Spanish police violence

Billy the Kid, the torturer who retired with a golden handshake

The former Spanish police office, who was never held to account for his crimes, has died

The day before the Catalan indy vote high-ranking Spanish police selected the polling stations they would target

Another four Spanish police inspectors contradicted the account of Spain’s former junior minister for Security, José Antonio Nieto

Spanish police commanders on 1 October: “We were ordered to act before the polling stations opened”

Contradicting former Secretary of State for Security José Antonio Nieto, the high-ranking officers point to a police commissioner with the callsign "Marte" as the individual who ordered them to charge voters

Another four Spanish officers indicted over riot police charges in Barcelona during 2017 independence vote

Up to 55 Spanish police, including eight senior officers, have been prosecuted as a result of their actions in the Catalan capital

ID’d officer who fired rubber bullet blinding Catalan referendum voter in one eye

An expert’s report has established the identity of the Spanish police officer who wounded Roger Español in the eye with a rubber bullet

Two Scotland Yard police chiefs see no evidence of violence during the 20 September 2017 protest, but rather a "peaceful crowd"

The report commissioned by one of the jailed pro-independence leaders, Jordi Cuixart, also says referendum day saw both "successful" operations and the "indiscriminate use of force"

Video footage proves Spanish police used batons and shields in Sant Cebrià on referendum day

Spanish police officers: "hostility was the basic rule during the two hours" of their action in the town

Striking and punching voters: four more officers probed over police baton charges on Oct 1st

According to the Barcelona City Council, this is now the biggest case of police violence, with 33 people being investigated

A Spanish police inspector did not see "excesses" in the 1-O police baton charges in Barcelona

The City Council, which is acting as the people's plaintiff, will request to probe at least an additional 24 officers

Two ERC MPs report Spanish policeman for insulting them outside Via Laietana police station

MPs Jové and Díaz stress that CCTV footage should help to identify the officer

Catalan photojournalist Jordi Borràs beaten by Spanish policeman

El País reports that Internal Affairs has launched a probe but the officer involved has not been suspended

Amnesty International: prosecutor's office is obstructing probe into Spanish police brutality on 1-O

AI criticizes Spain’s Ministry of the Interior’s for its lack of interes

"They punched us and hit us with barstools": a group of Spanish policemen started a drunken bar brawl

"They were shouting ‘speak Spanish or don’t speak at all’", a waiter told ARA

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