assault on the Capitol

Tattoos with (misunderstood) history

Symbolism behind Q-Shaman, part of the storming of the Capitol

What (a) democracy

Trump condemns the assault on the Capitol and acknowledges Joe Biden's victory

The president reappears in a recorded message from the White House

Capitol police officer injured during congressional raid dies

The number of deaths related to these incidents amounts to five

Spanish right equates the assault on the Capitol with the Catalan Independence Bid

PP, Vox and Cs also compare it to Indignados movement

The man who hated women

Time to isolate Trump

The still president has gone too far: the time has come to stop him decisively

Antoni Bassas' analysis: "Donald 'Nero' Trump"

Trump should be taken to court for breaking his oath to protect and defend the Constitution

Twitter and Facebook suspend Trump's accounts due to "risk of violence"

Companies delete his video insisting on fraud after the assault on the Capitol

Trumpism assaults the Capitol

Mob of Trump supporters enters Congress to prevent Joe Biden's confirmation

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