Catalan trial

Spain’s Public Prosecutor: the verdict in the case of the Catalan leaders will be announced before 12 October

During a lecture in Buenos Aires Javier Zaragoza stated that Germany’s justice made “a mistake” when it refused to hand over Carles Puigdemont

Yes, they are political prisoners. And no, they didn’t stage a coup

The Prosecutor’s Office’s shocking closing statement in the trial of the Catalan independence leaders was absurd, both legally and politically speaking

Observers slam Marchena for cutting off defence questions about Spanish police violence during independence referendum

They believe this practice jeopardises the defendants’ right “to legal counsel and a fair trial”

European Democratic Lawyers Association calls for immediate release of political prisoners

International observers will travel to Madrid during the trial

The conditions for Catalan political prisoners before the trial

This article is not about football, though it may seem so

Catalan prisoners: cold cells, yellow garments seized, computers and El Jueves confiscated

The Speaker of the Catalan parliament has criticized the State's "sick obsession" with "persecuting a movement"

The State on trial

A farcical trial

Spain has a long history of human rights violations

CC dragging their feet on Junqueras’ appeal against pre-trial imprisonment

Convened in a plenary session, the court said it is studying the appeal and pointed out its "complexity and significance"

Spain’s Supreme Court denies any similarity with the Demirtas case

The court that will see the case against the Catalan leaders is trying to pretend that pro-independence views are not being suppressed

No fewer than 13 groups of international observers will follow the trial against the Catalan leaders and they demand a seat in court

They claim to have no ties with Catalonia’s pro-independence movement and complain about the hurdles laid by Spain’s Supreme Court

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