Spanish trial

Referendum trial observers: Prosecutor’s questions that “criminalise” demonstrations are “worrying”

International Trial Watch decries last Wednesday’s drawn-out court session and the fact that a calendar for the trial has not been made public

Former president of the Catalan National Assembly refutes the prosecutor's narrative of tumultuous demonstrations

Jordi Sànchez debunks claims of 'violence' in pro-independence marches

Catalan Ex-Minister Bassa in court: "Independence was proposed as something to be negotiated"

Unlike Junqueras and Romeva, she was willing to reply to questions from Prosecutor and State Attorneys

Former Catalan minister Rull in court: "a referendum is possible under the Spanish Constitution"

Rull insisted that not one cent of public funds was spent on the 2017 independence referendum and that he did not know about the procurement of ballot boxes

Former MEP Romeva, on trial in Spain: "I consider myself a political prisoner"

The former Catalan Foreign Minister only replied to questions from his lawyer

The former Catalan minister Turull’s harsh replies to the Spanish public prosecutor

The former Catalan minister calls the prosecutor’s account of the violence "delusional"

Dominique Nogueres: "It seems as if the outcome of the trial has already been decided"

An interview with the vice-president of a French human rights group (Ligue des Droits de l'Homme) and an international observer of the 1-O trial

Observers of the 1-O trial warn that the prosecutor is blaming the defendants for "the violence perpetrated by the Spanish police"

The International Trial Watch platform has presented the conclusions of the individuals who attended the first week of the trial

The seven Spanish police vehicles "razed" outside the Ministry and other doubts arising from the prosecution's cross-examination of Forn

The Prosecutor’s Office incorrectly translated a Catalan police report

The prosecutor chooses revenge over the truth

Spanish public prosecutor has woven a narrative that bears little resemblance with October 2017

There is no transparency on television: it is censorship

The Supreme Court's broadcast does not offer any guarantee of the democratic quality of the trial

Junqueras’ lawyer calls for his release, claims all the rights enshrined in the Constitution have been violated

The trial has begun by looking towards Europe

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