measures in Spain

Health Department has already detected 17 cases of the British variant and expects them to multiply

Public Health Secretary defends maintaining current restrictions a few days more

A puzzle of restrictions: State of alarm falls short

Communities struggle to extend curfew but Health Minister maintains current decree is enough

Spain has the most relaxed restrictions in Europe

Most countries increase limitations at the same time as contagion grows

Jacket on during class time in order to mitigate covid

Ventilation is key to preventing infection, but it does not prevent the cold of winter

"This year we closed for five months, which in sales equals seven"

Shopping centres can reopen on Monday after being closed for six weeks

Catalonia keeps virus at bay ten days before Christmas, but indicators are very fragile

Hospital pressure drops, but 44% of ICU beds are still occupied by covid patients

Shopping centres will be able to reopen with a 30% capacity limit from next Monday on

Weekend lockdown will become regional, and cultural venues will host up to 1.000 people

Loosening of social norms accelerates the rate of contagion and slows the bending of the curve

Hospital pressure slowly dropping, authorities call for remaining vigilant

Government considers excluding children from Christmas gatherings' limitations

Sàmper assures modifying the municipal lockdown during December bank holiday is not on the cards

Budó speaks of possible regional mobility during the December bank holiday but Vergés calls for caution

The reopening plan does not foresee lifting the municipal lockdown until mid-December

ERC leaves Government crisis committee for anti-covid measures because of leaks

Aragonès says the leaks are disrespectful and urges the media not to publish them

Spain will require travellers from countries with a high coronavirus risk to present a 3 days old negative PCR test

Practically all European states exceed 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants

Restrictions on catering and trade in force awaiting Supreme Court judgement

Emergency closure of bars and restaurants hopes to stem the rise in cases, whilst Catalan Supreme court is yet to decide whether measures are lawful

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