Europa contra ella mateixa

Europe against itself

While London and Brussels are yet to engage in Brexit talks and do not seem in any hurry to discuss Britain’s breakaway, Europe’s political map might change soon in Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, France and Germany


Grassroots groups call for rally to support Forcadell on court hearing day

The ANC, Òmnium, and the AMI are proposing that a delegation of elected officials accompany the Speaker of the House to court. They will also call for demonstrations the day before at City Hall plazas.

El Govern ha fixat el referèndum per a la tardor  del 2017.

JxSí, CUP considering two-step disconnection

Only the part of transition law needed to hold referendum would take effect at first

01. La vicepresidenta Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría. 02. El president de la Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont.

Talks falter before they start

Puigdemont asks Rajoy for negotiations without preconditions and based on bilateralism, while Santamaría declares those in favour of independence must undertake constitutional reform if they wish to hold a referendum

Els canvis en el vot a l’exterior que va introduir el govern espanyol el 2011 han desincentivat la participació.

Electronic voting law for Catalans abroad passes first parliament test

Amendments proposed by the Partido Popular and Ciudadanos, arguing that the law oversteps Catalonia’s powers and that it would be used for an independence referendum, are rejected

El director general de difusió, Ignasi Genovès, i la consellera de la Presidència, Neus Munté, durant l'acte de presentació de la campanya sobre la reforma horària

Catalan government launches campaign to promote benefits of timetable reform

The Minister of the Presidency, Neus Munté, expects that changes in working hours could begin to be introduced in September 2018

Un avió s'enlaira des de l'Aeroport de Barcelona.

Barcelona to get direct flight to Seoul next year

Korean Air will fly between both cities three times a week

Jordi Savall, Sol Daurella, JOsep Ramoneda, Anna Veiga i Xavi Hernández

Sol Daurella, Xavi Hernández and Jordi Savall, among Catalonia’s 39 newly-appointed “ambassadors”

All three have joined Diplocat’s new Advisory Council and they will put their international experience to work for the promotion of Catalonia abroad

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Últims preparatius per al Gran Recapte del 2016, a Barcelona

Starting pistol fired for Catalonia’s Gran Recapte with 26K volunteers on the ready

Catalonia’s 8th nation-wide charity food collection began on Friday morning; its organisers hope to beat last year’s mark of 4,600 tonnes

Protesta a la plaça Sant Jaume pel cas de pobresa energètica de Reus que va acabar provocant la mort en un incendi causat per una espelma a una dona de 81 anys a qui havien tallar la llum

Catalan government confirms it will proceed against Gas Natural for cutting off electricity to the woman who died in Reus

The government confirmed that Gas Natural broke the law, labelling the case as "extremely serious". There are currently 115 cases pending against several utility companies and 25 fines have been imposed.

Canvi d'estratègia del govern de Rajoy amb Catalunya: noves cares i noves formes, inclòs un despatx a Barcelona per a la vicepresidenta per contrarestar el relat independentista

Madrid seeks to reverse independence process by boosting its presence in Catalonia

The Catalan government considers Sáenz de Santamaría's offer of dialogue to be “all talk", and calls for halt to judicial challenges

Puigdemont acusa l’Estat de “negligir”  en els seus deures respecte a Catalunya

President Puigdemont accuses Spain of "neglecting" its duties towards Catalonia

The Catalan president highlighted the role of Catalan businesses in the Spanish economy, while criticizing Madrid’s "monitoring" of his government’s actions abroad

L’Estat només donarà 70 M€ més  al Govern tot i la millora econòmica

Madrid to increase Catalan government budget by just €70m in 2017 despite positive economic outlook

The Catalan government will ignore the figure provided by the Treasury and will draft a budget based on its own estimates

Una Catalunya sense barreres

A Catalonia without obstacles

Catalonia’s Ministry of Territory is looking for a new way to finance the motorways to put a stop to the grievances about toll roads

Milers de persones clamen contra la judicialització del procés: "No permetrem que ataquin els nostres càrrecs electes"

Catalonia’s local governments explore joint gesture against legal actions

Independence organizations are considering ways of making demonstrations "permanent"

Matteo Renzi, en anunciar la seva dimissió

The passion of Matteo Renzi

The referendum in Italy turned out to be a massive vote against one thousand days of government


Parliament conditions roadmap on a referendum

The only asset that Catalonia has to win this battle is the mobilization of the people and a broad social consensus, which nowadays is centered around the referendum and the right to decide

El president Puigdemont amb el vicepresident Junqueras, aquest dimarts al Palau de la Generalitat / PERE VIRGILI

2017 budget earmarks €5.8m for independence referendum

Catalan government has also included a hidden item within the contingency funds in anticipation of a possible legal challenge to the explicit chapter

Francesc Homs: “Sabem què cal fer si som inhabilitats, però ens hem de reservar l’estratègia”

Francesc Homs: “We know what has to be done if we’re banned, but it’s best to keep our strategy close to the chest”

Francesc Homs is one step away from being tried by the Supreme Court for his involvement in the unofficial 2014 independence referendum. He doesn’t believe Rajoy’s gestures and avoids answering what he would do the day after a ban, which he takes as a done deal, although he has got it worked out.

Operació Catalunya 2

Operation Catalonia 2

PP has seen a slight personnel change with the departure of Fernández Diaz and the arrival of Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría to the “Catalan issue”, as independence is known in Madrid

Els reis baixen les escales del Congrés / EFE

Political short-sightedness reigns at the inaugural session of the Spanish parliament

The Spanish parliamentary session officially started yesterday with military pomp on the streets and political short-sightedness in the chamber

Un dels reptes de la Hisenda pròpia és desenvolupar el sistema informàtic que assumeixi la gestió de tots els impostos que ara gestiona l’Estat.

Government tests Catalan Treasury software with new taxes

The new computer programme will also be expected to handle the country’s other taxes in the event of secession

Els ciutadans estan cridats a les urnes el proper 27-S / ACN

The overseas vote, Catalonia’s second city

How can we encourage voters abroad to go to the polls?

Institut La Salle de Gràcia ALBERT GEA / REUTERS

9-N, two years after those photos at the polls

On a day like today two years ago, over two million three hundred thousand Catalans went to vote.

El nou president de l'ANC, Jordi Sànchez, amb la presidenta sortint, Carme Forcadell / CÈLIA ATSET

Grassroots groups call for unity in face of "attacks" from Spain

In the same week that marks the second anniversary of the 9-N consultation, pro-independence organizations are once again calling for unity. This time, however, to stand up to Madrid’s "systematic legal attacks".

Catalonia’s long list of grievances against Spain’s Public Works Ministry

Last week Catalonia’s Chamber of Commerce unveiled a shocking report which shows that in 2015 Catalonia only received 9.9 per cent of Spain’s total investment budget, an all-time low since 1997



Political short-sightedness reigns at the inaugural session of the Spanish parliament

The Spanish political climate is clearly a long way off of initiating a second Transition that will allow for real change, not only with regard to Catalonia, but in relation to Spain as a whole

"Sensitivity towards Catalonia"

Catalonia is not a special-needs student. It is the most European nation within Spain, and represents 25% of its exports

El clam "in-inde-independència", al 'flashmob' de plaça Catalunya

Unappealing Spain

Support for independence has grown in parallel with the deterioration of the Spanish project

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A bitter term with a weak government and an ensnared PSOE

The first thing that became apparent is that the PP will face many difficulties in transforming itself into the conciliatory party

27/10: Would Forcadell resign in France?

I am convinced that in France, to choose the most politically centralised example, things would never have got to this point

'When they treat you like a criminal’

"The Catalan claim —which comes after exhausting every possible pact— is a question of dignity, of common sense and of present and future well-being”

The persistent reality of foreign investment in Catalonia

In the worst years of the recession and at the heights of enthusiasm for the independence process, Catalonia has gone from attracting a quarter of the total foreign investment arriving in Spain to attracting almost a third

Spanish press ignores Puigdemont's Madrid trip, focuses on Trump instead

Only La Razón’s editorial deals with the Catalan president's event, stressing that no Spanish ministers were in attendance

Pablo Casado, a Génova / EFE

PP to Puigdemont’s proposal for a negotiated referendum: "no, no and no"

Casado reiterates that the PP will continue to fight the independence ‘process’ in court: "this is not a caretaker state"

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