Spanish government to approve coronavirus vaccination plan on Tuesday

The Madrid region will close the region for ten days, from 4 to 14 December

The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced on Friday that the cabinet will approve next Tuesday the coronavirus vaccination plan. He said from La Rioja that Spain will thus become "the first EU country, together with Germany, to have a complete vaccination plan". The Spanish government's forecast is that "a significant part" of the Spanish population will be vaccinated during "the first half of 2021". Of the 1 billion doses that Brussels has already ordered, he said, 10% are for Spain. "We are working to get the vaccines ready as soon as possible," he added.

Pfizer now says its vaccine is 95% effective

Despite the fact that the Health Ministry has reaffirmed that the figures show a "stabilisation" of infections, Sanchez has also warned that the population cannot relax. Even so, the president of the Spanish government has taken it for granted that by Christmas it will be possible to move around Spain and "enjoy the holidays with our loved ones". From La Rioja, in the presentation of the recovery plan, he said that the Ministry of Health continues to work on a specific plan - as announced by the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, this Wednesday after the inter-territorial meeting - with the different regions because "mobility will increase". In fact, as of this Wednesday there is a specific working group to establish homogeneous recommendations to be applied to all communities, which is why the region of Madrid has announced that it is postponing its announcement of the measures in place over Christmas. On the other hand, Catalonia has detailed its progressive de-escalation: without restrictions, but with a curfew.

Lockdown easing: no mobility restrictions by Christmas

Madrid, closed off for  10  days

In turn, the Madrid has announced this Friday that it will close the region off for  10  days. Specifically between the December public holidays, i.e. from 4 to 14 December. "We ask for maximum prudence and responsibility from the people of Madrid," said vice-counselor  of Madrid's Health Department, Antonio Zapatero, this Friday at a press conference.

Madrid has also advanced that it will present to the Spanish government a concrete plan on the performance of antigen tests in pharmacies (a demand made by the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, to the communities). "I ask for the collaboration of the central government," insisted Zapatero, who detailed that the Madrid region has already carried out almost 750,000 antigen tests.

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