Barcelona Appeal Court orders investigation into police violence against detainee in Immigrant Centre

The court overturns the decision of a judge who dismissed the case without studying the veracity of the accusations

The owners of the Badalona warehouse say they allowed squatters for "humanitarian" reasons

The company defends itself of the attacks of the Badalona mayor, who responsibilizes them

A tragic fire that hides another tragedy

The burnt-out settlement, where people lived in precarious conditions, is one of many in Catalonia

Barcelona to take in 50 immigrants from the Canary Islands

The State, which is authorising the transfer to the Peninsula for the first time, will pay the costs of care

Constitutional Court backs hot returns in Ceuta and Melilla

Judges reject ban on recording police, considering it prior restraint

Supreme Court recognizes refugees' right to seek asylum in Spanish embassies

Stop Mare Mortum celebrates the opening of a legal way of entry

EDICIÓ PAPER 20/01/2021

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