Catalan referendum

Puigdemont, Junqueras, Forcadell and Colau send letter to Rajoy and King calling for dialogue on referendum

The document calls for "open dialogue without conditions" to find a means to "reach an agreement in order that Catalonia can hold the referendum"

Spanish government announces seizure of 100,000 1-O posters

The Spanish police paid a visit to three Catalan print shops, in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Hospitalet and Badalona

Spanish police enters HQ of several Catalan newspapers

The visits were aimed at notifying them of the TSJC’s order not publish advertisements related to the independence referendum

State of exception

La premsa internacional es fixa en la pressió judicial contra els alcaldes

"La tensió explota a Espanya pel desafiament català", subratlla el 'New York Times' 

As judge has referendum website shut down, Catalan government activates mirror

Spain’s gendarmes turned up at hosting firm CDmon and ordered staff to take down the site

Attorney General orders Catalan police boss to “seize ballot boxes, envelopes and print material” for independence referendum

On Tuesday morning Catalonia’s Attorney General José María Romero de Tejada met Catalan Police Commissioner Josep Lluís Trapero and the chiefs of Spain’s Guardia Civil and National Police in Catalonia

High Court orders TV3 not to show government ad for independence referendum

The Court has warned managing director Vicent Sanchis about the possible consequences of ignoring the instructions from Spain’s Constitutional Court

"Catalunya aprova el vot per a la independència tot i l'enuig de Madrid", a 'The Guardian'

La premsa internacional es fa ressò del pas que porta cap a l'1 d'octubre

Dignity vs fear

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