Spain’s Guardia Civil searching cars of print shop employees ahead of independence vote

The Spanish gendarmes believe the firm might be printing material needed for the ballot slated for October 1

Guardia Civil officers have been searching vehicles belonging to employees of a print shop based in Constantí (Tarragonès), in southern Catalonia. The Spanish gendarmes wanted to check whether workers were in possession of any printed material for the referendum on independence (1-O).

Staff had spotted the Guardias outside the facility in the afternoon. During the shift change, the law enforcement officers asked employees to be shown the boot of their cars to verify if they were transporting referendum material.

The firm, called Indugraf Offset, is located in an industrial estate in the small town of Constantí. A couple of days ago, online local paper La República Checa reported that the company was printing the forms needed to record voters’ names in the upcoming referendum on independence. Nevertheless, company sources speaking to the Catalan News Agency claimed that “it is not true”. At the moment, the Spanish gendarmes remain stationed outside the building, waiting for a search warrant.

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