Catalan referendum

Carles Mundó: "No hi ha cap motiu per no creure que el referèndum que avui sembla impossible demà pot ser inevitable"

L'exconseller de Justícia Carles Mundó anima l'independentisme a mantenir la moral de victòria en el seu llibre 'El referèndum inevitable', del qual oferim un avançament editorial

El pacte de claredat de Torrent rep el ‘no’ instantani de la Moncloa

El govern espanyol respon al president del Parlament que “no hi ha cap possibilitat” d’un referèndum

A mediation with the independence movement that the PP did accept

At the request of the then Spanish president, Arriola mediated to stop the 9-N consultation

Baton-charging Spanish police injured 23 people over the age of 79, two children under 11

Most of the 1,066 people injured by the police were treated for blunt trauma

Catalan doctors attest to official figure of those injured during independence vote

They also argue that their professionalism is "unquestionable"

Mossos shut down twice as many polling stations as Spanish police on referendum day

Catalonia’s law enforcement officers closed off over 130 polling stations without resorting to violence

"We saw a carefully planned, military-style operation", Helena Catt world-renowned expert

The head of the seventeen foreign experts declared there were other irregularities, such as the custody of the ballot boxes, while ultimately concluding that "the process should be respected"


How the Catalan referendum was hatched in Elna

A group of volunteers hid the ballot boxes before voting day in attics and car boots

“It was deplorable”, say international observers

“It is incredible that this should happen in a country that calls itself a democracy”

Police baton-charging, polling stations cleared out, ballots boxes seized

Generalitat reports 844 injured, one due to impact of a rubber bullet in an eye

In the hands of the people

Catalan government urges Europe to sanction Spain for "tarnishing the EU’s image"

Turull calls for Millo’s resignation over his role in "state repression and violence"

Barcelona mayor calls on Spain to put an end to political violence: "we are witnessing disgraceful scenes"

"I will call on democratic forces to come out in our defence"

Schools open all over Catalonia to prevent police from sealing them off

Catalan police officers have visited several schools, but so far have only taken reports

70 North American academics pen open letter condemning political crackdown on Catalonia

Noam Chomsky and Saskia Sassen are among the professors who have signed the manifesto

UN free speech office demands “respect” for fundamental rights ahead of Catalan vote

The note, co-signed by an independent expert, has been published on the website of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

The revolution of twisted smiles

Spain’s National Court will file sedition charges against 20-S protests

The court considers there is a case to be heard, despite the offence being based on a Criminal Code dating from the Franco era

Spain’s Guardia Civil shuts down ANC’s website, the platform opens another in under two hours

The Spanish gendarmes also blocked access to, and Alerta Solidària’s website

Chants of "Let ‘em have it" accompany the Guardia Civil leaving Huelva headed for Catalonia

The video has gone viral, becoming a Trending Topic under the hashtag #Aporellos

L'expert independent de l'ONU per a la promoció de la democràcia reclama a Juncker que faci de mediador a Catalunya

Alfred-Maurice de Zayas es mostra "preocupat" per les "proves de violacions dels drets humans"

The agent provocateur

“Once again, today it is necessary to single out the objective and who is fanning the flames"

Millo warns Catalan school directors might face criminal charges if they aid in referendum

The Spanish government’s representative in Catalonia sends letter to directors

Catalan Government launches website informing people where to vote on 1-O

The list of polling stations includes premises owned by Barcelona city council and PHCs

ARA’s opinion poll: 60 per cent turnout, Yes lead widens

Spain’s crackdown is fuelling independence support, detrimental to No camp

ARA’s opinion poll: Spanish Constitution has no support in Catalonia

While 90 per cent of Catalans approved the Spanish Constitution in the 1978 referendum, today only 27.8 per cent would vote for it

End of a Regime

"Despite the intensity of political scorn in response to calls for reform or improved self-government these last five years, now Spain is acting surprised and indignant, unable to hold talks"

Glue and a broom

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