Spanish justice

Dani Gallardo, the activist ignored by the Spanish left

The trial of the Spanish activist kicks off after one year in pre-trial detention

Tacking the ship

Conjectures against Trapero

From Operation Judas to Trapero: accusations that don’t hold water

Madrid cracks down on Catalan separatists with blown-up charges that lead to minor convictions

Court acquits Tamara Carrasco two years after being arrested on terror charges

The ruling slams the Guardia Civil-led probe and the charges filed by the Prosecution

University of Barcelona gets rap on the knuckles over statement demanding release of political prisoners

A court has ruled that it constituted a violation of the freedoms of ideology, expression and education

A contemptible ruling

The Catalan president can’t have committed judicial disobedience

Supreme Court unanimously upholds Torra’s disqualification triggering snap election

Catalonia’s High Court of Justice enacts ruling, removing Torra from office; VP Aragonès to lead interim government

The risk of a Bourbon king acting up

Public Prosecutor to probe whether Navajas was pressured into accusing Spanish government over pandemic

The Supreme Court’s deputy prosecutor claims some colleagues tried to “lean on” him while he was readying his report

An official pardon or a modicum of political decency

When granted, a full pardon will restore a modicum of political decency in Spain. But a pardon is not an amnesty, nor the key issue in the Barcelona-Madrid referendum talks that haven’t kicked off yet

Prosecutor in independence vote case requests one-year extension

The inquest, which formed the basis of the Supreme Court case, began over three and a half years ago

Fernández Díaz, Cospedal and state espionage

Spain’s former Interior Minister was involved in the PP’s Operation Kitchen against Luis Bárcenas

Former Spanish PMs and union leaders pen letter to Argentinian lawsuit judge in support of Martín Villa

The former Franco minister has been summoned to a court hearing in Argentina’s embassy in Madrid

Anti-graft Prosecutor files charges against CUP over 2017 indy referendum campaign

The special Prosecutor, who is probing an alleged misappropriation of funds, has summoned to a court hearing a member of the anti-capitalist party’s 2017 leadership

Spain’s Supreme Court and the Catalan political prisoners’ home leave

A recent judgement backing the jailed leaders’ level 3 classification is a major stumbling block for Justice Marchena

Court confirms jailed Catalan leaders’ open prison but Supreme Court has last word

The judge slams the Prosecutor for making “biased, tendentious” statements and looking to “make an example” of the Catalan political prisoners

Court broadens scope of fishing expedition against Pablo Iglesias

A probe into unsanctioned police ops is being used to launch an all-out legal onslaught against the leader of Podemos

Insulting the Crown vs basic rights

A Prosecutor with Spain’s Audiencia Nacional court is probing three Spanish politicians over statements about the royal family

There is no plan B

Spain does not contemplate an alternative plan for Catalonia, nor does it leave itself any room to manoeuvre

Court grants Prosecutor’s request, revokes Catalan political prisoners’ open prison regime

Carme Forcadell is spared because her case is being handled by a different court

Spain’s Supreme Court strikes down Forcadell’s 100.2, threatens to withdraw political prisoners’ open prison perks

An appeal by the Prosecutor would suffice to revoke all prison leave

Open prison

Placing the Catalan political prisoners under a more lax prison regime falls well within the law, but fails to quench some people’s thirst for revenge

Parlamentarianism sits in the dock

We have seen how some courts are looking to turn the Parliamentary Board into a censoring body and we can’t allow that

The fight against the pandemic cannot hang on a court’s decision

The ruling that has overturned Lleida’s lockdown means the Catalan government needs a legal umbrella to impose selective quarantines

Hong Kong, China and Spain

Spain’s Constitutional Court unanimously denies sentence suspension request in case of Catalan political prisoners

The leaders of the 2017 independence referendum had asked to be released until the Constitutional Court hands down a decision following their appeal

Spain’s justice system targets the Catalan language

It is absurd for a court of law to pass judgement on matters that pertain to linguistics

President Torra faces Spain’s Supreme Court

Former PM Mariano Rajoy determined the outcome of the last election in Catalonia and the Supreme Court will decide the next one

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