Vox urges Valencian government to release personal details of LGTBI group members working with minors

Compromís called the request “indecent” and “a means to incite hatred towards LGTBI people”

Far right party Vox has lodged a request in the Valencian parliament for the regional government to release details of LGTBI awareness groups that have received public funds. Vox’s parliamentary group justified their demand by saying they want to know “who is entrusted with with the care of our children” and they are “concerned” about “the indoctrination children might have been subjected to”. The information requested includes “the personal details of the individuals” who have conducted “activities with minors”.

Vox have asked about any public funds allocated in 2018 and 2019 towards courses, associations, lectures, reports, consultancy work and cultural centres connected with the activities of LGTBI groups, as well as the accreditation of the training events, and the details, procedures and criteria that were followed to allocate the funds. They have also requested information about the subject matter and contents covered by the activities, their methodology and whether those responsible have a clean police record.

“An indecent proposition that incites hatred”

Compromís has been the first political party to condemn Vox’s request. The party’s spokesman, Fran Ferri, voiced his outrage over the parliamentary initiative, which he called “indecent”. “Compromís will submit a written request for the Bureau of the parliament to dismiss this parliamentary initiative, which only aims to incite hatred towards LGTBI people”, Ferri added.

Information about “violence within the family”

Yesterday Vox also filed another information request for official data on violence against women incorporating any instances of “violence within the family, not just violence by men against women”. They demand access to the personal details of “the assailants, including gender, age and nationality”. MP Ángeles Criado stated that “we have reasons to believe that in many cases the attackers are not Spanish nationals”.

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