Catalan independence

What can we expect from the German judge?

High treason and rebellion are similar in that they are both characterised by violence

From catharsis to politics

Today begins a new stage that requires us to take stock of a lost opportunity and change strategy. What is needed is generosity, less dogmatism, clear objectives, overwhelming majorities, courage, and an avoidance of gregariousness.

Spain: Supreme Court judge twists words to justify charges of rebellion against pro-independence leaders

Judge's convoluted semantics could lead to prison sentences of 10-30 years for the defendants

Llarena, the bar of justice

Llarena has tried to give his resolutions a technically more elaborate appearance, but this has been completely undone by his most recent decisions

March 20: Who are the populist europhobes in the “Catalan crisis”?

There are examples of anti-EU isolationism in the speeches by mainstream Spanish nationalists

16 March: Humiliate and destroy

Police boss behind indy referendum crackdown is rewarded with promotion

Diego Pérez de los Cobos is Madrid’s new Guardia Civil commander

Judge Llarena strikes down separation of powers

Would they have the courage to do the same to a candidate in the Spanish parliament?

The Spanish Treasury’s demands and freedom of expression

The rule of law in Spain is becoming increasingly weaker

The moment of truth

Now the investiture of the Catalan President is dependent on Spain’s Supreme Court

Over 600 jurists denounce violation of human rights in Catalonia before Council of Europe

The Prague Collective, made up of law professors from Catalan universities, reports 9 violations

What a failure, Your Majesty

The fears of Barcelona’s honorary consuls

Finland’s honorary consul Albert Ginjaume, the third diplomat to be fired for ideological reasons following pressure from Spain, speaks of a "witch hunt"

The tensions of a Catalan independence supporter

All the feedback coming from Spain reinforces intransigence

A witch-hunt in Catalonia

A new political and intellectual generation are needed: the witch hunt won’t stop for a long time

ANC to take legal action against RTVE for deliberately misreporting its latest press release

The 24-hour news channel translated "brave actions" as "violent actions"

Puigdemont and the Beagle

The Spanish state’s sole strategy is repression

Hoteliers in Murcia express their support for police officers involved in 1-O with a weekend away and free entertainment

The initiative, which includes a Thank You dinner, has the backing of the regional government

Amnesty International: "Jordi Sànchez must be released immediately"

The NGO’s director believes it is "disproportionate"o keep the former ANC leader in prison

The Callús case

Constitutional Court agrees to hear appeal brought by Sànchez and Cuixart alleging violation of fundamental rights

The decision comes two and a half months after the appeal was lodged

The State and Rufino

It is Carles Puigdemont who must make the most difficult decision

"It’s outrageous that there are political prisoners in Spain"

Alfred de Zayas, UN independent expert on the promotion of democracy, critical of the EU’s silence

Spain: an authoritarian drift which will be hard to undo

In the comparative politics of Western states governed by the rule of law, Spain is a disgrace

Spain has a problem

Spain wants a submissive Catalonia, and it pains it because it doesn’t get its way

Spanish police check sewers beneath parliament days before investiture session

It is part of the ministry's operation to prevent Puigdemont from entering Catalonia clandestinely

Spanish Interior Minister: “We're working to ensure that Puigdemont can't enter Spain, not even in the trunk of a car”

Interior Minister is working so that the Catalan president doesn't enter by “country roads” or by “ship, helicopter, or ultralight”

The dilemma

Catalonia is in a state of emergency

Impunity will last a couple of years

The PP government’s pathetic U-turn to spare itself any comments from European judges is a taste of what will happen eventually

Now non-violence is violent

If Gandhi's Salt March is the paradigm of non-violence, then the 1-O referendum was also non-violent

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