"Son of a b****! Filthy dog!": Jusapol sympathizers shouting outside the house of the Republic in Waterloo

Group confronted security staff who guard Carles Puigdemont's home in Belgium

Jusapol (the organization that fights for improved wages for Guardia Civil and Spanish police officers) went to Brussels last week, invited by Beatriz Becerra, MEP for UPyD in the past and now an independent, to publicize their labor demands, the same ones that they took to Barcelona last October, in two demonstrations where the wage protests were mixed with a commemoration of Spanish police actions on 1-Oct.

Today, 'Vozpópuli' [an online news outlet] published a video in which a group of sympathizers insulted Carles Puigdemont at the gates of the house of the Republic, his home in Waterloo. Some of them were wearing T-shirts from the organization with the slogan "In this family nobody fights alone". In the video a woman is seen climbing the wall outside the home, while another records it with a cell phone.

It is at this moment when one of the security guards reproaches them for their behavior, and they tell him that he cannot do anything because they are in the public right of way. Jusapol sympathizers hurled insults at Puigdemont and his guards, some of which were homophobic. "You are not policemen or anyone," they say to the guards, who they called "dogs of that disgusting man", referring to the former Catalan president.

Jusapol distances itself

Speaking to 'Vozpópuli', the police organization "strongly condemned the incident" and described them as "shameful", at the same time saying that it did not know any of the people who appear in the video.

Jusapol criticized the salary agreement that had been achieved between the main Spanish unions and the Spanish government. They were not able to sit down at the negotiating table, as they did not run in the last union elections and they do not have any representatives, but they have already announced that they intend to run next time.

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