El vicepresident del Parlament Europeu,  Dimitrios Papadimoulis, escenifica el seu suport al referèndum

European Parliament VP Dimitrios Papadimoulis voices support for independence referendum

Xavier Domènech, the leader of Catalunya En Comú, warns that “when faced with the Spanish government's repressive policies, it is legitimate to mount a democratic challenge"

Puigdemont i Rajoy se saluden a la inauguració del Saló de l'Automòbil

Puigdemont requests start of referendum talks in letter to Rajoy

The President of the Catalan Government has informed the Spanish Prime Minister that "the inevitable moment” to sit down and negotiate “has arrived"

El Parlament debat la moció de la CUP sobre la declaració de ruptura del 9-N

Junts pel Sí wants Parliament to convene in August to complete independence process

Catalonia’s ruling pro-independence coalition has filed an amendment to rules reform so that sessions begin on August 15 instead of September 1

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Puigdemont posa com a exemple l'actitud 'responsable' del govern de Suárez

Puigdemont asks Rajoy for "sincere" dialogue, but warns: "My government’s commitment to the Catalan people is inviolable"

Catalan president Puigdemont, vice-president Junqueras and Foreign Affairs minister, Raül Romeva, give a conference entitled ‘A referendum for Catalonia. An invitation to a democratic agreement’, in which they explain their proposal to negotiate terms for a referendum with the Spanish government.

Quinze organitzacions internacionals al despatx d'audiències del Parlament, amb Carme Forcadell

Fifteen international organizations meet in Catalonia to support right to self-determination

The delegations, invited by the CUP, met this Friday with Carme Forcadell and Raül Romeva, and will attend the event organised by the National Pact for the Referendum

L'ANA s'ha presentat a les Cotxeres de Sants davant d'una quarentena de persones

The Andalusian National Assembly calls for "freedom for all peoples" alongside PDECat, ERC, CUP and civil society organizations

The Andalusian independence movement holds event in Barcelona to join forces with Catalonia for self-determination

Amani al-Khatahtbeh ha escrit un llibre amb el mateix títol  que el seu mitjà, Muslim Girl.

"I wore the veil in order to come face to face with Islamophobia"

25-year-old Amani al-Khatahtbeh is one of the few voices of Muslim women to be heard in Western media

Viggo Mortensen recitarà els seus poemes en un acte del festival.

Viggo Mortensen, Rigoberta Menchú and Gerry Adams sign manifesto in favor of referendum

There are five Nobel Peace Prize winners among the 40 subscribers of "Let Catalans Vote"

El president de la Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, i el vicepresident, Oriol Junqueras

Catalan government formally invites Rajoy to Puigdemont’s conference in Madrid

Munté insists the referendum date will not be announced until a response is received from the Spanish government

Joan Ignasi Elena: “Ara hi ha més gent a favor del referèndum a Espanya tot i el bloqueig polític”

Joan Ignasi Elena: “There are now more people in favour of the referendum in Spain despite political obstruction”

Interview with the spokesman for the National Pact for the Referendum

El president de la Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont; el vicepresident, Oriol Junqueras, i el conseller d’Exteriors, Raül Romeva, ahir a Brussel·les.

Puigdemont’s last offer for consensual independence referendum to come at Madrid public address on May 22

Vice-president Junqueras and Foreign Minister Romeva will join the Catalan president at a public event endorsed by Madrid’s City Council whose format will be similar to the Brussels presentation earlier this year

Les hipoteques toquen fons

Q1 home sales up 23% in Catalonia

Greater real estate market buzz in Catalonia than in Spain

El president de la Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, amb el periodista Quico Sallés

Puigdemont to inform the Spanish government of the final proposal for a negotiated referendum in the coming weeks

The President of the Catalan Government warns Madrid that the only way to prevent the referendum in September is through dialogue and by agreeing to an alternative date, adding that the validity of the result does not depend on whether it is agreed or not, but on voter turnout.

Planta de Nescafé a Girona

Nestlé announces new €37m investment in Girona plant

New cash outlay will create another production line in the Nescafé plant, bringing more jobs

El president de la Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, i el vicepresident, Oriol Junqueras

Catalonia warns Spain it will not allow “threats” against ballot box manufacturers

The Catalan executive trusts that suppliers won’t pull back despite the pressure from Spain, arguing that “no law” prevents them from purchasing ballot boxes

Carme Forcadell i Anna Simó abraçades després de declarar al TSJC per la votació del referèndum

Forcadell: "We refuse to bow to the censorship of those who seek to curtail parliamentary debate"

The Speaker of the Catalan Parliament declared that the Parliamentary Bureau refuses to do the Constitutional Court’s "dirty work" and says that she is ready to "pay the price" for defending the MPs’ "freedom of expression"

Oriol Junqueras i Carles Puigdemont al debat de política general.

Puigdemont and Junqueras clear purchase of ballot boxes for referendum

The Governance department will put out to tender, via a framework agreement, the purchase of 8,000 ballot boxes

 La desindustrialització s’ha agreujat amb la recessió, que ha costat 250.000 llocs de treball.

Catalan government won €352m worth of foreign investment projects in 2016

Half of the multinationals the Government attracted had no previous presence in Catalonia

La Cambra de Comerç veu un “canvi de cicle” en el sector de la construcció.

Catalan economy finds new gear, grows 0.7% in first quarter

GDP is at 2.5%, with good performance from industry and a boost from construction

Reunió del Consell Executiu aquest dimarts

The Catalan government insists that the referendum is its "Plan A" and its "Plan B"

The government has created the post of Director of the General Accounting Office, modifying an area that has already been issued a warning by the Spanish Constitutional Court

Entrevista d'Antoni Bassas a Jordi Sànchez Video

Sànchez (ANC): "Government will need people to mobilize to finish the job"

The president of the ANC defended JxSí MP Lluís Llach and said that civil servants are there "to observe the laws passed by Parliament". He announced that President Carles Puigdemont and House Speaker Carme Forcadell will be present tomorrow at the ANC general assembly in Granollers

Pere Vallès, conseller delegat de Scytl, a les oficines de la companyia, a Barcelona.

Scytl halts IPO, seeks buyer

The Catalan company, a world leader in electronic voting, wants to remain in Barcelona, whatever the outcome

Joan Coscubiela, de Catalunya Sí que Es Pot, en el debat de la declaració d'inici del procés independentista al Parlament / PERE VIRGILI

“Comuns” will agree to unilateral referendum if Catalan government has Venice Commission backing

Junqueras replies that the prerequisite is “unattainable", if the Madrid continues with its intransigent attitude

Els robots distribueixen els productes a través del centre.

Meet the robots that will work in Amazon’s Catalan warehouses

The e-commerce giant will incorporate cutting-edge technology in its Castellbisbal and El Prat centers, and will add 600 more employees

L’efecte Sant Jordi

The Sant Jordi effect

Making the bestseller lists helps books make the jump abroad and prolongs sales, but it doesn’t guarantee making it to the summer

Siri Hustvedt estava sorpresa perquè els lectors que li demanaven una firma coneixien la seva obra.

A handful of ‘lovely’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘Wonder’

At the entrance to Central’s marquee, I bump into Donna Leon, contemplating, enchanted, the charms of a dog being petted


El president del govern espanyol, Mariano Rajoy, durant la declaració institucional sobre Catalunya i el 9-N / EFE

Operation Narrative

First it was the contempt that stems from the arrogance bestowed by centuries of power-wielding. Then came Operation Catalonia and the fake reports “fine-tuned” by the prosecutor's office

Carles Puigdemont, en la conferència d'aquest dilluns a Madrid

Last call

Puigdemont argued that political dialogue is possible and both offered and called for the necessary will to sit down at the negotiating table

Pedro Sánchez i el seu equip celebrant la victòria en les primàries del PSOE, amb el puny alçat i cantant 'La internacional'

A slap in the face for the PSOE’s elites

The party’s members prefer a fresh approach, despite the many uncertainties that remain following Sanchez’ victory. He has displayed courage and determination, but also uncertainty on key matters such as the economy and how to resolve Spain’s regional issues

Fer que passin coses

Making things happen

The Olympics were an excuse to get down to work and to transform a decaying industrial city into what it is today, a magnet for people and ideas from around the world, but one which runs the risk of becoming a victim of its own success with each new development

On som?

Where are we?

Calling an independence referendum is no mean feat, but it will be done

Macron: un Napoleó del segle XXI?

Pride wins over fear

Macron is a typical French liberal, who finds support from the centre and from moderate socialism

A les urnes, ciutadans!

To the polls, citizens!

Le Pen is the snake’s egg. She has burst into the heart of French democracy with the brutality of the political and family tradition that she embodies, but disguised as a respectable leader

El PP i el PNB inicien el desgel  Al Congrés i a Euskadi

The PNB, to the rescue of Rajoy and the Basque deal

All Basque parties defend their special deal, and not even the region’s PP dares to speak out against a tax status lacking in solidarity that represents a privilege over the rest of Spain

 La líder del Front Nacional francès, Marine Le Pen, ha demostrat amb els seus bons resultats a les presidencials de diumenge que ha consolidat una renovació del discurs del partit ultradretà fundat pel seu pare.

Family seeks respectable business

Marine Le Pen is not impetuous like her father; she is direct and offers quick solutions, but she is distancing herself from the FN, plagiarizing the words of the moderate right, and is trying to seduce with sheep's clothing

Profetes i líders

Prophets and leaders

It will be years before Pujol’s political legacy of building Catalonia’s self-government can be separated from his patrimonial exercise of power

Gent comprant a les parades de llibres de Sant Jordi

In praise of civilisation

We need to, from time to time, look at ourselves through foreign eyes to evaluate the marvellous collective madness that is Sant Jordi. To notice the extraordinary in the ordinary

Lletres, sisplau!

Letters, please!

Today we wish to acknowledge those who helped us discover artists (among whom we can include scientists) and remind ourselves that we can all open that mysterious gateway that appears when a book manages to electrify us with its magic

Decàleg de final de partida

An endgame decalogue

"The timer is running and the detonator’s countdown is showing two months"

Imatge d'arxiu de la bomba que els EUA han llançat aquest dijous a l'Afganistan

Call Mattis!

"Relations between Donald Trump’s America and Putin's Russia have gone from flattery to insult in a flash"

L'exministra de Defensa Carme Chacón, en una imatge d'arxiu

Chacón, a passion for politics

Chacón represented the most naive side of the Zapatero era, and painfully embodied the contradictions of her party, the PSC

La ciència de la màquina d’escriure

The science of the typewriter

The former Spanish foreign minister, García-Margallo, has acknowledged the great activity unfolding using public funds to counteract Catalonia’s presence abroad

Jorge Fernández Díaz

"Ah, finally..." or "they fine-tune it for you"?

Their strategy was to deny everything and hope for the sufficient degree of foolishness on behalf of Catalonia’s public opinion for them to be seen as the victims of an enormous setup

Píndoles de diumenge

Sunday pills

A strategy of tension will mark the coming months. Madrid is willing to use all the instruments at its disposal, of which there are many, against the referendum on independence

Donald Tusk, president del Consell Europeu, valorant el 'Brexit'

Thank you and goodbye!

May wants access to markets in exchange for cooperation on security and counterterrorism, but Merkel wasted no time in putting a stop to such hopes, anticipating intense negotiations

Mariano Rajoy durant la inauguració de les jornades sobre infraestructures a Barcelona

The molehill and commuter trains

What credibility does the PP government have when it speaks of dialogue? What credibility do those who petitioned against the Catalan Statute have?

Dels cafès al bar de xinesos

From cafés to Chinese-owned bars

Europe today is questioned by its citizens, despite it objectively being a redoubt of civilisation and welfare for the planet which attracts refugees fleeing poverty, violence and tyranny.

El president del govern espanyol, Mariano Rajoy, durant la declaració institucional sobre Catalunya i el 9-N / EFE

And now he’ll take us for a ride (along the Mediterranean corridor)

Since 2012 millions of Catalans have protested every 11 September and more than two million voted in the unofficial independence referendum on 9 November 2014

El Parlament britànic pot tancar durant sis anys mentre es restaura

The new Gunpowder Plot

Westminster is the seat of words, debate, consensus and the passionate exchange of ideas

Les cartes sobre la taula

The cards on the table

"The more information which is available, the better prepared the public will be to make decisions"

Mas demana fermesa per culminar el procés tot i les inhabilitacions: "No us deixeu impressionar"

State of blindness

The 9-N consultation was a success thanks to the Partido Popular’s shortsightedness and its inability to comprehend reality and respond politically. History will judge the Spanish bureaucrats who preferred not to seek a political solution

Això (no) és un diari

This is (not) a newspaper

This Sunday's supplement is a literary work, a friendly jolt to our way of living

Fèlix Millet a la seva arribada a la Ciutat de la Justícia pels interrogatoris del cas Palau

"It was standard practice"

The statements made in court by Millet and Gemma Montull are not only disturbing for what they said but for how they said it

Les dones i els dies

Women and days

This article is about people and aimed at people, as well as a call to revo

Les cendres de l’Estat

The ashes of the State

The series of anomalies related with the workings of Spanish justice shows the need for a process of regeneration in the politics and institutions of the state

Rajoy i Puigdemont s'han reunit durant dues hores i mitja a la Moncloa. EFE

Subterfuge undermines public confidence

The right to be heard by the public is founded on gaining their trust, and credibility is one means to achieving it

Un moment de la manifestació 'Volem acollir' a Barcelona

A shared struggle

Everyone, in their own sphere and within their own ability, has room to take action and to do better. Starting with ourselves, the citizens. Followed by local councils, the Catalan government and the Spanish state.