Catalan economy

Catalan exports dodge slowdown with 3.1% record growth in 2019

The increase is greater than Germany’s and Italy’s and much higher than Spain’s, which grew by 1.8%

Catalan exports pick up, growing by 10% in September

The sector comes to the rescue of the Catalan economy, rising by 2.9% in the first nine months of 2019

Madrid failed to deliver €2.2bn worth of public investment in Catalonia between 2013 and 2018

Last year the Spanish administration only carried out 58 per cent of the investment projects it had budgeted for in Catalonia

A year after the UDI: Catalonia has created more jobs than Madrid and the Basque Country combined

Catalonia led the fall in unemployment in the third quarter, despite a drop in tourism

Foreign companies, the independence vote and doomsayers

Catalonia remains a favourite among foreign investors, but we must keep working to hold on to talent and lure even more

The social cost of Catalonia’s fiscal deficit

The lack of public spending in Catalonia, often offset by private investment, increases social costs

Landscape after the battle

Catalonia has passed the test of a terrible crisis with flying colors, followed by the most convulsive months of its political crisis with Spain

Catalonia's industrial boom boosts exports to all-time high

In 2017 exports shot up 8.7%, the highest rate of growth in six years

Airef: Catalan economy to grow more than Spain’s in Q1

The GDP will increase by 0.83% in Catalonia, according to the independent authority’s figures

Against alarmism, serenity

It is hardly news that Catalonia’s economy grew less than Spain’s

Barcelona wins bid for Mediterranean HQ of free zones

Consortium will organize the World Free Zone Conference

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