Catalan political prisoners

Oriol Junqueras’ election victory puts Spanish justice to the test

Will the Supreme Court suspend the MEP when he pledges allegiance to the Spanish Constitution?

If what is happening in Spain wasn't happening in Spain ...

We have come from years of Franco-ism in which the idea of homeland was imposed by the force

“F*** you, scumbag!”: PP senator brags about interrupting jailed former MEP Raül Romeva

PP senator Rafael Hernando called the next name on the list while the former Catalan minister was still pronouncing the oath of allegiance to the Constitution

Catalonia’s jailed MPs collect their credentials in the Spanish parliament and senate

Sànchez, Rull and Turull are “certain” that the board of the chamber will not suspend them

Taking the political rights of Catalan prisoners seriously

If done properly, a release on bail would pose no flight risk whatsoever

Witnessing Justice in Catalonia

Once again the problem of justice in Spain is in the balance

False dichotomy

The way in which the October 1 case has proceeded so far inevitably points to a guilty verdict

Jailed ministers and Puigdemont to lodge a complaint with the United Nations for a violation of their political rights

On March 27, the United Nations Human Rights Committee admitted a complaint from Puigdemont

The Supreme Court once again refuses to release Sànchez, Rull and Turull

The court believes there is still a risk they may abscond or reoffend

Human rights vs the snake’s egg

Democracy is about to be put on trial in Catalonia, with the far right and the State working as one, once more

The downfall

Once again in history, Spain is split between the forces of reaction and the forces of change

Truncheons, prisons and humanity

A police officer justifies his actions on 1-O: ”there are no guidelines for the use of truncheons"

MEPs to request international observer status in trial against pro-independence leaders

MEP José Bové demands “immediate” release of prisoners so they may prepare their defence

Political prisoners in Spain: when will it end?

By refusing to address the Catalan issue politically, Spain has merely made the problem worse

Amnesty International calls for the "immediate" release of Sànchez and Cuixart

The organization condemns their imprisonment on the eve of the one-year anniversary of their incarceration

Supreme Court denies release of Catalan political prisoners: pre-trial detention “doesn’t depend on political climate”

The Spanish court argues that “the distress of their families doesn’t provide sufficient grounds for their release”

Supreme Court denies Jordi Cuixart’s release once more

The Spanish court rules that the circumstances of the grassroots pro-independence leader have not changed

Partner of Catalan political prisoner calls for broad mobilization in the event of a conviction

Txell Bonet: "Jordi always tells me: when you see that they add up all the sentences and a three-digit number appears in the newspapers, don't be scared"

Forcadell joins challenge against all five judges slated to try independence case

She argues that they cannot guarantee a “fair” trial because they were involved in the pre-trial examination process


According to Sànchez, some political actors are “emotionally blocked” and he is determined to write, read and help to draft the pro-independence camp’s new strategy

Passion against decline

The only items are a democratic passion, majorities and respect for the truth

Transfer and freedom

It bears repeating: nothing will go back to normal until there are no political prisoners left

Barcelona, Madrid Bar Associations: Catalan political prisoners should be moved to Catalonia

The presidents of both associations claim that a transfer would afford the Catalan leaders a better chance to defend themselves

Injustice and dignity

We believe its journalistic and informative value is self-evident, justifying its publication

The images of the Estremera injustice

ARA has had access to footage of Junqueras, Romeva, and Forn behind the walls of the Madrid prison

A crack in the wall

The footage breaks the invisibility forced upon political leaders under unfair punishment

Free the political prisoners

The images are both emotionally harsh and politically necessary

June 1: Splitting up families

The more one uses the word ‘law’, the more outrageous it becomes when one breaks it

A letter to my family, and especially to my mother

I know that you are convinced that neither me nor any of my companions should be in prison

Prison as political tool

Yes, prison had to play a part in our peaceful and democratic struggle

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