Young Catalan Saharawis go to war

They drop everything to fight for a land they have never set foot on

Supreme Court recognizes refugees' right to seek asylum in Spanish embassies

Stop Mare Mortum celebrates the opening of a legal way of entry

New Lesbos camp refugees can only wash in sea

ARA manages to enter the facility that has replaced the old Mória camp

Repressed by Morocco, Rifians flee in boats

Persecution, poverty and obligatory military service drive emigration of young people

Supreme Court rules against Spain over failure to meet refugee quota

The court has ruled in favour of Stop Mare Nostrum, which advocates safer ways to welcome refugees

Créixer a la guerra: ser nens a Síria

Tot i estar en guerra, la vida continua a la ciutat de Duma.

La fi d'Idomeni

Porten els refugiats cap a algun dels centres oficials oberts a Grècia

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