Spanish justice

There is no plan B

Spain does not contemplate an alternative plan for Catalonia, nor does it leave itself any room to manoeuvre

Court grants Prosecutor’s request, revokes Catalan political prisoners’ open prison regime

Carme Forcadell is spared because her case is being handled by a different court

Spain’s Supreme Court strikes down Forcadell’s 100.2, threatens to withdraw political prisoners’ open prison perks

An appeal by the Prosecutor would suffice to revoke all prison leave

Open prison

Placing the Catalan political prisoners under a more lax prison regime falls well within the law, but fails to quench some people’s thirst for revenge

Parlamentarianism sits in the dock

We have seen how some courts are looking to turn the Parliamentary Board into a censoring body and we can’t allow that

The fight against the pandemic cannot hang on a court’s decision

The ruling that has overturned Lleida’s lockdown means the Catalan government needs a legal umbrella to impose selective quarantines

Hong Kong, China and Spain

Spain’s Constitutional Court unanimously denies sentence suspension request in case of Catalan political prisoners

The leaders of the 2017 independence referendum had asked to be released until the Constitutional Court hands down a decision following their appeal

Spain’s justice system targets the Catalan language

It is absurd for a court of law to pass judgement on matters that pertain to linguistics

President Torra faces Spain’s Supreme Court

Former PM Mariano Rajoy determined the outcome of the last election in Catalonia and the Supreme Court will decide the next one

Trapero’s case: egg on the Prosecutor’s face

Spain’s Public Prosecutor has dropped all rebellion charges and would now accept a conviction for disobedience

Spain’s Supreme Court forbids “unofficial flags” on public buildings

A ruling has struck down the Council of Tenerife’s decision to fly the tricolour flag of the Canary Islands used by separatist groups

Public Prosecutor files appeal against Joaquim Forn’s work release

The Prosecutor’s Office claims Forn has effectively been granted level 3 status “on the sly” and that the Catalan leader hasn’t learnt to “respect the law”

Cobos, Ceña: men of honour

Why has the Spanish government waited until now to take action against De los Cobos?

Spain’s Interior Minister sacks officer who headed police op against 2017 Catalan indy vote

The reason could be a Guardia Civil report that advised against allowing the demonstration for women’s rights staged in Madrid on March 8

European Court of Justice rules for Valtònyc

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) holds that the criminal code cannot be applied retroactively

Prosecutor also opposes Dolors Bassa’s prison leave to look after her mother

The Public Prosecutor claims it constitutes a “de-facto third grade”, as with the other political prisoners

Public Prosecutor appeals Jordi Cuixart's second prison leave, insists grassroots leader “shows no regret”

Cuixart will be unable to leave prison until the Provincial Court of Barcelona issues its final judgement

The eleven euros

They are looking to press charges of misuse of public funds against president Puigdemont’s chief of staff over a motorway toll payment

The judicialisation of the Catalan conflict is a major hurdle

We must be aware that the judiciary will attempt to wreck any talks between Catalonia and the State

Catalonia’s High Court launches new case against president Torra over banner hung in support of political prisoners and exiles

The court believes the Catalan leader might have committed a crime of disobedience when it took him over one week to have the banner removed in September last year

Nicolás García: "Sedition only makes sense as a way to punish dissent"

An interview with the Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Castilla-La Mancha

UN cautions Spain against “excessive use” of police force, curtailing freedom

Venezuela asks the Spanish authorities to start “a constructive dialogue with the people of Catalonia”

Two CC judges slam Supreme Court’s decision to hold MP Jordi Sànchez on remand

Last week Spain’s Constitutional Court upheld the Supreme Court’s decisions taken during the pre-trial phase

Antoni Bassas’ analysis: “A political trial against the Catalan police force”

"On 17 August 2017, when Major Trapero reported to Rajoy, Puigdemont and Soraya, the Vice President was stunned: they’d acted like the police force of an independent country. A Mossos commander remarked: «One day they’ll make us pay for this». That day has come"

Spain’s Supreme Court ignores European justice by refusing to release Junqueras from prison and preventing him from being an MEP

According to Spain’s Supreme Court, the ERC leader is barred from office and has no parliamentary immunity

A victory for European values

The decision by the CJEU benefits not only Catalan independentists but all European citizens

AI: Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez must be released immediately, their conviction reversed

The NGO warns that the ruling in the case of the Catalan leaders threatens the right to peaceful protest but admits the trial was not “unfair”

A dangerous job

The job of president of Catalonia is a dangerous one

International Trial Watch denounces a "major violation" of rights during the trial of the Catalan leaders

ITW warns of the criminalization of the right to protest and criticizes the Spanish court for ignoring a UN report

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