Catalan independence referendum

Adrian Sas: "The fact that JxCat and ERC have not withdrawn the accusation against me is yet another Government betrayal"

"The State and the Generalitat apply the same repression", he denounces in an interview with the ARA

Flying kick policeman refuses to testify

Another officer admits that he gave a voter a "warning" with a truncheon

Catalan police officials acquitted of rebellion charges

Four high-ranking police officers, originally charged with rebellion, were absolved by the Spanish High Court

Ex-MPs barred for 20 months - Boya acquitted

Members of 2017 Parliament's bureau barred from office, while ex-MP Boya acquitted due to lack of warning from Constitutional Court

Spain’s Interior Minister sacks officer who headed police op against 2017 Catalan indy vote

The reason could be a Guardia Civil report that advised against allowing the demonstration for women’s rights staged in Madrid on March 8

The day before the Catalan indy vote high-ranking Spanish police selected the polling stations they would target

Another four Spanish police inspectors contradicted the account of Spain’s former junior minister for Security, José Antonio Nieto