Spanish Supreme Court

Let them rot in jail

Efforts to punish independence is beginning to take an unbearable toll on Spanish democracy


The Supreme Court's decision means a second sentence for political prisoners

Bassa defends dialogue before returning to prison while Forcadell urges persistence

Dozens of people have supported the two prisoners outside the prisons of Puig de les Basses and Wad-Ras

Independence movement blames the Supreme Court of "revenge" and reinforces the claim for amnesty

PP and Ciudadanos defend the Court's decision, and ask the Spanish government not to "avoid" it

Supreme Court revokes political prisoners' open prison regime

Judge Marchena charges against the Catalan prison administration

Supreme Court recognizes refugees' right to seek asylum in Spanish embassies

Stop Mare Mortum celebrates the opening of a legal way of entry

EDICIÓ PAPER 14/01/2021

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