L'estelada  va tenir tot el protagonisme en una Diada històrica.

47.7% of Catalans want independence, 42.4% reject it

For the first time in recent years a CEO opinion poll indicates that independence enjoys a majority support in Catalonia, even though unionists had a seven-point lead only one year ago.

El Tribunal de Comptes reclama a la Seguretat Social i les entitats financeres que controlin si els pensionistes encara són vius.

In 2014 nearly 30,000 people kept being paid their pension after death

Spain’s Court of Accounts warns that Social Security checks are inadequate: the cost of pension payments to deceased individuals amounts to €350m per year

Fátima Báñez és la ministra d’Ocupació i Seguretat Social del govern popular des del 2011.

Spanish government takes €1 bn more from pension reserve fund

With this decision, the pension fund will have lost €9.7 billion in a month

Cristóbal Montoro, ministre d'Hisenda, s'ha negat reiteradament a plantejar un nou model de finançament.

Spain’s regional funding system continued to discriminate against Catalonia in 2014

Catalonia is third revenue contributor, but drops to tenth place in funds received

El comissari Villarejo tapant-se la cara el dia que va anar a declarar als jutjats.

Judge asks Spanish authorities to provide information on Villarejo’s trips to set up Operation Catalonia

The judge wants to know the role of the superintendent: when he worked as a civil servant and when as an "undercover agent"

Consumada la centralització: l’Estat assignarà el 0,7% de l’IRPF

Catalan government alleges that Spain infringes on its powers with subsidies for social welfare programs

The Catalan authorities insist income tax donation of 0.7% for social purposes must be accounted for by region, as Spain’s TC and Supreme Court have ruled on several occasions

La sobirania del poble espanyol recau en el Congrés dels Diputats, en teoria, segons la Constitució espanyola.

The hidden power that governs Spain

A constellation of State technocrats permeates the entire administration to the point of blocking it when it suits them

Neus Munté va ser nomenada portaveu del Govern el juny passat, i guanyarà pes la legislatura vinent.

Munté on the Prosecutor’s decision not to pursue the case: “Did anyone expect otherwise? I didn’t”.

The Catalan government’s spokesperson remarked that “in a truly democratic country” Spain’s Home Secretary “would have stepped down a long time ago”

El president Puigdemont, durant la declaració institucional de condol per la mort de Muriel Casals / CRISTINA CALDERER

Puigdemont: “France’s pain is also Catalonia’s”

Catalan political leaders from all parties deplored the massacre and showed their solidarity with the victims on social networks


Daniel de Alfonso i Jorge Fernández Díaz, en dues fotos d'arxiu

You in the Vatican, me in court

The former director of Catalonia’s Anti-Fraud Office, judge Daniel de Alfonso, is back in court. Back on the bench, to be precise. And Spain’s hitherto acting Home Secretary, Jorge Fernández, is a likely candidate to become the next Spanish ambassador to the Vatican City

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01. May fent una reverència a la reina ahir al Palau de Buckingham. 02. Cameron dient adéu en família.

July 16: praise for David Cameron

There is much you might find disagreeable about Cameron. But there are several admirable things about him

La mort d’un torero en directe reobre el debat de l’horari infantil

July 15: People before bullfighters

After the crash of the Germanwings flight that took off from Barcelona, there were also derisive tweets: "let's not get carried away —after all, those on the plane were Catalans, not people"

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Daniel Alfonso i Jorge Fernández Díaz

July 8th: a shocking lack of outrage

The most shocking aspect of the Fernández Díaz tapes is the lack of outrage

PSOE to demand parliamentary probe into Operation Catalonia

Spain’s socialist party urges the Spanish parliament to investigate whether the State is waging a “dirty war” on Catalan separatists

Spain’s Constitutional Court won’t give the Catalan process a break

Last Thursday the Spanish Constitutional Court (TC) ruled against Catalonia’s statehood structures, which the Catalan government had been focusing on

“Operation Catalonia” hushed up by Madrid papers

Only El País mentions the existence of a “patriotic” police unit

Votació al Parlament Europeu. Reuters

Brexit, the English language and us

To what extent will Brexit change the language balance in the EU?

Responses to Brexit, and the Groucho Principle

Without the massive —and completely shambolic— immigrant influx through Greece, perhaps Brexit would not have triumphed.

Rajoy, No to Scotland and the vote of fear

Rajoy's reaction: "Scotland has no power to negotiate with the EU and the Spanish government opposes it"

Fernández Díaz, atenent els mitjans a l'entrada de la panificadora

Fernández Díaz, Spain’s anti-system minister

It is surprising that minister Fernández wasn’t sacked on the spot once the recordings of his conversations were made public

El ministre Jorge Fernández Díaz en l’inici de la campanya.


The proof of dirty war against Catalonia’s independence movement

The conversations made public between Fernández Díaz and Daniel de Alfonso, Director of Catalonia’s Anti-Fraud Office prove the use of the Spanish police to fabricate evidence against Catalan politicians