Catalan political prisoners

The images of the Estremera injustice

ARA has had access to footage of Junqueras, Romeva, and Forn behind the walls of the Madrid prison

A crack in the wall

The footage breaks the invisibility forced upon political leaders under unfair punishment

Free the political prisoners

The images are both emotionally harsh and politically necessary

June 1: Splitting up families

The more one uses the word ‘law’, the more outrageous it becomes when one breaks it

A letter to my family, and especially to my mother

I know that you are convinced that neither me nor any of my companions should be in prison

Prison as political tool

Yes, prison had to play a part in our peaceful and democratic struggle

Catalan imprisoned leader Junqueras to ex-PM Felipe González: “I’d love to get out and debate with you”

Depicts independentism as "peaceful, deeply rooted in democracy and essentially republican"

Roberto Saviano and Erri de Luca demand release "of Catalans jailed for their political views"

Along with Daniel Pennac and Jean Marie Laclavetine, they denounce the repression in Catalonia

UN: Jordi Cuixart's partner denounces violation of children's rights due to imprisonment

An international lawyer warns that the political prisoners in Spain set a "dangerous precedent"

Former chief prosecutor of Catalonia: "I’m convinced they’re political prisoners"

José María Mena is adamant that the Catalan independence movement is lawful

From freedom (5)

The Supreme Court's brief erodes the very foundations of political pluralism

From freedom (2)

It is significant that the judge imposed the most extreme measure in consideration of factors which were not even raised by the public prosecutor and against which I was unable to defend myself

Let’s get to work to win back our freedom

We must strive to secure respect for the civil and political rights of all the citizens of Catalonia

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