Catalan exiles

Belgian court releases former ministers Comín and Puig without bail while it considers the European Arrest Warrants

Both handed themselves in to the authorities yesterday at noon

UK police brands EAW against Ponsatí “disproportionate”, requests clarification from Spain

Spain’s Supreme Court, Ministry of the Interior point out Scottish court hasn’t reached a decision yet

70.3% of Catalans believe prison and exile are unjust

Catalan government pollster: two thirds of respondents believe rights and liberties have been eroded in Catalonia

Puigdemont, Comín and Junqueras miss European Parliament’s inaugural session

A Sinn Féin MEP slammed Tajani over the situation of the three Catalan pro-independence representatives

Spain’s Supreme Court upholds JEC ruling, prevents Puigdemont and Comín from taking up seats in European parliament

Spain’s electoral commission had disallowed the proxy oath taken by Catalonia’s newly-elected MEPs

EDICIÓ PAPER 16/09/2020

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