Swiss government to address parliamentary request for probe into former Spanish King’s kickbacks

About twenty socialist MPs have tabled the question, which has been endorsed by other parties

The Swiss government will have to address a parliamentary motion —tabled on behalf of Catalan grassroots group Òmnium Cultural— calling on the Swiss authorities to freeze the accounts where Juan Carlos had allegedly stashed away the proceeds of his shady business dealings. That will be so because socialist MP Christian Dandrès has submitted several questions to Switzerland’s Federal Assembly urging the Federal Council to state its official position in parliament on the situation of the former Spanish king, who recently fled to the UAE.

At his request, a further twenty socialist MPs have joined Dandrès, as well as the Green Party and the Swiss Party of Labour. Òmnium vice president Marcel Mauri indicated that “it’s not just Òmnium Cultural, but three Swiss political parties that believe it is urgent to investigate the Bourbon’s corruption”. “Once again, Europe will have to sort out what Spain’s powers-that-be have been trying to muddle up”, he remarked. “We have no doubt that Switzerland’s justice and the Federal government will honour their international commitment to the struggle against graft”.

On July 14 Switzerland’s Federal Council began to review the demand to freeze Juan Carlos’ Swiss assets after Òmnium Cultural submitted their request as part of a campaign against the Spanish monarchy. Òmnium submitted a legal and political report to the Swiss authorities and the president of the country invoking Swiss legislation that allows the authorities to seize and return assets that were obtained unlawfully.

Òmnium launched their campaign in early July, together with a criminal lawsuit against the former Spanish monarch lodged with Spain’s Supreme Court for the crimes of corruption, tax fraud, influence peddling, unlawful dealing by a public servant and money laundering. At a press conference Marcel Mauri stressed that “Juan Carlos’ wealth is still a very well kept state secret”.

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