Public Health Secretary warns: restrictions that affect all Catalonia "will have to be considered"

The measures will be reviewed next Monday in light of "bad" indicators

"I spent 30,000 euros on food for the restaurant and now I have to throw it away?"

Lockdown in the Cerdanya and the Ripollès regions leaves hospitality industry near economic ruin

Ripollès and Cerdanya regions closed due to covid impact

Mobility, restaurants, and meetings are limited until 6th January in both regions

Germany imposes strict Christmas closure

Only supermarkets and pharmacies will be open between December 16th and January 10th

Shopping centres will be able to reopen with a 30% capacity limit from next Monday on

Weekend lockdown will become regional, and cultural venues will host up to 1.000 people

"When I was eight years old no one believed I had anorexia"

Lockdown uncovers cases of eating disorders, increasingly common amongst children under ten

47 municipalities will open shops on the 8th December instead of the 6th

The change allows avoiding the municipal lockdown

"I can't go to Tarragona, but planning a trip to London is a different story"

Paperwork and impossible quarantines: flying during covid times

Government considers excluding children from Christmas gatherings' limitations

Sàmper assures modifying the municipal lockdown during December bank holiday is not on the cards

Three sexual assaults per week during confinement

Hospital Clínic warns that partners or ex-partners were behind one in five attacks between March and June

Lockdown hides violence against women

Violence against women has increased within families, but reporting has decreased

The Government rectifies the DOGC: concert halls will open from Monday

Skipping territorial lockdown to attend a cultural event is not allowed

Europe in lockdown

The collective anguish makes us long for what we had

We can't fall into the trap of relaxing

Slowing the spread of the virus shows the way forward

Health Department to push for total lockdown if numbers continue to rise

One in five emergency visits, both in hospitals and in primary care, are covid related

"Critical" situation pushes Catalonia towards new lockdown

40% do not comply with quarantines in full

Catalan Government demands lockdown powers

No new measures are revealed, but government warns "restrictions will not be eased"

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