ARA’s readership soars by 56.3% to unprecedented 136k

Media survey shows ARA is Spain’s fastest growing newspaper

For the fourth consecutive time, Spain’s EGM [a reputable media survey] has shown that this newspaper’s readership continues to grow: ARA’s print edition is now read by as many as 136,000 people, which has consolidated this newspaper firmly in the third position among Catalonia’s print newspapers. Furthermore, this is ARA’s best ever figure ahead of the summer holidays —the survey is published three times a year— and ARA looks set to break its yearly record in 2018. Year over year growth is 56.3 per cent, which makes this by far the fastest growing newspaper in Spain, followed by La Voz de Almería, whose readership grew by 21 per cent.

In addition, ARA is edging closer to the second most popular newspaper in Catalonia (El Periódico), whose readership has dropped to 319,000 if you do not include its Aragon edition. That is 25.2 per cent lower than a year ago. It is La Vanguardia that takes gold in Catalonia (612,000 readers), with El Punt Avui taking the last spot with 90,000

In Spain El País remains the most widely-read newspaper, but the Madrid daily has hit an all-time low with 1,069,000 readers. That is less than half the 2,218,000 readers it boasted a decade ago, in 2008. El Mundo’s readership has risen somewhat to 701,000 readers.

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