Spanish justice

Double sentence

Aside from debasing the independence process, the ruling can’t resist the temptation to send out a warning to its supporters

Days that will mark the years to come

We are about to begin the week of the court ruling in an atmosphere of uncertainty and impending shock

When ordinary offences are considered terrorism

The 2015 reform of Spain’s criminal code brought in harsher penalties

Spain’s National Court refuses to probe link between Spanish intelligence and Barcelona attack mastermind

According to El País, the court is of the same opinion as the prosecutor's office and declines to request more information from the CNI or the directors of the prisons where he was held

Spain’s Public Prosecutor: the verdict in the case of the Catalan leaders will be announced before 12 October

During a lecture in Buenos Aires Javier Zaragoza stated that Germany’s justice made “a mistake” when it refused to hand over Carles Puigdemont

European Commission: Spain couldn’t request extradition of rap singer convicted for song lyrics

The Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the EU will publish the conclusions on the case on November 26

Global Spain: a finger-pointing campaign

A report by Global Spain goes as far as to suggest that Germany’s justice erred when they denied Puigdemont’s extradition

In Spain the rule of law is morphing into rule by the judges

The verdict in the case of the 2017 Catalan independence bid will be ready in early October

CIS poll: Spaniards doubt Supreme Court’s independence

Most PSOE, Podemos, Vox, ERC and JxCat voters do not trust Spain’s Supreme Court

Spain’s Supreme Court dismisses fresh appeal for release of Catalan political prisoners

The trial is over, yet the court argues that the prisoners still pose a flight risk and might reoffend if released

Choosing judges

Perhaps it would make more sense to choose those who give the orders rather than those who follow them

Spain’s Electoral Board prevents Puigdemont, Ponsatí, and Comín from running in European elections

The decision can be appealed before Spain’s Supreme and Constitutional courts

The Rosell case, a scandal which tarnishes the image of Spanish justice

It is reasonable to enquire whether Rosell's standing as president of Barça explains this outrage

European Court of Human Rights to consider appeal by Valtònyc, the rapper convicted of glorifying terrorism with his lyrics

The Mallorcan rap singer took his case against Spain to the European court for violating his freedom of expression

Observers? They can watch it on telly!

Spain’s Attorney General suggested that the international observers should follow the trial on TV

Spain’s Supreme Court before 1-O trial: "The right to vote in an unlawful consultation does not exist"

Court issues ruling that reduces 9-N sentence for Mas, Ortega and Rigau

Sànchez, Turull and Rull file new appeal with Spain’s Constitutional Court after fresh ECHR ruling

Strasbourg’s European Court of Human Rights has urged Turkey to release a Kurdish leader who was jailed two years ago

More than 120 law professors and lecturers reject the charges of rebellion and sedition against Catalonia’s political prisoners

The signatories denounce the "persistent attempts to equate the Process with the existence of violence”

Justice Marchena

I have been held in prison unjustly for more than 400 days. I will hold out as long as it takes, but they will not silence me.

"We’ll control the second chamber from behind the scenes": Cosidó’s text justifying the PP’s pact with the PSOE on the GCJ

The PP’s spokesperson in the Senate boasts of their control over the court following the changes to the judiciary

Who protects us from the judges?

How is it possible that the Spanish judicial system persecutes political dissidents?

Europe rules Otegi did not have fair trial in Spain

The Basque separatist leader and four more plaintiffs sued in Strasbourg the Spanish judges who had sent them to prison accusing them of lacking impartiality

The Spanish Supreme Court's utter discredit

The Supreme Court's about-face on mortgages raises questions about Spain's status as a full democracy

Spain: the deep state’s impunity

Below are three different stories with a common denominator: the opacity and impunity with which the state powers go about things in Spain

Spain’s Constitutional Court overturns Catalan law on cannabis clubs

The judges unanimously agreed that the content of the law infringes on the powers of the state

Spanish actor Willy Toledo to stand trial for insulting God and the Virgin Mary

The examining court considers he may be guilty of the crime of offending religious sentiment

Nazis, the judges said

Spain’s state powers have been rotted by authoritarianism

Catalan president urges Spain’s judiciary boss to resign following outrage over anti-independence chat messages

Torra: “Whatever little confidence Spain’s justice system used to inspire, is gone for good now”

UN: Spain should prosecute Franco regime criminals

"There is no impediment to try and convict those responsible"

One more blow to Spanish justice: Valtonyc

The refusal to extradite the Majorcan rap singer is a severe blow to the Spanish judicial system

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