Spanish crackdown

UK police brands EAW against Ponsatí “disproportionate”, requests clarification from Spain

Spain’s Supreme Court, Ministry of the Interior point out Scottish court hasn’t reached a decision yet

The Chinese way

These are actions against dissent, against the freedom of expression, against the separation of powers

Speaking cannot be a problem, Mr Sánchez

The Spanish PM does not wish to speak to the Catalan president but refusing to engage in dialogue is always a mistake

Spain: the machine that churns out separatists

On Monday Spain’s Guardia Civil painted a sorry picture in Catalonia

Caixa de Solidaritat pays 9N fine in full, posts bail for Court 13 defendants

Spain’s Court of Auditors had threatened to seize the assets of Mas, Ortega, Rigau and Homs

Over 70 MEPs ask EU parliament to urge Spain’s Electoral Commission to “respect the result of the European polls”

They call on the Bureau to ensure that Puigdemont, Comín and Junqueras receive immunity and claim their seats

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