Snow is receding but two nights of heavy frost are expected

From Wednesday on temperatures will rise

This Sunday it will continue to snow at very low levels. A colder air intake will bring the snow level back down to 400 or 500 meters. Precipitation will not be as abundant as on Saturday, but in a scattered manner it may rain or snow again in any region, especially until midday. In the evening and during the night it could still continue to snow in Terres de l'Ebre up to very low levels. The wind and the sea storm will also decrease this Sunday, especially from mid-morning. There will still be quite a few clouds in the east, but next week it will be much calmer and with more hours of sunshine.

Over 30 centimetres of snow have already accumulated in the south, and it will continue snowing tomorrow

Between Thursday and Friday it will snow again in the Pyrenees, but only on the northern slope of the mountain range and with a snow level that will surely be above 1,500 metres. An important point in the forecast is the frost that will appear during the next two mornings. The accumulated snow and a colder air entry will make the next night and especially the one from Monday to Tuesday to be, in some cases, the coldest of all this period of low temperatures, especially in interior areas and in the Pyrenees. The closer to the coast, the less noticeable the drop in the temperature will be. Although in the short term it will be colder, weather maps already clearly show the end of this period of intense cold, which has lasted since Christmas.

From Wednesday temperatures will rise, and we will enter a milder phase that will last at least 4 or 5 days. The thermometer will again exceed 15 degrees in places close to the coast and the frost will gradually disappear. The average temperature of the last 15 days in Catalonia as a whole is only 1.5 degrees: since Christmas we have had the coldest period and especially the most sustained since February 2012.

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