Rajoy i Puigdemont se saluden en l'acte d'homenatge per les víctimes de Germanwings

Puigdemont, Junqueras, Forcadell and Colau send letter to Rajoy and King calling for dialogue on referendum

The document calls for "open dialogue without conditions" to find a means to "reach an agreement in order that Catalonia can hold the referendum"

La Guàrdia Civil entrant a Artyplan, una de les impremtes que vigilava a Sant Feliu de Llobregat

Spanish government announces seizure of 100,000 1-O posters

The Spanish police paid a visit to three Catalan print shops, in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Hospitalet and Badalona

Un agent de la Guàrdia Civil, en una foto d'arxiu

Spanish police enters HQ of several Catalan newspapers

The visits were aimed at notifying them of the TSJC’s order not publish advertisements related to the independence referendum

La Generalitat activa la web del referèndum i obre el registre de voluntaris

As judge has referendum website shut down, Catalan government activates mirror

Spain’s gendarmes turned up at hosting firm CDmon and ordered staff to take down the site

Més de 500 alcaldes de Catalunya van donar suport al referèndum de l'1-O en un acte l'1 de juliol a la UB

AG orders Mossos to arrest mayors who aid in referendum if they skip court date

The public prosecutor has also requested local police to take action against preparations for the independence vote slated for October 1

El major Trapero, al fons, arribant a la Fiscalia per parlar de l'1-O, enmig d'un núvol de fotògrafs

Attorney General orders Catalan police boss to “seize ballot boxes, envelopes and print material” for independence referendum

On Tuesday morning Catalonia’s Attorney General José María Romero de Tejada met Catalan Police Commissioner Josep Lluís Trapero and the chiefs of Spain’s Guardia Civil and National Police in Catalonia

Vicent Sanchis: “No m’intimiden les crítiques: vinc  a exercir amb tota l’energia que pugui”

High Court orders TV3 not to show government ad for independence referendum

The Court has warned managing director Vicent Sanchis about the possible consequences of ignoring the instructions from Spain’s Constitutional Court

Els manifestants han col·locat una urna davant dels agents de la Guàrdia Civil que custodiaven la porta d''El Vallenc'

Spanish gendarmes raid premises of Catalan newspaper in search of referendum material

Print shop in Constantí has been searched again

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El conseller d'Afers Exteriors, Raül Romeva, amb sis observadors internacionals

Romeva welcomes the first group of international observers who will "verify" the organization of the referendum

Everts declares his work to be "completely impartial" and refuses to comment on the confrontation with the Spanish state

Agents de la Guàrdia Civil fent un registre aquest matí a Constantí

Spain’s Guardia Civil searching cars of print shop employees ahead of independence vote

The Spanish gendarmes believe the firm might be printing material needed for the ballot slated for October 1

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel : “Les lleis que són injustes 
 Han de ser resistides”

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel: “Unjust laws must be challenged”

Nobel Peace Prize laureate (1980) Adolfo Pérez Esquivel is an activist for peoples’ rights who supports Catalonia’s right to self-determination

El primer tinent d'alcalde, Gerardo Pisarello, ha presentat aquest dilluns el Pla d'Impuls de l'Economia Social i Solidària

Barcelona city’s deputy mayor supports “critical Yes” in indy referendum “against Madrid’s authoritarian centralism”

Pisarello argues that “the forces that promote change would make a serious mistake” if they didn’t rally against the PP’s “attacks”

Anunci de la Generalitat pel referèndum

Public prosecutor ponders criminal charges over government’s TV ad encouraging Catalans to vote

Minister Turull denies TV ad is sly campaign to promote independence referendum: “Does it mention October 1? Does it mention a referendum?”

Agents dels Mossos en l'escorcoll de domicilis a Ripoll pels atemptats.

Brussels: “If police intel had been shared more effectively, lives could have been saved” in Barcelona

In the European parliament, an MEP decries that Catalan police are denied access to Europol

El vicepresident de Societat Civil Catalana (SCC), José Domingo, en una imatge d'arxiu

Societat Civil Catalana warns Catalans will be "collaborators" in coup if they vote on October 1st

Calls on Spanish government to take "preventative measures" such as a state of emergency or siege to block referendum 

El major dels Mossos d'Esuqadra, Josep Lluís Trapero, amb el conseller Forn de fons

Neither Spain nor Catalonia received any credible warning of an attack on La Rambla

Catalan Home Secretary denies receiving any CIA alert in May about the attack

“Some lay flowers on our squad cars, others crap on them”: Trapero in ten sentences

Catalonia’s police chief says international police intelligence “does not flow” towards the Mossos d’Esquadra

El president de la Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, explica l'estructura del Govern al Parlament

The key aspects of Catalonia’s transitional law

Co-officiality of Spanish and Catalan languages, double nationality...: Junts pel Sí and the CUP unveiled the law that aims to regulate the transition from Spain’s legal framework to an independent Catalonia’s, in the event of a Yes win on October 1

Portades i editorials  de diferents diaris editats  a Madrid que relacionen  els atemptats amb el Procés.

How to build the political narrative of an attack

From day one, Madrid-based newspapers have targeted the Catalan independence movement in their reports and editorials

Un dels detinguts en l’operació Caront dels Mossos el 2015, que va desarticular una cèl·lula jihadista.

Charon: the Mossos anti-terror op that was sabotaged by Spanish police

Surveillance and a tip-off by Spain’s National Police officers jeopardised the Catalan police probe

Les últimes imatges dels terroristes de Cambrils quatre hores abans de l'atemptat

Last images of Cambrils terrorists before attack

ARA has learnt that the terrorists who were shot down in Cambrils went into a nearby service station’s mini-market on the A-7 four times on the very day of the attack. They bought bread, omelettes and lighters.

Agents dels Mossos treballant al lloc on es va produir l'atemptat de Cambrils

Catalan police union urges “not to smear” Mossos work in terror attack

Spanish law enforcement agencies have questioned the performance of the Catalan police in last week’s terrorist attacks and complained that “cooperation agreements” were breached

Agents dels Mossos treballant al lloc on es va produir l'atemptat de Cambrils

Controversy over poor liaising between Catalan and Spanish police

Spanish law enforcement agencies did not inform their Catalan counterpart that the Ripoll imam who allegedly instigated the Barcelona terror attack last week had been targeted in an anti-jihadi operation by Spanish police back in 2007

El ministre d'Interior, Ignacio Zoido, ha presidit la reunió del Pacte Antiterrorista d'aquest dilluns amb presència, per primera vegada, de tots els partits catalans.

Catalan police to be granted access to Europol’s data from September

Spain’s Home Secretary, Juan Ignacio Zoido, asks all political parties to sign the Anti-terror Pact as a symbol of Spain’s “unequivocal” unity

Ramón Cotarelo: “L’espiral de silenci no és a Catalunya, és a Madrid”

Ramón Cotarelo: “The spiral of silence is in Madrid, not Catalonia”

"Intellectuals can’t tolerate the right to decide by one section of what they regard as Spain precisely because they regard it as Spanish"

La V de la Diada a la Diagonal, a la zona de la plaça Piux XII / MANOLO GARCÍA

2007: the seed of the right to decide that ended the Dragon Khan

Ten years ago we saw the prelude of a triple crisis (national, political and economic) that changed our society. New political parties and social movements arose in response to it.

La portaveu de JxSí, Marta Rovira, indica el sentit de vot del seu grup

Every shade of Yes

Ahead of the joint Yes campaign kick-off date on September 15, the four pro-independence parties and the two main grassroots groups have started their own individual campaigns to woo all voters

La seu del Tribunal Constitucional, a Madrid.

The Constitutional Court has dealt the coup de grâce to Spain’s system of autonomous regions

From now on, regional governments are left totally defenceless

El Govern avisa Rajoy que ignorarà la suspensió de la llei del referèndum

Catalan government warns Rajoy it will ignore suspension of referendum law

Minister Rull confirms the Catalan government intends to invoke the referendum law even if the Spanish Constitutional Court repeals it

La sobirania del poble espanyol recau en el Congrés dels Diputats, en teoria, segons la Constitució espanyola.

Was a different interpretation of the Constitution possible?

The Court's interpretation of the Constitution is key to understanding the current support for independence in Catalonia

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Les cues d'aquest matí per superar els controls de seguretat del Prat a la T1

Aena has a chairman (and a minister)

On the matter of the industrial action by Barcelona airport’s security staff, Aena has washed its hands to the point of neglect

Representants d'entitats i partits polítics sobiranistes a l'acte de presentació de la campanya unitària pel 'sí' al referèndum

Joint Yes campaign to kick off on September 15

Pro-independence groups and political parties will hold three main events, with Barcelona city hosting the largest

Les entitats afirmen que si guanya el 'sí' en el referèndum s'ha de proclamar la República

Who stands to lose, if there is no referendum?

If, eventually, the referendum on independence slated for October 1 (1-O) is not held, it will be the end. But perhaps more for Spain than for Catalonia

El ritme de creixement d’empreses actives a Catalunya ha sigut superior al d’Espanya.

Catalan firms see 5.6% growth over three years

In the last three years the number of trading companies in Catalonia has risen more sharply than in the rest of Spain

Puigdemont: "El temps del pal i la pastanaga s'ha acabat"

Puigdemont: prepared to "accept all the consequences" of holding referendum, including jail

In an interview with Bloomberg, the president of the Generalitat says the best way to avoid jail is for 1-Oct to be "a success"

La manifestació a la Meridiana de l’última Diada.

Politico warns “jail time threats” not a good look in Europe

The European weekly mentions Catalonia as one of the six crises that could spoil the EU’s summer

El president del govern espanyol, Mariano Rajoy, durant la roda de premsa de balanç del curs polític abans de marxar de vacances. EFE

Rajoy files constitutional complaint against Catalan Parliament’s new rules for fast-tracking independence legislation

The Spanish Prime Minister says he doesn’t “know” whether the Catalan government has already purchased the ballot boxes for the independence vote and points out that only president Puigdemont has the power to call a regional election in Catalonia

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Manifestació independentista de l’últim Onze de Setembre  a Barcelona.

Madrid’s pressure fails to erode support for referendum and independence

64 per cent of respondents claim they intend to vote, with Yes leading by four points overall

De Alfonso va contractar expolicies vinculats a l’operació Catalunya

Spanish parliament concludes Operation Catalonia existed, but won’t seek legal action

Rajoy’s Partido Popular finds no support to help draft the conclusions of the probe into Spain’s “patriotic police”

La comissària europea d'Ocupació, Marianne Thyssen, durant la presentació de l'informe sobre atur i indicadors socials

Brussels asks Spain for more changes to curb unemployment

The European Commission insists on the need to avoid complacency despite sound economic growth

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Barcelona's pickpockets: how to avoid them

Some of the tricks used by Barcelona city’s pickpockets and basic security tips to minimise the risk of being robbed

La presidenta del Congrés, l'exministra Ana Pastor. EFE

Spanish Congress refuses to hear Catalan president without a vote

The Speaker of the House, Ana Pastor, tells the Catalan president that parliamentary rules only allow him to address the Spanish chamber if the Catalan parliament submits a bill for approval and she invites him to appear before the Senate instead.

Les entitats afirmen que si guanya el 'sí' en el referèndum s'ha de proclamar la República

On Saturday pro-independence mayors will vow to open polling stations for referendum

In their manifesto, they emphasise that they won’t be stopped by "any political or legal hurdle" the Spanish state might put in their way


Fi de règim

End of a Regime

"Despite the intensity of political scorn in response to calls for reform or improved self-government these last five years, now Spain is acting surprised and indignant, unable to hold talks"

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Marta Rovira i Sergi Sabrià han enganxat el primer cartell de la precampanya d'ERC pel referèndum

Glue and a broom

I can see why the Spanish gendarmes would confiscate the posters, as it’s consistent with their logic. But carting off the glue, the broom and the spare broom handle is an unprecedented excess of zeal by the police

Fi de règim

End of a Regime

"Despite the intensity of political scorn in response to calls for reform or improved self-government these last five years, now Spain is acting surprised and indignant, unable to hold talks"

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El fiscal general de l'Estat, José Manuel Maza, durant l'anunci de la dimissió de Manuel Moix com a fiscal en cap Anticorrupció. EFE

State of exception

All the instruments of the Spanish State have come together to implement a number of measures which are collectively equivalent to a state of exception, not by accident but in essence, even if this has not been openly declared as such

Carles Puigdemont en el discurs d'investidura com a president de la Generalitat, al Parlament / MANOLO GARCÍA

Public spiritedness, determination, responsibility

More firmness and courage than mere gestures. More looking at the long term than the short term

Marhuenda i el pensament únic de TVE

Marhuenda and TVE’s one-track mind

A double helping of Catalan Civil Society presidents on Spanish TV’s 24-hour news channel’s coverage of the Diada

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El president del govern espanyol, Mariano Rajoy, i la vicepresidenta, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, durant una reunió per analitzar els atemptats a Barcelona.

Five years of clashes: independence versus recentralisation

The flip side of the Catalan independence process is the homogenisation that the PP has been advocating from Madrid

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Línies paral·leles

Parallel lines

"Everyone knows how they can best serve their country and their role and their place in achieving this objective"

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Mariano Rajoy / REUTERS

Rajoy, prepared to outlaw Catalonia

His address, speaking in the name of democracy, peaceful coexistence and the recognition of plurality is a complete distortion of these very values

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Pedro J. Ramírez / EL ESPAÑOL

Pedro J.’s confession

It is public knowledge that certain newspaper front pages are masterminded by a partisan political brain, but it is remarkable when a star journalist openly admits that much

Till hell freezes over

Rajoy displayed toughness on stage, but the signal coming from backstage is that he will show restraint once a snap election is called for on 1-O

La unanimidad del TC, a prueba con la medida de suspensión de funciones

Gnashing teeth over the manner

The Spanish State has sent police officers to watch her political opponents, has used the Constitutional Court for partisan ends, has fined political leaders over a non-binding consultation

Oriol Junqueras i Carles Puigdemont al debat de política general.

A decalogue amid the strain

For the first time in history, the conflict between Catalonia and Spain can only end in a ballot

Dignity vs fear

The goal is to frighten public employees so that none of them will sign off on any orders or files

Pianistes i bordells

Pianists and bordellos

The announced "train crash" between the Catalan and Spanish governments will happen on Wednesday

Before and after the CIA

Despite everything, the most often repeated criticism is that, unfortunately, in Catalonia the tragedy is being used for electoral ends, and the police as a political instrument

El portaveu del govern espanyol i ministre d'Educació, Íñigo Méndez de Vigo, durant la roda de premsa posterior al consell de ministres. EFE


One of the key issues is when the bill of “legal transition and foundation of the Republic” will be passed

Tenim un problema (o més)

We have one problem (or several)

Saturday’s march in Barcelona city saw thousands of people gather to express many messages in the same spot

El rei va despullat

The king is naked

Spain’s political elite, whose media support is plentiful, intended to make political capital out of the tragedy

La capçalera de la manifestació contra el terrorisme, sota el lema "No tinc por" / LLUIS GENE / AFP

An unprecedented misrepresentation of the Barcelona march on Spain’s public TV

Because Catalan separatist flags were in the majority at the head of the march, TVE patched in its own camera feeds

L’Estat vol pactar un nou límit de dèficit a Brussel·les

Questions that will need to be answered

We will have to denounce that Spain’s deputy prime minister will not guarantee the Mossos’ access to Europol

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Josep Lluís Trapero : “Els Mossos no necessitem polítics  que ens facin l’abraçada de l’ós”

The difference between warning the Mossos and consulting them

Some newspapers have used the Belgian police’s enquiry about the imam of Ripoll as an excuse to blame the Catalan government

Puigdemont i Trapero expliquen com han abatut Younes Abouyaaqoub a Subirats

Catalan or that annoying obstinacy

In the coming days we will see if the pointless chatter about the Catalan language and Catalonia’s self-rule is allowed to prevail by Spanish society

Una dona ret homenatge a les víctimes de l'atemptat de Barcelona a La Rambla.

Fear of freedom

Claiming that modern, secular states are lacking in values is deeply perverse

Mariano Rajoy i Carles Puigdemont, durant la reunió del comitè de crisi per l'atemptat de Barcelona

What use is a terrorist attack?

Anybody with a keen eye has noticed how the number one priority for the State and its media is to use the attack in Barcelona to suspend the political debate

Jofre Montoto: “Barcelona estava amenaçada per Al-Qaida i Daeix”

Montoto: Barcelona was threatened by Al-Qaeda and Daesh

An interview with Jofre Montoto, a security analyst and expert in jihadi terrorism

Puigdemont agraeix la resposta "immensa i impressionant" dels ciutadans de Barcelona

Bias in terror news

Carles Puigdemont could not be seen whenever the other political leaders were on camera, with only king Felipe and Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy appearing as the main dignitaries. This fact alone speaks volumes

La policia acompanyant un grup de gent fora de La Rambla

We are not afraid, no siree

There is too much life on La Rambla to be able to kill it

Un home i un nen durant la concentració de divendres a la Rambla.

Our city and our values

Against fear, we will act with courage, rebuilding life

Els serveis d'emergències atenen una de les víctimes a la Rambla

The stretcher-bearer on La Rambla

Here’s what you never contemplate: terrorism. Having to cure someone (or being unable to do so) after someone else willingly hurt them

En la jornada de participació del 9-N van votar 2,3 milions de persones. Un any i mig després, el referèndum torna a ocupar un paper central en el tauler català.

October 1: by a few decimal points

It is unusual for a democracy to see a call to abstention as a means to win a vote, but it can happen if the rules of the game provide an incentive to do so

José Montilla: “El referèndum unilateral és una ficció perquè mai seria reconegut”

Ten years since the disaffection: Montilla’s warning that went unheeded

In 2007 —nearly a decade ago—, then-president José Montilla warned about the “disaffection” with Spain and its institutions that was brewing among Catalan society

La sobirania del poble espanyol recau en el Congrés dels Diputats, en teoria, segons la Constitució espanyola.


Do they actually believe that all Spaniards are equal at present?

Rajoy va anar a la Zarzuela com a líder del PP, però va fer les declaracions al Palau de la Moncloa

Spain thinks it is lumbago

"The obsolete, stale thinking of Spain’s rulers, and —to some extent— of the entire political class on the right and the left, is astonishing"

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Political accountability in the conflict of Barcelona airport

How can Rajoy advise against political action when he spends all day accusing the Catalan authorities of doing nothing for the Catalan people?

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La terminal 1 de l'aeroport del Prat / ACN

Barcelona airport and the failure of two very Spanish models

"Aena manages 46 airports in Spain and passenger security checks are outsourced to three contractors: Eulen handles twenty-one airports, while Prosegur and Ilunion provide the same service in the rest"

Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, durant la seva intervenció en l'acte d'inauguració de les obres de la N-332 a Benissa

The Vice President’s dream

We don't want, here and now, the Spanish vice president to win ten to nil

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L'escalador francès Alain Robert, conegut com a 'Spiderman', intenta escalar la Torre Agbar de Barcelona

EMA, a springboard for Barcelona's knowledge economy

EMA will find in Barcelona the main hub of biomedical research in southern Europe

El president espanyol i líder del PP, Mariano Rajoy, durant la seva declaració com a testimoni pel cas Gürtel


Rajoy’s incredible testimony in the Gürtel case

Rajoy didn’t testify as just another witness. Rather, he was sat next to the jury in a show of flagrant favouritism

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La política del kamikaze

Kamikaze politics

The current impasse in the relations between Spain and Catalonia has its origin in an unfortunate, useless contempt

Cua de votants veneçolans a l'avinguda Carles III

July 19: The good referendum

Those who claim that they would only accept a referendum in Catalonia under terms agreed with Spain find it fantastic that there is no such agreement in Venezuela

Puigdemont: "El temps del pal i la pastanaga s'ha acabat"

The goal: a collapse from within

Catalonia’s independent process leaps from one crisis to the next but it survives

Entre la revolució i les vacances

Between the revolution and the summer holidays

Extraordinary events occur within an apparent normality and this is what we are all going through at the moment

Tying ourselves in knots

Giving up the Basque Country was a luxury; Giving up the Catalan contribution was unthinkable. Madrid was perfectly aware of this at the time, as it is now

July 15: The power of veto

To accept only a negotiated referendum when one of the indispensable parties has no intention of agreeing, means granting them the power of veto

Per davant de la història

Ahead of history

Mobilization requires a leap of faith in the ability of the independence movement to navigate what may turn out to be a raging storm

Les famílies de les víctimes dels consells de guerra

63,961 innocent victims of the Franco regime

In the last four decades, Spain has failed to erase the totalitarian stain on its past

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Model businessmen

A sum of efforts would allow Barcelona to take a leap forward as a reference in scientific research and the pharmaceutical industry

Moltes persones que no aconsegueixen vendre un pis han decidit últimament posar-lo al mercat de lloguer.

Barcelona is Paris now

Barcelona has a serious housing problem. It would be a good idea to create incentives for landlords to set rental prices close to some reference price index, as long as it is reasonable. Intervention in the market would be useless

Mariano Rajoy mirant el rellotge durant la moció de censura presentada per Podem, exposada en un discurs de més de dues hores.

Reasons for a vote of no confidence in Rajoy

The escalation of the Catalan crisis has allowed Rajoy to pretend he is less isolated than he appears: everyone except Podemos opposes Catalonia’s self-determination

Una colònia de súbdits insurrectes?

A colony of rebellious subjects?

Spain will be making a mistake if it overestimates its formal power (hard power) and underestimates the informal power (soft power) that Catalonia has

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