Catalan independence

Strokes of yellow

Solving would require a political strategy to rethink Spain’s model and its ties with Catalonia

Madrid invokes Article 155, sacks staff of Catalonia’s offices abroad

Catalan Foreign Ministry “considered” possibility of new assignments, but most staff are to lose their jobs despite being on permanent contracts

Only 2.1% of political pundits support independence on Spain’s public TV, 55.4% on Catalonia’s

Catalonia’s Media Standards Council shows lack of political plurality affects mainly Spanish TV

MEPs protest at the "hurdles" Spain erects to stop them visiting the jailed ministers

They declare the response from the Spanish authorities to be "extremely serious"

On the origin of the sovereignty process in Catalonia

Madrid received many warnings that cutting back the Catalan Statute would provoke a profound crisis

Barcelona city takes down banner supporting political prisoners

Partido Popular and Ciudadanos ask for prohibition to be extended to yellow lights in public fountains

The fable of the gullible fool

"Sometimes he thinks that he could have been born British or Norwegian and lived in a solid democracy where you can decide without collective drama"

Article 155: a digital gag rule against foreign action

The body known as Diplocat was tasked with explaining Catalonia’s reality to the public opinion abroad

The reckless bias of Spanish media when reporting on violence

Any allegedly separatist graffiti is more newsworthy than an actual physical assault

Reus Mayor, three councillors in court hearing about petition against police violence on 1 October

Three CUP councillors, also called to give evidence, failed to appear in court

From freedom (3)

In total contrast with the freezing jail, warmth comes from all round our country

Judge Lamela imprisoned Catalan ministers despite complying with Article 155

The recordings, to which ARA has had access, reveal that the Catalan ministers had rejected violence

One thousand US and European academics demand release of Catalonia’s “political prisoners”

They have signed a manifesto also demanding “fair elections” on December 21

No fingers crossed

The present moment ought to lead to a better relationship between politics and the truth

Catalan teacher arrested by Spain’s Guardia Civil for allegedly spreading hate speech on social media

Manel Riu left the police station after having exercised his right to remain silent

Court halts custodial sentence for neo-Nazis guilty of attack on Catalonia’s Blanquerna Centre

Spain’s Constitutional Court upholds appeal a day after the deadline for the execution of the sentence had expired

After 58 days, the Tweety Pie ship leaves Barcelona

Since September of this year, Barcelona’s residents have grown used to living in difficult circumstances, with Spanish Police vans patrolling the streets and one or more helicopters hovering over the city

Russia denies meddling in Catalonia, attributes accusations to "hysteria" of Spanish government

Moscow believes Spain wants to cover up its "inability" to resolve its own “internal problems”

An abuser’s version of events

The State justifies its actions by claiming they have been left with no other choice but repression

Man who was blinded in one eye on 1-O files criminal charges against three Spanish Police officers

The charges have been brought against the policeman who fired the shot and two of his superior officers

Puigdemont claims that a solution other than independence "is always a possibility"

In a secret meeting with PM Rajoy, Puigdemont offered to negotiate every detail of the referendum

A knot


The way PP and C's scrutinize the pro-independence movement reflects the spirit of revenge

Spain bans foreign promotion of Port of Barcelona

Spanish ministry prevents Port Authority from sending representatives on a commercial mission

Generalitat didn't use €6.2 million for October 1st, as alleged in National Court's charges against ministers

Official auditor certifies that the money was not spent on the independence referendum

From freedom

There is no jail, jailer, lock or judicial decision that can deprive us of being what we are

Perplexed and outraged

We are nowhere near their “normality”, but the December polls should be seen as an opportunity

A hundred intellectuals sign a letter slamming the EU for its inaction over Catalonia

Personalities such as Judith Butler warn that Mariano Rajoy "is violating basic rights"

The ARA Editorial: 'A disgrace, an act of revenge, an injustice'

Jailing a democratically elected government is unbecoming of a European nation governed by the rule of law

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