Catalan politics

It's the ballot box, stupid!

A landing strip

We are in a new stage in which the plane carrying the Catalan government is running low on fuel

It’s easier to reign against "the Catalans"

"The Catalans" have been painstakingly dehumanized as part of a time-honoured narrative

Roll the dice

In at the deep end

Survival manual

Whatever happens, the only legitimate tactic is perseverance, engaging in debate, persuasion and the condemnation of lies

Without politics

It’s not easy holding a general policy debate in a country without politics

70.3% of Catalans believe prison and exile are unjust

Catalan government pollster: two thirds of respondents believe rights and liberties have been eroded in Catalonia

Catalan government to take Spain to court over non-payment, encourages other regional governments to join in

The Catalan administration had denounced the “financial stranglehold” caused by the Spanish government withholding funds

Particles and parties

Now that JxCat and ERC’s municipal pacts are out of the way, the positions have become more clear

Summer notes

The tectonic plates are shifting ahead of the verdict

A noteworthy day

Mrs. Lillo


The kind of people we want to be

We have the right to demand that our political leaders make a responsible calculation that any step taken will be sustainable over time and supported by an unquestionable majority

Between the call and the shouting

The party system is beginning to restructure itself, and this will allow new leaders to emerge and, perhaps, a clearer strategy for a response to Spain following 27-Oct.

The bait

The PSOE and the pro-independence groups want to gain maximum benefit and minimal public erosion

Dialogue is a difficult path, but it is the only one

The meeting between the two leaders sends the message that we must continue moving forward

The consensus Pedro Sánchez is calling for already exists

78.1% are against detention without bail and 77.5% believe that the charges are unfounded

Does anyone know where we are?

On paths and cliffs

Catalonia hasn’t flirted with violence and it is precisely its massive, peaceful nature that affords the pro-independence movement the credibility it enjoys today

Barcelona is mighty

What is the 'momentum'?

The price of politics

Let’s think!

In Catalonia it’s time to rethink ourselves collectively. Thinking and speaking calls for free, able individuals to be treated as free, able citizens


‘Culo di ferro’

Autumn storms

The problem is not the Statute, but the State

Catalans have learned that there is no point in negotiating a Statute, because it will not be honored

Getting up off the canvas

The coming months will see a fresh rallying bid during which the governance of Catalonia mustn’t be put on hold, if we want a better country

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