Ada Colau a la Plaça del Mercat de la Barceloneta /ACN

Colau on ANC’s Diada event: "There are more reasons to attend than not to"

The Mayor of Barcelona believes that, despite her discrepancies with the independence roadmap, it is important to support Catalan institutions

Higini Cierco surt de la sala després de declarar davant la Batlle / B.N.

Andorra bank accuses Spain of blackmail to harm Mas and Junqueras

Andorra bank BPA admits that it was pressured into leaking details about the Pujol family

La presidenta del Parlament, Carme Forcadell, després de la reunió de la mesa

Speaker Forcadell is served writ warning her about potential penalties

The Speaker of the Catalan parliament tweets: “democratic countries settle political conflicts through political dialogue”


Sànchez: “O acabem  amb el procés o el procés acabarà amb nosaltres”

Sànchez: “Either we put an end to the process or the process will be the end of us”

The president of the grassroots group Catalan National Assembly (ANC, in Catalan), spoke about the need for Catalonia to hold an independence referendum soon

ANC gearing up to revive a Diada that's starting at half throttle

The grassroots group admits that the campaign will begin later, but assumes that it will be a success.

La consellera de Presidència, en roda de premsa

Government calls for "unified and forceful" demonstrations if TC disqualifies Forcadell

Spokesperson Neus Munté says that those abroad "do not understand the Spanish government's attitude of stonewall reluctance, lack of understanding, zero dialogue, and persecution of a democratic process"

ANC, Òmnium to hold rallies on National Day in response to Madrid’s attacks

Catalan grassroots groups aim to show that everything is “all set” for independence

Anyades ‘low cost’

Farmers in Castile get three times more EU aid than in Catalonia

In 2013 Catalonia’s accounts deficit with the EU rose to €1,412m

Albert Rivera durant la seva intervenció

From vetoing Rajoy to a conditional Yes: Rivera’s U-turn in 55 days

Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera does an about-face after his public veto on PP leader Mariano Rajoy on June 16

El ple del Tribunal Constitucional ja està reunit des de dos quarts de cinc de la tarda per suspendre la declaració de ruptura / ACN

Catalonia’s share of TC budget exceeds cost of Catalan embassies

The Spanish State spent €3.4m of tax revenue raised in Catalonia to fund Spain’s Constitutional Court (TC) while €1,306.4m went to defence

El líder de Ciutadans, Albert Rivera, durant la compareixença de premsa posterior a la reunió amb el president del govern espanyol en funcions, Mariano Rajoy.

Ciudadanos’ about-face: from vetoing the old PP to becoming its preferred partner

Albert Rivera makes another U-turn, keeps disregarding his own election vows

El TC no veu discriminació en els acomiadaments a més grans de 55 anys

August 3rd: Spain’s Constitutional Court is not as vocal as the Spanish government

The fencing match with Catalan institutions takes place on a stage, with an audience, and the State knows that there are certain images that it cannot allow

Carme Forcadell, a la foto en l’últim ple del Parlament, va ser escollida diputada i presidenta de la cambra després de presidir l’ANC.

Five keys to the TC's ruling on Parliament

Spain’s Constitutional Court (TC) suspends breakaway plan, unanimously agrees to hear the parties before taking coercive measures

La diputada de la CUP Anna Gabriel durant l'entrevista a 'El matí de Catalunya Ràdio'

Separatists prepare to ignore Constitutional Court

CUP’s Anna Gabriel warns if Forcadell is impeached Catalan process will have reached "point of no return"; Minister Neus Munté stresses government's commitment to mandate arising from 27-S polls.

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JxSí i la CUP han registrat al Parlament la segona llei de ruptura

JxSí, CUP wrap up second breakaway law: Catalonia’s Treasury bill

Pro-independence groups take "the first step towards building a future Catalan Treasury" in a week marked by clash with Spain’s Constitutional Court

Forcadell: Spanish government warnings "restrict the freedom" of Parliament

Speaker reiterates that she acted in accordance with Parliamentary rules

Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría va dir que Rajoy manté contactes “discrets i constants” per a una eventual investidura.

Spanish government threatens Forcadell, Puigdemont in attempt to thwart independence

The Spanish vice president appeals to the Constitutional Court in order to impeach or penalise the Catalan leaders, if they take further action. Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría warns that Speaker Forcadell “may have already committed an offence”. The Court will hold an emergency session on Monday.

L'extresorer Luis Bárcenas, divendres a l'Audiència Nacional. EFE

PP’s indictment for evidence destruction throws hurdle in Rajoy’s path

Rajoy’s PP becomes the first political party to be tried in court, accused of erasing the hard disks in Bárcenas' computers

El Parlament, en el moment de votar les conclusions de la comissió del procés constituent

JxSí, CUP ratify constituent process conclusions and defy Court

Ciudadanos and the PP left the chamber so as not to participate in the vote, while PSC MPs stayed but refrained from voting. The conclusions were approved with the two pro-independence groups in favor and CSQP against.

La consellera de Governació, Meritxell Borràs, en roda de premsa / ACN

“Postal voting does not guarantee the right of expats to vote”: new government push for electronic voting

Governance Minister Meritxell Borràs announces the approval of the preliminary draft of the bill that will regulate online voting in the next Catalan elections

Josep Rull, a la sortida de la reunió a Tortosa

Catalonia will take Adif to court to force investment in Rodalies

Josep Rull, Minister for Territory and Sustainability, says the current situation is "unacceptable" and signs joint declaration by municipalities.

L’expresident de la Generalitat Artur Mas i l’actual vicepresident del Govern, Oriol Junqueras.

Andorra to probe whether Spain blackmailed bank to undermine Catalan indy process

BPA's main shareholder reported being pressured into leaking data on Mas, Junqueras, and Pujol

N’hi ha prou?

Is it enough?

The political agreement between Spain’s Partido Popular and Ciudadanos has one glaring omission: it does not provide any solutions to the Catalan problem

August 17: Specialists in useless pacts

Ciudadanos is fast becoming the Spanish political party that specialises in useless pacts. Or in theatrical pacts, if you like


UN 2013 FLUIX  Els hotelers de Barcelona han notat una caiguda de la demanda.

Barcelona according to Japanese tourists

The city from before the 1992 Olympics and the "Get beautiful" campaign is very different from today's Barcelona

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Joaquim Rodríguez, al podi de la Vuelta diumenge a Madrid

Purito Rodríguez is Spanish --it says so on his ID

TV3 committed an unforgivable sin: Joaquim Purito Rodríguez, a member of Spain’s cycling team for the Rio Olympics, was identified using a Catalan flag.

Rajoy va anar a la Zarzuela com a líder del PP, però va fer les declaracions al Palau de la Moncloa

The dangerous trend towards the return of the two Spains

The same leaders who don't know how to negotiate among themselves to form a government also don't know how to reach an agreement with Catalonia

Montoro no ha aclarit encara com fer que RTVE resolgui el dèficit estructural que té, superior als 100 milions d’euros.

Fish or fishing rods?

In the case of the Catalan fiscal deficit, neither is it destined for the poorest territories nor are they supported by the richest

August 12: “unilateral” is an offputting adjective

It means having it your way, as if you wore earmuffs and paid no notice to what others might say, uncompromisingly

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Motius per a l’optimisme

Reasons for optimism

In Catalonia the electorate is showing signs of maturity and, therefore, it might be better prepared for independence than we tend to think

Carme Forcadell el dia que va prendre possessió del càrrec de presidenta del Parlament / PERE VIRGILI


The Parliament's decision: politics vs. courts of law

Sooner or later, whether through negotiation or along the journey towards disconnection that has now begun, the end result will be a referendum

El Parlament, en el moment de votar les conclusions de la comissió del procés constituent

Meanwhile, in Catalonia ...

The pro-independence majority in the Catalan parliament has broken away from the Spanish project and renounced any participation in the country’s regeneration

Rajoy només va assistir al cara a cara entre Montoro i Sánchez al Congrés pels pressupostos generals per al 2015.

Why is Catalonia’s fiscal deficit so irksome?

Borrell is so blatantly wrong that I can't believe that he could be confused

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Daniel de Alfonso i Jorge Fernández Díaz, en dues fotos d'arxiu

You in the Vatican, me in court

The former director of Catalonia’s Anti-Fraud Office, judge Daniel de Alfonso, is back in court. Back on the bench, to be precise. And Spain’s hitherto acting Home Secretary, Jorge Fernández, is a likely candidate to become the next Spanish ambassador to the Vatican City

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01. May fent una reverència a la reina ahir al Palau de Buckingham. 02. Cameron dient adéu en família.

July 16: praise for David Cameron

There is much you might find disagreeable about Cameron. But there are several admirable things about him

La mort d’un torero en directe reobre el debat de l’horari infantil

July 15: People before bullfighters

After the crash of the Germanwings flight that took off from Barcelona, there were also derisive tweets: "let's not get carried away —after all, those on the plane were Catalans, not people"

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Daniel Alfonso i Jorge Fernández Díaz

July 8th: a shocking lack of outrage

The most shocking aspect of the Fernández Díaz tapes is the lack of outrage

PSOE to demand parliamentary probe into Operation Catalonia

Spain’s socialist party urges the Spanish parliament to investigate whether the State is waging a “dirty war” on Catalan separatists

Spain’s Constitutional Court won’t give the Catalan process a break

Last Thursday the Spanish Constitutional Court (TC) ruled against Catalonia’s statehood structures, which the Catalan government had been focusing on

“Operation Catalonia” hushed up by Madrid papers

Only El País mentions the existence of a “patriotic” police unit

Votació al Parlament Europeu. Reuters

Brexit, the English language and us

To what extent will Brexit change the language balance in the EU?

Responses to Brexit, and the Groucho Principle

Without the massive —and completely shambolic— immigrant influx through Greece, perhaps Brexit would not have triumphed.

Rajoy, No to Scotland and the vote of fear

Rajoy's reaction: "Scotland has no power to negotiate with the EU and the Spanish government opposes it"

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