Encara que l’Estat negui la realitat

Even if Madrid is in denial

Catalonia is no longer Spain, it is another country to nearly all effects and purposes, out of its own free will, and there is no turning back

Cinc pacients vacunats pel VIH controlen el virus sense medicar-se

Five patients vaccinated against HIV manage virus levels without medication

The experimental vaccine, which underwent trails in Can Ruti, reduces the viral load to almost undetectable levels

Oriol Junqueras i Lluís Salvadó, vicepresident i secretari d’Hisenda respectivament,  en la recent inauguració de la nova seu de l’Agència Tributària de Catalunya.

Revenue relief: the Catalan government’s income from taxes rose by almost 10% in 2016

The revenue managed by the Catalan government increased almost 6% thanks to a growth in real estate and tourism

Barcelona acollirà el centre de càncer infantil més important d'Europa

Barcelona will be home to the largest childhood cancer centre in Europe

The new facility, run by Hospital Sant Joan de Déu and the Leo Messi Foundation, will be financed through a crowdfunding campaign

Dues imatges de la zona de polígons situada al sud de l’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

Catalonia takes lead over Madrid in business creation in Spain

During 2016 more companies were created in Catalonia than in Madrid while fewer ceased business operations

01. Artur Mas, Joana Ortega i Irene Rigau a la sortida del TSJC. 02. Mas amb Puigdemont.

9-N, a trial

Artur Mas writes about his experience in the dock during the trial against himself, Ortega and Rigau for 9N

Al setembre es van fregar les 35.000 operacions.

Home sales in Catalonia soar 20% in 2016

The 66,000 homes sold exceed 2008 figures, but are far from the record numbers before the real estate bubble burst

Moment de la declaració de Gemma Calvet vist des de la sala de premsa

"Who gave them the ballot boxes, ballots, pens, and forms?"

It seems like just another question in a trial, but Spain wants to know the origin of the "weapons" of 9-N

Representants d'organitzacions convocants de la manifestació a la roda de premsa.

Everything ready for Barcelona’s “We’ll take them in” march on 18 February

The rally is part the “Our home, your home” campaign, an effort backed by over 800 associations. A music festival in Palau Sant Jordi next Saturday will serve as a warm-up event.

El Govern preveu ingressar 7,6milions d’euros per la taxa turística imposada als clients del home sharing.

Airbnb to make peace with Barcelona city, curb offerings in Ciutat Vella

The platform will set a limit on renting whole properties in the district to one advert per person; the city hall says the proposal “takes [them] for fools” and is “insulting”

Artur Mas, Joana Ortega, Irene Rigau

The ballot box on trial

"They are putting on trial everyone that voted on 9-N. Those that voted 'yes', 'yes-no' and 'no'. Everyone"

Irene Rigau: “on February 6 we must show we’re not afraid”

Irene Rigau: “on February 6 we must show we’re not afraid”

ARA interviews the former Catalan Education Minister, presently a Junts Pel Sí MP

Costa Cruceros posa a Tarragona el seu segon port base a Catalunya

Costa Cruises names Tarragona as its second home port in Catalonia

Offering Tarragona as a destination for cruises is a move aimed at European markets, Italy in particular

Mariano Rajoy, aquest dimecres

Rajoy considering school lockout, taking over Education to prevent referendum

Spanish government believes it to be a greater defiance than the 2014 consultation

El president de la Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, i el vicepresident, Oriol Junqueras

Catalan government may bring referendum forward due to “extreme judicialisation” of the independence process

Catalan government spokeswoman Neus Munté says the vote could be brought forward depending on the circumstances, if it were to benefit “the strategy”

La més alta tensió s’instal·la  a Terrassa per fer recerca

Ultra-high voltage research picks Terrassa

Gains in electrical efficiency and cost savings to be studied

Carles Puigdemont en la conferència a Brussel·les

Puigdemont asks Europe to become involved in realising the referendum

The Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont; vice-president, Oriol Junqueras, and Foreign Minister, Raül Romeva, claim in Brussels that the referendum will take place with or without Spain’s agreement.

El president Carles Puigdemont responent una de les preguntes.

Catalonia wants to inherit 3.300 international treaties from Spain

President Puigdemont claims “everyone [in Europe] has been informed” that there will be a referendum

El mapa dels 152 centres que formen part del projecte

152 Primary and Secondary schools will innovate in Barcelona

An agreement between Consorci d'Educació de Barcelona, Escola Nova 21 and UAB’s ICE means schools will receive innovation training over a three-year period. Nineteen networks will be set up with 6-10 schools each.

La seu del Tribunal Constitucional, a Madrid.

Spanish Constitutional Court limits freedom of speech of political party members

The court refuses to support a PSOE member suspended for criticising her party to the press

El president Puigdemont, durant la declaració institucional de condol per la mort de Muriel Casals / CRISTINA CALDERER

Puigdemont: 2017 will see the end of "a process" and the start of the "era of a free Catalonia"

The President of the Generalitat stresses his government's "unshakable" commitment to the referendum, warns the Spanish government that it will have to present arguments as to why it is rejecting the vote

La Torre Agbar no serà un hotel

Barcelona’s Torre Agbar won’t become a hotel

Merlin buys the building for €142M, eight million less than it cost two years ago, to use as office space

El president de la Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, ahir.

Catalan president believes meeting with Mariano Rajoy is imminent

Both leaders are willing to hold talks in the coming days

Una antiga torre de control a l’aeroport del Prat de Barcelona.

Barcelona to have direct flights to Hong Kong from July

Cathay Pacific will connect the Catalan capital with one of the world’s leading financial centres

L’exmilitant del PP Francisco Pérez de los Cobos va ser designat el 2013 i el seu mandat va expirar el 2016.

PP, PSOE delay new Constitutional Court term

The terms of four judges, including the court’s president, expired last year.

Aturats en una OTG

Number of unemployed falls 12% in 2016, an all-time record

These statistics contrast with job insecurity, which is causing the worst shortfall in the history of social security.

Ramon Tremosa: “Que Rajoy sigui a la Moncloa juga a favor de l’independentisme”

Ramon Tremosa: "It is to the Catalan independence movement’s advantage that Rajoy is still in the Moncloa"

The PDECat MEP has recently published ‘The Europe They Have Caused to Fail'

El president de la Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont

Catalan government refuses to call early elections. "The objective is to go ahead with the referendum"

Munté declares that being open to a negotiated referendum is compatible with proceeding with the arrangements in case no agreement is reached

Homs, a un pas del judici pel 9-N: “Es jutja un poble”

Homs, one step from trial: "They’re judging a people"

The ex-minister won’t appeal the interlocutory order, reserving “the artillery” for the judge.

Mariano Rajoy / EFE

Rajoy reiterates that he won’t authorise a referendum in Catalonia

The Spanish prime minister admits that a constitutional amendment won’t solve the problem of Catalonia’s place within Spain.

La vicepresidenta del Govern, Neus Munté, en roda de premsa / ACN

Neus Munté on Francesc Homs: "Holding a vote can never be a crime. Democracy is in danger"

Pro-independence leaders attack the case against the former Catalan Minister of the Presidency for having participated in organizing the 9-N vote

Gabriel Rufián: “Si hi ha inhabilitacions en massa,  sóc partidari d’avançar el referèndum”

Rufián: "If many more people are banned from public office, I’m in favour of holding the referendum earlier"

The ERC’s Deputy Spokesperson in Congress as interviewed by Antoni Bassas

El sobiranisme es torna a unir  per defensar el referèndum pactat

Pro-independence groups unite again to defend the negotiated referendum

Ada Colau calls on them "not to establish short-term deadlines" for consultation to avoid generating "frustration"

Caos operatiu a Vueling

IAG to copy Norwegian Airlines and offer long-haul flights from El Prat Airport

The group will operate new low-cost routes to the United States, South America and Asia

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Una màquina perfectament ajustada

A Fine-tuned Machine

Donald Trump owes much of his electoral victory to his instinct. To his connection with people who are sick and tired of professional politicians that appear distant

El director de 'Timecode' amb l'equip de la pel·lícula

'Timecode', in search of an Oscar

'Timecode' is a small narrative jewel about two parking lot security guards who only see each other a few minutes every day

Radicals lliures

Free radicals

Madrid’s only strategy is to pressure the courts, with the ephemeral "operation dialogue" pushing up daisies

Els consellers Romeva i Bassa

Solidarity with refugees: a shared commitment

Catalonia has always set a shining example to the world in terms of its contribution to the fields of solidarity and international aid

Rigau, Mas i Ortega, saludant a les portes del TSJC, abans d’entrar a declarar al judici per la consulta.

The “little performance” and the ex-president’s mother

Spain’s Justice minister’s ability to understand the situation remained level with that of our extraterrestrial, describing a demonstration of thousands of people as a “little performance”.

Un clam massiu contra la judicialització

The independence process’ nuclear weapon

The most powerful weapon of the majority that wishes to hold a referendum is the massive, peaceful power of their political aspirations

L’escriptor Dennis Lehane, entre Jaume Collboni, Ada Colau i Paco Camarasa, va rebre ahir al vespre al Saló de Cent el 12è premi Pepe Carvalho de la BCNegra.

Dennis Lehane: “TV is a writer’s paradise”

US author receives Pepe Carvalho award, sees World Gone By translated into Spanish

Som culpables


Guilty as charged

We are guilty as charged; we agree to incriminate ourselves. We voted in the consultation process of November 9, 2014

La vicepresidenta del govern espanyol, Soraya Sáez de Santamaría. EFE

Neither dialogue nor politics

Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría has shown the zero leeway that her party have given her for engaging in politics

Una urna electoral

Catalan government claims independence referendum could be held before summer

Oriol Junqueras welcomed the CUP’s support for the budget, which he labelled as “exceptional" for the increase in spending

El meu Sr. (J.V.) Foix

My Mr. (J.V.) Foix

Aturats en una OTG

Catalonia sees biggest unemployment fall with 110,200 fewer unemployed in 2016

Unemployment in Spain fell by 541,000 last year, a return to 2009 levels, according to figures from the latest Labour Force Survey

La capitalització de les noves empreses és inferior a la de fa uns anys per la pèrdua de pes de l’economia industrial.

Catalonia is the Spanish region that created the most companies in 2016

A quarter of all new companies set up in Spain last year were registered in Catalonia, with a return to 2008 levels

Artur Mas vota / PERE VIRGILI

Indy groups urge Catalans to take time off work, stand by Mas on court date

Catalonia’s pro-independence grassroots groups have set up a website where members of the public can register to stage a “massive” rally

Un londinenc reclama al govern britànic que invoqui l'article 50 per iniciar el Brexit.

(Br)èxit for Catalonia and Europe

The political and civic initiative for Catalan independence may gather momentum as a consequence of the Brexit referendum


El gendarme cansat

The tired policeman

"Some can’t fathom how it ever came to this, while others believe that America is now being led by a winner who will avert economic decay"

Missió impossible (ed. 2017)

Mission Impossible (2017)

"You will comply with the deficit, ministers. Now is not the time to go into this and that and that and this!" With his usual charm, Spain’s Finance Minister Cristóbal Montoro systematically refused to negotiate deficit targets with his regional counterparts

Donald Trump, aquest dimecres, durant la seva compareixença davant la premsa a la torre Trump.

The cock of the roost

Trump made a speech aimed at individuals, whipping up fear of the outside world and those who are different, imposing his opinion

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El 10-J ja va ser un clam independentista de resposta al TC

The independence movement’s hardest battle

If this battle is not won, if the pro-independence message does not reach all Catalans, the war may well be lost

8/1: Does Bavaria have the right?

The right to self-determination is not abstract and theoretical, essentialist. It is political

Meryl Streep posa Donald Trump al seu lloc

Streep for president

Streep addressed the audience as a representative of one of the three sectors which Trump reviles: Hollywood, foreigners and the press

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La seu del Tribunal Constitucional, a Madrid.

How far are they prepared to go?

We are told that we must respect the law. It sounds right. But if we are not respected, how can we respect others?

La pedra filosofal

The Philosopher’s Stone

We welcome young Assaloum, all those who have arrived before him, and all those who will arrive after him. We welcome them with generosity and realism, aware that Catalonia is diverse, pluralistic

Demana que la  Junta Electoral faci retirar 323 estelades

Why we will win

The Catalan people’s capacity for solidarity has been tested to its limits by the objective plunder, which no one even has the heart to deny any longer

New Year’s resolutions for 2017

Right now 2017 is a blank page on which we who make your newspaper can write our list of New Year’s resolutions

Estelades desplegades en el partit del Barça-Bate de la temporada passada

UEFA, freedom of expression and Barça’s history

The problem arises when Barça goes global and the audience is not inside the stadium but rather watching on TV

Bones notícies

Good news

This Sunday we have decided to revolt. ARA’s newsroom has put together a newspaper brimming with good news and, surprisingly, the task has proven easier than we had anticipated

Operació Catalunya 2

Operation Catalonia 2

PP has seen a slight personnel change with the departure of Fernández Diaz and the arrival of Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría to the “Catalan issue”, as independence is known in Madrid

Un Parlament  amb totes les veus

A Parliament with all its voices

We are aware that there are people who are irritated when certain issues are spoken about, debated and voted on. They are the same people who are irritated by speaking, debating and voting.

L’art de (no) callar

The art of (not) being quiet

Our piece on alcoholism isn’t just another story. For us it’s an energetic bet, a red light against something that our culture trivialises and which destroys so much

Carme Forcadell va rebre un bany de masses abans i després de la declaració davant del TSJC al Palau de Justícia de Barcelona.

Antoni Bassas’ analysis: Spain is putting democracy on trial

"Yesterday, in the demonstration [in support of Carme Forcadell] in Barcelona’s Plaça de Sant Jaume, mayor Ada Colau said that if they put Forcadell on trial they would be putting a whole nation on trial. I would go even further: they would be putting democracy on trial."

La CUP ha cremat fotos del rei Felip VI a la Plaça d'Orfila de Barcelona

Anthems, kings, ballot boxes

Taking someone to Madrid under arrest to answer charges of burning a photo of the king of Spain is disproportionate