the Spanish government of “exposing highly sensitive information to do with State security that affects all of Spain”.

Homs warned that the minister’s words about the Fundació Nous Catalans a few days ago “are unbecoming of a government that calls itself serious and rigorous”. Homs believes that the Spanish minister spoke in those terms “with a view to smearing a movement that he doesn’t approve of”--those who support Catalan independence.

Homs added that “jeopardising your ability to come across as serious and rigorous is not a price you want to pay just to show that you disagree with something”. That is why he accused Fernández Días of acting “in an extremely reckless manner”, among other things because his insinuations “are simply not true”. “We wish that such remarks would show a little more restraint and were more accurate”. More fuel to the fire.


(1) N.T. The Fundació Nous Catalans (Foundation for New Catalans, in English) is a non-profit that aims to help immigrants who have settled in Catalonia to integrate and informs them about the Catalan independence process.

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