Spanish democracy

High definition tribute to Franco

What we witnessed yesterday was Franco’s second funeral, but this time in colour

MEP slams Brussels for doing nothing to prevent misuse of voter data in Spanish polls

The Commission admits it is concerned about Spanish data protection laws but claims it is powerless to act

A familiar smell

Speak up, if you dare

Witnessing Justice in Catalonia

Once again the problem of justice in Spain is in the balance

62% of Spaniards dissatisfied with functioning of democracy in Spain

The fight against terrorism and unemployment are priority issues for Europeans, according to the Eurobarometer

A discreet authoritarian regime

One fine day, unexpectedly, Pereira realizes he is living in a dictatorship

British think tank warns Spain is Western European country with second highest level of democratic regression

The Economist Intelligence Unit says that the "repressive treatment" in Catalonia puts democracy at risk

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