Spanish monarchy

PM Sánchez had no bearing on former king’s “departure”, didn’t approve of the idea

That is what he told his cabinet on 4 August, after king Juan Carlos went “missing”

The king of Spain pays tribute to Juníper Serra

King Felipe’s visit to Petra is as detrimental to Spain as his dad’s money counter

Insulting the Crown vs basic rights

A Prosecutor with Spain’s Audiencia Nacional court is probing three Spanish politicians over statements about the royal family

Looking for the king emeritus

The fall into disgrace of the Spanish Transition king marks the end of an era

Clench your teeth...

Aversion to reform and a lack of accountability tend to exacerbate popular discontent

The reliable king, the victimised king, the king who hasn’t escaped

The Spanish press, both on the right and the left, have been sugaring the pill of Juan Carlos’ latest move.

A referendum is of the essence

It is unrealistic to assume that the downfall of his father will leave King Felipe unscathed

Torra won’t attend Spain’s regional summit, requests bilateral meeting with PM Sánchez

The Catalan president emphasises that he asked to join the event remotely and claims “this is no time for photo ops”

Indignation is the driving force

Follow the money

Fear and trembling

The king is in check

I reckon that the Spanish king is in check at the moment. But not in checkmate

Letting the monarchy fall

Despite the embarrassment, the Spanish monarchy will stay put

“Here we go, here we go”?

Operation Save the Crown