Catalan independence

Russia denies meddling in Catalonia, attributes accusations to "hysteria" of Spanish government

Moscow believes Spain wants to cover up its "inability" to resolve its own “internal problems”

An abuser’s version of events

The State justifies its actions by claiming they have been left with no other choice but repression

Man who was blinded in one eye on 1-O files criminal charges against three Spanish Police officers

The charges have been brought against the policeman who fired the shot and two of his superior officers

Puigdemont claims that a solution other than independence "is always a possibility"

In a secret meeting with PM Rajoy, Puigdemont offered to negotiate every detail of the referendum

A knot


The way PP and C's scrutinize the pro-independence movement reflects the spirit of revenge

Spain bans foreign promotion of Port of Barcelona

Spanish ministry prevents Port Authority from sending representatives on a commercial mission

Generalitat didn't use €6.2 million for October 1st, as alleged in National Court's charges against ministers

Official auditor certifies that the money was not spent on the independence referendum

From freedom

There is no jail, jailer, lock or judicial decision that can deprive us of being what we are

Perplexed and outraged

We are nowhere near their “normality”, but the December polls should be seen as an opportunity

A hundred intellectuals sign a letter slamming the EU for its inaction over Catalonia

Personalities such as Judith Butler warn that Mariano Rajoy "is violating basic rights"

The ARA Editorial: 'A disgrace, an act of revenge, an injustice'

Jailing a democratically elected government is unbecoming of a European nation governed by the rule of law

It’s all about ballot boxes

We’ll have to go back to the polls to send a crystal clear message

Independence support soars to renew majority in Parliament

According to latest government opinion poll conducted between October 16 and 29

The call for peaceful resistance: a "euphemism" for "violent uprising"

Spain’s public prosecutor refers to the precedent set by the Supreme Court’s ruling on the 1981 coup to justify charges of rebellion

Belgium would consider granting Puigdemont political asylum

Flemish N-VA Immigration minister doubts the Catalan president would get “a fair trial” in Spain

The day after

The surprise factor has been Rajoy dissolving the Catalan parliament and calling a snap election

Puigdemont calls for "democratic opposition to 155" without violence

Catalan president does not accept Madrid’s suspension: "In democratic societies, it is parliaments that remove presidents from office"

An unequal clash

The Catalan Republic has been born weak and under threat

The investigation into 1-O, "a case against the Catalan independence movement as a whole"

The lawyer acting for the defence claims the case "has no legal basis" and that he has been denied full access

27 October: Is it clear?

The darkest Spain

24 Nobel Prize winners decry Spain’s “violence” in Catalonia, call for “negotiation”

In a letter they state that democracies can find “ways to allow freedom of expression”

The bias of the interlocutory decree that sent Sànchez and Cuixart to prison

Cuixart insisted: "Let the police do their job. We cannot stop the judicial team"

No, Spain is not a democracy

The EU Charter, which guarantees the rights of its citizens, is not worth the paper it’s written on

Sànchez and Cuixart to spend several months on remand

They were greeted in Soto del Real Prison with Spanish flags

"We do not want a Spain with political prisoners": Podemos and the Catalan and Basque parties join forces in Congress

Podemos, En Comú, Compromís, PDECat, PNB and Bildu MPs protested outside the Spanish Parliament

Infuriatingly peaceful

Spain’s decisions all appear to be designed to provoke a reaction that justifies a massive crackdown

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