The ladies tend to exaggerate

A few stories I heard this week, and it’s only Thursday:

A distinguished scientist, 50-something and currently working in London, confided in me that she still hasn’t got over the fact that, a few years ago, after failing to gain a promotion, a member of the interview panel tried to make light of her frustration by reminding her that her husband was a medical doctor. She also told me how her family tried to hide the fact that she was doing her PhD in the US because she was living there without her husband.

A colleague is furious after an interview where the interviewer hadn’t even looked her in the eye. A male colleague who was witness to the whole thing realized for the first time how difficult it is for women to gain the “right to be heard" without appearing aggressive.

A seemingly self-assured woman admits to feeling daunted by the challenges she is facing at work. An older female colleague tells her not to worry, that women’s feelings of insecurity mean they always work twice as hard as men, which in turn makes them less likely to make a mistake due to an excess of self-confidence.

Several young, attractive girls arrive for a meeting dressed-to-the nines. They are aware that they due to meet a client who’s a bit "old school".

In a trial for an alleged gang rape, the judge allows evidence from a private detective who was employed to tail the victim. She might receive less compensation as she’s managed to lead a seemingly normal life. Five monsters stand accused of tying her up, gagging and raping her and sharing the video.

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