Jacket on during class time in order to mitigate covid

Ventilation is key to preventing infection, but it does not prevent the cold of winter

Catalan High Court requires 25% of classes to be in Spanish in all schools in Catalonia

Catalan Department of Education will appeal the decision and warns new education law will render it "invalid"

From within the transformation

Setback for Education Dpt: court forces six-year extension in contracts with single-sex schools

Government will lodge appeal as it still wishes to withdraw subsidy from Opus Dei centres

All debates go through school

Educational discussions are part of any modern society and have to be had without taboos

The trap of a less demanding high school

Allowing students to access university despite not having passed all their exams risks lowering of the level

For the legal protection of language immersion

The new wording of the state education law may provide some breathing space for Catalan

EDICIÓ PAPER 23/01/2021

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