general State budget

The importance of having budget

Having the accounts approved is essential to cope with the covid crisis

Budgets with largest ever social spending approved by large majority in Spanish Congress and now await ratification by Senate

Sánchez gets 188 'ayes' with backing ERC, Bildu, PNV and PDECat, 12 more than needed

ERC and Bildu defend budget pact with Sánchez together and claim to be "decisive" in Madrid

Vilalta and Otegi hold a joint conference to explain their agreement with the PSOE

PDECat also reaches preliminary agreement with Sánchez for budget vote

All that remains is for the party executive, who has negotiated separately from JxCat, to ratify the decision

Sanchez puts the legislature back on track together with the investiture block

He gives a boost to the coalition with Iglesias but maintains the intention of looking for Arrimadas

Sanchez reaches out to Cs despite their "no" to state budget

The Spanish president: "We welcome those who abandon the hate front with open arms"

ERC-PSOE agreement foresees €2,339m in investments in 2021 for Catalonia

Figure 100m more than original government budget

Torra believes that the Government is not pressurizing the State "enough" to transfer resources to Catalonia

He regrets that ERC does not condition the State budget with economic compensation for restrictions

Key points of the budget agreement proposal between ERC and PSOE

The most tangible figure is the payment of a debt of 18 million in scholarships

Budgets and fiscal dumping

Measures must be taken against Madrid's "tax haven", which benefits from the "capital effect"

ERC Announces Pre-Agreement for State Budgets

The Spanish government commits itself to "put an end" to the control of the expenditure of the Generalitat

Sanchez promises Aragonès a plan to support the hospitality sector that will be "of special importance for Catalonia"

The Spanish President reminds him of the "importance" of approving the general state budget

Brussels approves Sanchez's budgets but warns him of excessive public debt

The government is required to take into account the medium-term risks of indebtedness

LIVE | Sanchez compares Casado to Trump

He refuses to choose partners as Arrimadas pressures them: "Politics is much more than empty sentences"

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