Catalan independence trial

Josep Lluís Trapero, the man who embodied the contradictions of the Catalan independence process

Trapero found himself placed between independence and the State

Ex-MPs barred for 20 months - Boya acquitted

Members of 2017 Parliament's bureau barred from office, while ex-MP Boya acquitted due to lack of warning from Constitutional Court

A verdict that threatens our liberties

Amnesty International sends another letter to the Public Prosecutor's Office calling for Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart to be released from prison

The human rights NGO argues that they ought to be released, now that the trial against the Catalan political leaders has ended

The defendants’ democratic convictions

The defendants’ closing statements: a call for political dialogue and fundamental rights

Romeva: "I call on all democrats to build a world in which there are no political trials"

The former Foreign Minister criticizes the prosecution for "seeking to chastise an ideology”

Forcadell: "I am being tried for who I am, not for my actions"

The former Speaker of the Catalan Parliament criticised attempts to incriminate her with false testimony

Judge of Catalan referendum case accused of losing “objective impartiality” and favouring the prosecution

Some observers criticised the different treatment given to police officers and members of the public on the witness stand

The Spanish Public Prosecutor's Office accepts the far-right party’s version of events

They even accuse the director of Catalan public TV of being a member of a "criminal organization"

Spanish Prosecutor's Office seeks organized crime charges against officials indicted over Catalan referendum

Among them is the director of TV3, the Catalan public television network

Former Spanish Police officer who voted in Catalan indy referendum blames Spanish police for "failing to seek an alternative solution"

A voter calls the decision to obstruct the police in their efforts to seize ballot boxes "a gesture of collective civil disobedience"

The injustice faced by Jordi Sànchez

It’s all about dehumanizing your enemy

“We were beaten up”: voters in the 2017 referendum speak of police violence

The Spanish police’s version of events is contradicted by members of the public, who speak of truncheon blows to the head

International observers report that some of the police officers giving evidence have "a dark past", involving torture and physical abuse

ITW slams Justice Marchena for allowing lengthy testimonies by Spanish police officers while cutting off the defence lawyers

Judge wont’t probe if head of Catalan referendum investigation was Tácito tweeter

The defense teams had made this request based on contradictions by Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Baena

The second-in-command of the Catalan police during the referendum debunks the prosecution’s version of events

Ferran López contradicts witness statements by Colonel Diego Pérez de los Cobos

Video footage proves Spanish police used batons and shields in Sant Cebrià on referendum day

Spanish police officers: "hostility was the basic rule during the two hours" of their action in the town

Observers warn Catalan referendum case could be a "political trial" with "orchestrated" witnesses

They believe that Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Baena's testimony "revealed" the investigation of a political movement

Independence trial: Two international visitors to Oct 1st referendum emphasize voters' pacifism

Both denied that they were observers during 1-O, although they admitted to visiting several polling places

Independence on trial: international observers remind Prosecutor that "demonstrating, shouting and singing" don’t constitute sedition

They slam Marchena for refusing to allow videos which contradict witness testimonies

Spanish officer refers to Catalan referendum voters as "criminals" over "verbal abuse”

A Guardia Civil lieutenant describes how two Mossos had to be pushed aside at a polling station in Sant Joan de Vilatorrada

The Guardia Civil points fingers

After the testimonies we have heard in Spain’s Supreme Court, we might ask: who runs the show in Spain?

The Guardia Civil’s exaggerations

Former high-ranking Treasury official admits he failed to spot any funds directly linked to organizing the referendum on independence

Felipe Martínez described the strict financial controls that Madrid imposed on the Catalan government from 2015 to September 2017

International observers on trial of Catalan independence leaders: Justice Marchena “lacks impartiality”

International Trial Watch, an independent platform, has warned of several incidents recorded during week 5 of the trial

Head of Catalan police during referendum says he had a unit ready to arrest Puigdemont and his cabinet

The rebellion charge rests in part on the role of the Catalan police and if there was collusion with the Government

One trial, two ideas of the state

Cuixart made clear the underlying discussion behind the accusations against them

Marchena forgets to ask head of 1-O police op if he has been tried for a crime

Col. Diego Pérez de los Cobos was charged with torture in the Basque Country and was acquitted