Independence movement promotes a motion in Catalan Parliament to demand an amnesty law

JxCat, ERC and CUP call for all charges related to the independence bid dating back to 2013 to be struck off

The Catalan Parliament's demand for an amnesty law for the victims of the Independence bid will be merely political. After weeks of talks and close to the end of the legislature, the pro-independence groups in the chamber have finally decided not to pass a Catalan law to be approved by the State, but to directly urge Congress to do so. JxCat, ERC and the CUP have registered this Wednesday a proposal in which they demand "the approval by the Spanish Parliament of an amnesty law" that supposes "the extinction of any type of criminal responsibility" for "all the acts of political intentionality linked to the democratic fight for the self-determination of Catalonia" from the 1st of January 2013.

In the same text, which will have to be approved in the plenary session and which has no legal effect, it is made clear that this rule "must repair the damage caused to the people who have been reprimanded, their families and the groups of which they are part" and will have to provide for "measures in relation to all those responsible for the repression of fundamental rights". It also encourages "all civic, political and social agents" to demand this proposal through a "national agreement for amnesty, self-determination and civil and political rights" and, in fact, makes it clear that, "for it to be fully effective", the amnesty must be accompanied by an "effective solution to the political conflict" with the State that includes "recognition of Catalonia's right to self-determination".

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