La seu del Tribunal Constitucional, a Madrid.

Spain’s Constitutional Court lifts suspension on Catalonia’s vacant flat tax

The Catalan law remained suspended since last May

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El PP i Ciutadans volien recuperar 2.800 milions no pagats en l’amnistia fiscal, però és difícil que Montoro els obtingui.

Two out of three Catalans consider Spanish state’s policies recentralising and harmful

According to a survey by Catalonia’s Centre d'Estudis d'Opinió (Centre for Opinion Studies), 60% of Catalans believe that the taxes paid by Catalonia to the state are “excessive” with respect to the services that it receives.

Fernández Díaz considera “lamentable” que la primera comissió d’investigació  al Congrés en 12 anys sigui contra el ministeri de l’Interior.

Spanish parliament corners Fernández Díaz for Operation Catalonia

All parties except the PP back launching probe into Interior Ministry maneuvers

L’exalcalde de Barcelona Xavier Trias s’ha querellat contra el diari ‘El Mundo’ i Fernández Díaz.

Reports, fake accounts, and other attacks against the independence process

Since 2012, Spain has sought out scandals involving Catalan pro-independence leaders

Artur Mas i Joana Ortega, la nit del 9 de novembre del 2014, explicant els resultats de la consulta.

Rajoy proposed a deal in return for not going to court over 9-N

On the condition that Catalan president Artur Mas did not make a public appearance on polling night

El Prat és el primer aeroport en recepció de viatgers internacionals que arriben amb una companyia ‘low cost’ a Espanya, segons el ministeri d’Indústria i Turisme.

Catalonia accounts for almost a third of "low-cost" travelers in Spain

65% of passengers arriving in El Prat through August came on cheap flights

Francesc Homs, entrant al Tribunal Suprem per declarar pel 9-N

The right to decide, on trial

Bringing politicians to court, banning them from holding public office and finding them guilty will achieve nothing. Others will take their place

La consellera de Presidència, Neus Munté, a l'acte institucional de la Diada a Madrid

Catalan Minister Neus Munté denounces "persecution of the democratic spirit" by Spanish government during Madrid visit

The Minister for the Presidency stressed the Catalan government's support for Homs and Forcadell at an institutional event held in Madrid on occasion of the Diada, Catalonia’s National Holiday.

 Els accessos ferroviaris milloraran la competitivitat del port de Barcelona.

Freight traffic at Barcelona Port grew by 6.5% through August

Number of cruise ship passengers up 7%

Romeva ahir al Congrés dels EUA amb el delegat del Govern a Washington, Andrew Davis.

Catalan Foreign Minister travels to USA to explain independence process to Congressmen

The Catalan Minister will give two talks on immigration management

Mariano Rajoy, a la reunió plenària del PP al Congrés, aquest dilluns / EFE

Rajoy ignores Catalonia’s claims in first speech after Diada rally

Acting Spanish President addresses plenary of the PP in Madrid’s parliament, focuses on vote of confidence

Jorge Fernández Díaz en una peça informativa de TVE

TVE News Oversight Council denounces "threats" and "a purge" against editor

The journalist refused to sign off on a piece about the wiretaps on Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz

Carme Forcadell el dia que va prendre possessió del càrrec de presidenta del Parlament / PERE VIRGILI

Spain’s Constitutional Court won’t take action against Forcadell before ruling on its own reform

The Spanish Constitutional Court is pondering over the law that would allow it to impeach Carme Forcadell, the Speaker of the Catalan Parliament

La multitud a la zona de l'Arc de Triomf, a Barcelona, una hora abans de la manifestació de la Diada

Unity and ballots, the message of the fifth mass Diada

The Catalan independence movement again took to the streets to assert its validity

 El Govern afronta aquesta tardor una fase decisiva per culminar el procés.

Catalan government exploring legal avenues to validate independence via the ballot box

The Cabinet is studying the most secure legal mechanisms to complete the independence process in the summer of 2017

Cap altre aeroport espanyol té vol directe amb San Francisco actualment.

Barcelona to have a direct flight to Silicon Valley for the first time

The low-cost carrier Norwegian Airlines to fly from Barcelona to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami and New York from this summer and to open a regional hub in El Prat airport

El ministre de l'Interior, Jorge Fernández Díaz / EFE

Interior Ministry applies Basque recipe against Catalan independence process

They think that the methods used against ETA in the Basque Country could prove useful in a case as different as that of Catalonia

El Govern completa l’expansió  de delegacions exteriors a Europa

Catalan government to open last batch of offices in Europe

Copenhagen, Warsaw, Zagreb, and Geneva will host the new headquarters

La fiscal general de l'Estat, Consuelo Madrigal, amb el president del Suprem i del CGPJ, Carlos Lesmes, Felip de Borbó i el ministre de Justícia en funcions, Rafael Catalá, durant l'obertura de l'any judicial. EFE

State Attorney General vows to use ‘criminal courts’ to fight independence process ‘if necessary’

Madrigal warns against the pro-independence movement’s ‘total contempt’ for the Constitution. Meanwhile, Munté criticises those who seek to use the law as a ‘gag’.

El vicepresident, Oriol Junqueras, amb de la directora de l’ATC, Teresa Ribas, i el secretari d’Hisenda, Lluís Salvadó.

Government readies taxes for independent Catalonia

Before November, a general tax law will be presented to define the taxes in an eventual republic

Carme Forcadell: “El dret de defensa s’ha d’exercir sempre, no pots tancar portes”

Carme Forcadell: “This started with a ballot, it’ll end with a ballot”

The Speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Carme Forcadell, met me just minutes after the Bureau of the chamber unanimously agreed to appeal the Constitutional Court’s injunction. She states that “you must never waive your right to defend yourself, you must leave every possibility open”.

Munté s’obre a incloure  el RUI al full de ruta però no als pressupostos

Vicepresident Munté: this government “will stand by” Forcadell if she faces criminal charges

The Catalan government believes that Carme Forcadell, the Speaker of the parliament, “merely practiced parliamentarianism”

Usuaris de Renfe, asseguts pel terra al Barcelona-Lleida d'aquesta tarda

Metropolitan and Regional train services run chronically late in Catalonia

49.2 per cent of all Regional train services in Catalonia are never on time

Albert Rivera, líder de Ciutadans / ACN

C's discover trilingualism

It appears that students don't need to learn English with such urgency in the rest of Spain

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El tercer dia de reunions va acabar ahir amb bloqueig. C’s va sortir en roda de premsa per “cridar l’atenció” al PP.

C’s suggests using Spanish inspectors against Catalan-medium teaching

Ciudadanos are looking to offset concessions made on corruption with policies on Catalonia and welfare 

Via Laietana plena de gent.  'Mani' de la Diada / Cristina Calderer

How the decentralized September 11 event is being filled, section by section

There will be simultaneous rallies in Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida, Salt, and Berga. Over 100,000 people have registered already.

Mariano Rajoy

August 24: Rajoy wasn't invited

Spain is not part of the leading political group, although it is economically



"Sánchez’s move is a desperate one and he is a weak leader who has had to endure two painful defeats at the polls and an unsuccessful confidence vote"

On the Mercè’s opening speakers: a city and a country for everyone

Thursday’s opening speeches represent two very real Barcelonas, capable of living side by side and building a common future

Uber manté conflictes amb els actors tradicionals i amb els seus propis conductors.

Rifkin in Catalonia

Like any visionary Rifkin is overly naive and he wants us to move too fast

19/09: compulsory languages

If one truly believes that the authorities cannot force one to learn a language, one cannot accept Article Three of the Constitution

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The judge is right: there are no close precedents

Europe doesn’t understand the disdain leveled at Catalans by the Spanish government

No solution without a referendum

What is sometimes referred to as the "Catalan problem" is also, to a lesser, yet increasing extent, something of a problem for the international community, too

Echegaray and the Catalan embassies

The Spanish government thought it inappropriate for a writer in Catalan to win the Nobel

La V de la Diada, una estona abans de les 17 h, a la Gran Via, a l'altura de Comte Borrell / FRANCESC MELCION

My guide to this year’s National Day

This September 11 is no longer about "pressuring the government", but rather about conveying the assurance that everyone will stand their ground until the very end

El president del govern espanyol en funcions, Mariano Rajoy, respondrà avui a les sis  condicions que va fixar Albert Rivera a canvi del sí dels seus 32 diputats.

United by loathing

C's define themselves as liberal. However, no liberal would prohibit a referendum like Catalonia has proposed

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Spain’s flimsy excuses for its rampant deficit spending

Once again, Spain will fail to meet the deficit spending target set by Europe for 2016

The Catalan language and the unending refrain

With their pact, the PP and Ciudadanos are using English to trick us into reversing the process of language immersion

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N’hi ha prou?

Is it enough?

The political agreement between Spain’s Partido Popular and Ciudadanos has one glaring omission: it does not provide any solutions to the Catalan problem

UN 2013 FLUIX  Els hotelers de Barcelona han notat una caiguda de la demanda.

Barcelona according to Japanese tourists

The city from before the 1992 Olympics and the "Get beautiful" campaign is very different from today's Barcelona

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Joaquim Rodríguez, al podi de la Vuelta diumenge a Madrid

Purito Rodríguez is Spanish --it says so on his ID

TV3 committed an unforgivable sin: Joaquim Purito Rodríguez, a member of Spain’s cycling team for the Rio Olympics, was identified using a Catalan flag.

Rajoy va anar a la Zarzuela com a líder del PP, però va fer les declaracions al Palau de la Moncloa

The dangerous trend towards the return of the two Spains

The same leaders who don't know how to negotiate among themselves to form a government also don't know how to reach an agreement with Catalonia

Montoro no ha aclarit encara com fer que RTVE resolgui el dèficit estructural que té, superior als 100 milions d’euros.

Fish or fishing rods?

In the case of the Catalan fiscal deficit, neither is it destined for the poorest territories nor are they supported by the richest

Motius per a l’optimisme

Reasons for optimism

In Catalonia the electorate is showing signs of maturity and, therefore, it might be better prepared for independence than we tend to think

Carme Forcadell el dia que va prendre possessió del càrrec de presidenta del Parlament / PERE VIRGILI


The Parliament's decision: politics vs. courts of law

Sooner or later, whether through negotiation or along the journey towards disconnection that has now begun, the end result will be a referendum

El Parlament, en el moment de votar les conclusions de la comissió del procés constituent

Meanwhile, in Catalonia ...

The pro-independence majority in the Catalan parliament has broken away from the Spanish project and renounced any participation in the country’s regeneration

Rajoy només va assistir al cara a cara entre Montoro i Sánchez al Congrés pels pressupostos generals per al 2015.

Why is Catalonia’s fiscal deficit so irksome?

Borrell is so blatantly wrong that I can't believe that he could be confused

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Daniel de Alfonso i Jorge Fernández Díaz, en dues fotos d'arxiu

You in the Vatican, me in court

The former director of Catalonia’s Anti-Fraud Office, judge Daniel de Alfonso, is back in court. Back on the bench, to be precise. And Spain’s hitherto acting Home Secretary, Jorge Fernández, is a likely candidate to become the next Spanish ambassador to the Vatican City

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