Oryzon’s shares are now worth less than before its decision to move its headquarters out of Catalonia

The sharp rise in the company’s share price following its decision reversed a week later

Oryzon Genomics, the first company to announce it was moving its headquarters outside of Catalonia following the 1-O referendum, has already lost the value it gained when it announced its decision.
The company —founded by Carlos Buesa-- announced seven days ago that it was moving its headquarters from Cornellà de Llobregat to Madrid, in response to the political situation.

On 3 October, Oryzon's shares in continuous trading closed at €1.790, having suffered a drop of 4.28%. Oryzon announced it was moving its headquarters at the close of trading. In the next session, on 4 October, its share price rose by almost 13%, reaching €2.020.

The following day, 5 October, Oryzon’s share price continued to climb, though less dramatically, to €2.049 euros, representing a rise of 1.44%. However, the rebound began to lose momentum, with the stock suffering a decline of 7.17% last Friday, closing at €1.902. The decline continued on Monday, with the share price falling by 2.21%, and again this Tuesday with a fall of 5.16%, to stand at €1.764 euros, below the €1.790 it was worth on 3 October when the company announced its decision to move its headquarters.