Covid: Over 2,000 hospital admissions and 4,077 new confirmed cases in Catalonia

Outbreak risk jumps to 841; 25 more deaths recorded

EPG, which measures the risk of a spike in Catalonia, has jumped to 841, 53 more than yesterday. However, the transmission rate or R number remains at 1.53. This has been reported by the Catalan Department of Health, which today reported 4,077 new PCR-confirmed cases of covid-19, which total 207,265 since the start of the pandemic. Twenty-five new deaths have also been reported, with a total of 13,819 deaths. There were also 132 new hospital admissions, meaning there are now 2,017 hospitalised patients, 347 of whom are in the ICU (+5).

The data, recorded before the curfew came into force, continue to worsen, and the a health official told Catalunya Ràdio that the new measures will not achieve the goals they hoped for. It will take three weeks to see results and the key element when diciding on new measures will be the capacity of the health system to care for patients, he explained. That's why the Government's spokesperson, Meritxell Budó, has floated the idea pf a weekend lockdown. This measure, however, was not included in the central government's state of emergency decree, meaning it would require judicial approval. The government has also made it clear that it does not plan to close the schools.

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