Catalan Elections 2021

JxCat and ERC dismiss election postponement

Despite statements by Budó and Sàmper, parties agree not to "speculate"

The Government's obligation is to organize safe elections

Only in the case of total lockdown would a postponement of the elections be acceptable

About thirty victims of political reprisals to stand for election

Among them are Tamara Carrasco, Roger Español and Jordi Pesarrodona

ERC increases lead over JxCat and would win the next Parliamentary elections

Vox would enter the Catalan Parliament for the first time with between 7 and 8 deputies

Puigdemont not to run in primaries but will appear on electoral list

The JxCat primaries will see a face off between Borràs and Calvet

Puigdemont pressured to head JxCat list in Catalan elections

Calvet takes a step forward and seeks to become effective candidate