When in doubt, journalism!

Is ten years a long time? It depends. If it's ten years of life for a newspaper born when the oracle considered journalism dead and paper to be practically disappearing, when the country was experiencing a deep economic crisis and technological changes that led the press to make information valueless by lowering its price due to its inability to adapt to the changes, then it is a long and satisfactory time.

ARA is now ten years old and is a consolidated, innovative newspaper whose journalism is independent, rigorous and committed to society. A newspaper that has its readers at the centre of all decisions and that lives mostly on the income of its 40,000 subscribers and readers, in addition to the support of shareholders committed to press freedom and the idea of building a better country.

It has been ten years of joint effort by all those who appreciate the newspaper and understand the profession as a useful tool to improve the country. Years of struggle by a demanding, cohesive and committed editorial team that takes pride in its profession, and by business teams that are aligned with the values and the newspaper's way of doing business and that are essential to survive in a changing market. Ten years of hard work by a team capable of protecting editorial independence when necessary without ever giving up the commitment to information with our readers in mind.

At ARA we have shown that we put journalism and the attempt to understand reality before our own personal ideas. We defend journalism as the obligation to explain to readers the information about the issues that affect them and not dodging debates. Ten years means a lot of front pages, a lot of news, a lot of opinion articles, thousands of collaborations, hours and hours of listening, debating, reading and writing. These ten years have brought us a lot of joy, with many in our young editorial team become parents, but also sorrow for the colleagues who have left us. Our commitment is with you, our readers, who support us in this journey through a profession which we believe in and which we fight for in every line.

Thank you for your support!

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