De Alfonso va contractar expolicies vinculats a l’operació Catalunya

Spanish parliament concludes Operation Catalonia existed, but won’t seek legal action

Rajoy’s Partido Popular finds no support to help draft the conclusions of the probe into Spain’s “patriotic police”

La comissària europea d'Ocupació, Marianne Thyssen, durant la presentació de l'informe sobre atur i indicadors socials

Brussels asks Spain for more changes to curb unemployment

The European Commission insists on the need to avoid complacency despite sound economic growth

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Barcelona's pickpockets: how to avoid them

Some of the tricks used by Barcelona city’s pickpockets and basic security tips to minimise the risk of being robbed

La presidenta del Congrés, l'exministra Ana Pastor. EFE

Spanish Congress refuses to hear Catalan president without a vote

The Speaker of the House, Ana Pastor, tells the Catalan president that parliamentary rules only allow him to address the Spanish chamber if the Catalan parliament submits a bill for approval and she invites him to appear before the Senate instead.

Les entitats afirmen que si guanya el 'sí' en el referèndum s'ha de proclamar la República

On Saturday pro-independence mayors will vow to open polling stations for referendum

In their manifesto, they emphasise that they won’t be stopped by "any political or legal hurdle" the Spanish state might put in their way

Cues de catalans residents a Londres fent cua el 9 de novembre del 2014 per votar en el procés participatiu.

Expats urge Catalan government to guarantee they’ll get to vote in independence referendum

Several associations have sent a letter demanding that all doubts be cleared up

La diplomàcia catalana ha de tirar d’imaginació per fer-se present al món.

Spain’s Constitutional Court bans Romeva’s chancellery from using ‘Foreign Affairs’ title

The Spanish court rules that it could be "mistaken" with Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Catalan government had already changed the office’s original title to the Ministry of Transparency and Foreign and Institutional Relations and Affairs

La “matraca”

The "annoyance"

When you poll the Catalan public opinion, the message is clear. A vast majority of society wants to voice its opinion on independence

Els accessos ferroviaris són clau per descongestionar el tràfic de mercaderies.

Cargo traffic in Barcelona port up 20% by end of May

The number of shipping containers passing through the port has increased by nearly 28%

El moment en el qual s'ha anunciat la data i pregunta del referèndum. PERE VIRGILI

Prosecutor asks to add announcement of referendum date and question to complaint against Borràs over ballot boxes

The public prosecutor has submitted a written request to the Catalan High Court, as it considers Puigdemont's announcement to be a "reinforcement" of the intention to use ballot boxes for the independence vote

Una urna electoral

Antoni Bassas’ analysis: ‘Holding a ballot box'

“Either with a referendum or banning it, the Spanish state will sit down to negotiate with Catalonia because this can’t go on. Because it’s an embarrassment that the problem it is confronted with in Catalonia, one of the most dynamic regions in Europe, should persist indefinitely"


Cua de votants veneçolans a l'avinguda Carles III

July 19: The good referendum

Those who claim that they would only accept a referendum in Catalonia under terms agreed with Spain find it fantastic that there is no such agreement in Venezuela

Puigdemont: "El temps del pal i la pastanaga s'ha acabat"

The goal: a collapse from within

Catalonia’s independent process leaps from one crisis to the next but it survives

Entre la revolució i les vacances

Between the revolution and the summer holidays

Extraordinary events occur within an apparent normality and this is what we are all going through at the moment

Tying ourselves in knots

Giving up the Basque Country was a luxury; Giving up the Catalan contribution was unthinkable. Madrid was perfectly aware of this at the time, as it is now

July 15: The power of veto

To accept only a negotiated referendum when one of the indispensable parties has no intention of agreeing, means granting them the power of veto

Per davant de la història

Ahead of history

Mobilization requires a leap of faith in the ability of the independence movement to navigate what may turn out to be a raging storm

Les famílies de les víctimes dels consells de guerra

63,961 innocent victims of the Franco regime

In the last four decades, Spain has failed to erase the totalitarian stain on its past

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Model businessmen

A sum of efforts would allow Barcelona to take a leap forward as a reference in scientific research and the pharmaceutical industry

Moltes persones que no aconsegueixen vendre un pis han decidit últimament posar-lo al mercat de lloguer.

Barcelona is Paris now

Barcelona has a serious housing problem. It would be a good idea to create incentives for landlords to set rental prices close to some reference price index, as long as it is reasonable. Intervention in the market would be useless

Mariano Rajoy mirant el rellotge durant la moció de censura presentada per Podem, exposada en un discurs de més de dues hores.

Reasons for a vote of no confidence in Rajoy

The escalation of the Catalan crisis has allowed Rajoy to pretend he is less isolated than he appears: everyone except Podemos opposes Catalonia’s self-determination

Una colònia de súbdits insurrectes?

A colony of rebellious subjects?

Spain will be making a mistake if it overestimates its formal power (hard power) and underestimates the informal power (soft power) that Catalonia has

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Un elector votant en una urna

A referendum worthy of the country we want

The president of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, announced yesterday the date and question for the referendum. To understand how we have got to this point, we should go over the events of the last few years

01. Germà Gordó durant un ple del Parlament. 02. Imatge de l’agenda de Xavier Tauler.

It’s not about ideology

When it transpired that Gordó was under investigation for the 3% case (2) last Friday, PDECat’s secretary general Marta Pascal made it clear that the political implications meant it was time for him to step down

El president espanyol, Mariano Rajoy, al Congrés de Diputats després del debat d’investidura.

Catalonia as an alien land

The most surprising thing about Rajoy's attitude towards the independence process is his complete disconnection from Catalonia

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Continuar malgrat tot

Pressing on despite it all

Carles Puigdemont is adamant that the issue of Catalonia’s status is not about finances or identity, but a political matter; and a satisfactory, stable solution to relations between Catalonia and Spain can only by found through political means.

Comiat de Carles Capdevila de la redacció, el novembre del 2015

Life, love, death and journalism

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